Saturday, November 22, 2008

Give 'em hell Greg!

Even Harry thought he'd be reading this headline.

Huh? 24-23. Let's get to the professionals:

Donnie's initial reaction calls it an amazing upset.

The Daryl Gross Propaganda Machine (which includes a nice photo from the WVU game....cmon people).

The Southbend Tribune declares an Orange Crush.

Notre Dame fans, classy.

The Daily Orange on winning one for the Gregger.

Now what we're talking about in Idiotland:

* I was the first screaming about Antwon Bailey taking away minutes from the other RB's...but my hat is off to you #29. Helluva an effort.

* What was that coverage on the last pass play? How does that pass get completed?

* I've knocked the guy, I've called for his job, and even celebrated his firing, but I'm man enough to say that Greg Robinson is one classy guy. How often do you see someone refusing to do an interview because the other team's alma matter is playing? Nice job Greg. Also I give you credit for your presser last Sunday. Wait a minute, am I getting soft?

* Where was Chaz?

* The "Wildcat" formation--- have we been holding off on this all year or is Greg just playing any card now that he's on borrowed time.

* Special teams for the Orange aren't very special

* So the TE is eligible to catch a ball now and then?

* When I eat breakfast tomorrow, will there be pictures of Delone Carter and Doug Houge on my milk carton?

* After the game I flipped over to ESPNEWS for Grob's presser and I'm going to paraphrase an exchange that went something like this:

Reporter: "Coach, after the game your players were chanting GRob, GRob, can you tell us what that meant to you."

GRob: "Well, that's kind of like text messaging talk, GRob means Greg Robinson."

Crickets, crickets, crickets.

Greg, when the reported asked what that meant to you, he wasn't asking what does "GRob" literally mean. Man, I'll miss these pressers

* Art Jones is something special. The best thing to come out of Utica since Utica Club.

* Congrats Greg (did I just say that) and most importantly to the players.

During the game at T3I Corporate Headquarters, we test drove the "Live Blog/Chat" thing, courtesy of the Russianator. Thanks to HoyaSuxa and Orange Chuck for stopping by and joining us along with some of our regulars: DDubs, The Captain, and Eddie Money. Those of you not in attendance didn't miss much cutting edge analysis and breakdown of game action. However we did manage to babble on such varied topics why Sonic is an overrated fast food joint and GRob's porn name (Greg Throbbinson won in a landslide).

We're going to try again Monday night for the Syracuse-Florida hoops game. The Russianator will be posting details soon. Come join us, we promise we're as stupid as we say we are.

And if any Notre Dame fans give you crap:


Brown said...

Congratulations to T3I for suffering through an awful season to come away with a highly satisfying win at the end.


Would you rather go 6-6 with wins over Akron, et al or 3-9 with a win over the hated Irish and Pear Bryant*?

*Credit Whitlock's emailer for Pear Bryant joke.

Anonymous said...

good stuff with the live chat. that actually made the game fun. even though they won, and had "flashes" of what a football team should look like, it was a terrible game of football by both teams.