Friday, November 28, 2008

The Enemy is Upon Us

Your 2008 CBE Classic champions return home tonight to face the Virginia Cavaliers at the Carrier Dome. Let's get to some formalities:

Donna Ditola on the Orange mindset.

The Mike Waters preview.

The Daryl Gross Propaganda Machine

We have a chance of all three idiots making it to the game tonight, Boss included. And there is a reason I've looked forward to this game since the schedule was announced....the ACC is showing their face in Syracuse.

I despise the ACC. I can't stand them. I refuse to watch an all-ACC football or basketball game on TV. And yes, I know that means I miss out on Carolina-Duke, but honestly I'd rather watch the America East game of the week then watch two teams from that conference battle it out.

Growing up in the '80's I was force fed the "ACC is the best thing since the polio vaccine" ramblings of Dick Vitale and Billy Packer. The icing on the cake was John Swofford's public wooing of Syracuse University just months after our '03 national title. This man is a scumbag, in my idiotic opinion. He couldn't have been happier to get his smiling, used-car salesman mug all over the cameras of CNY while trying to court the Orangemen into the ACC during the spring of '03. We know how the rest of the story goes and how much he had our back during his conference meetings.

In 2005, I had the pleasure of "debating" some points of the ACC-Big East debate with some UNC fans during the Syracuse NCAA Regional. Let's just say Labatt's Blue, Southern Comfort, and Jack Daniels made some interesting fuel to that fire.

It's especially uplifting now to see that the Super-Sized Big East has destroyed the myth of ACC supremacy in college hoops. Go Orange and beat the ACC tonight.

John Swofford, he can get you financed:


Josh said...

Hey, there will be a sizeable Cuse Country contingent at the Dome tonight too. Look for three guys who are older than the students but younger than the season-ticket holders.

I look like my blogger photo.

the syracusan said...

Oh man, this post was divine. I'm glad to see others feel the same way I do. My passionate hatred for the godless ACC has been burning hot since the late 80's/early 90's. I pop a bottle of champagne every NCAA Tournament when the last ACC team is eliminated. And in many ways beating a mediocre ACC team is more satisfying than beating a ranked team from a less evil conference.

I'm breathing a heavy sigh of relief that the boys woke up in the 2nd half tonight and took care of business.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Vitale should be in the ACC hall of fame not the college basketball hall of fame. I have a hard time associating him with the rest of the nation when it concerns college basketball. The Big East is the best league in the land of the free and the brave. Take that BABY!

Side Note: I will watch any America East game. Go Great Danes!

Joe B.

Brian Harrison said...

I fucking hate the ACC.



Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly with all the anti-ACC coments here. All the talking heads practically genuflect when they talk about UNC and Duke. Packer and Vitale are the biggest shills ever. Its sometimes fun to listen to Packer annonce a game with two ACC teams-He doesn't know who to route for! Keep bashing the ACC champ.SU over VA! Gotta love it! Uncle Dave