Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Running Diary - Syracuse - Richmond

Welcome to the real beginning of the Syracuse hoop season. To celebrate, I thought I'd rip off an idea the Sports Guy came up with about 7 years ago (yeah, I'm current like that) and put together a running diary of the event. I haven't done one since last March, let's knock the rust off.

6:03-- Doris Burke calling the game - kill me now. Where's John Celestand when you need him?

6:21 -- Sorry about that, I didn't know dinner was on the table. I told you I'm rusty. When the girlfriend cooks, I eat, because she's a good cook and and she'll kick my ass. On a related note, my pants don't fit well anymore, there might be a correlation. To catch up, SU is up 23-17, they are substituting and switching defenses, Doris Burke still sucks, and ESPN thinks its a good idea to scroll comments from internet users across the top of the screen.

6:23 - Richmond buries another 3, that will happen when no one bothers to put a hand up.

6:23 - Doris Burke just compares this game to Duke-Rhode Island game. SU proceeds to throw up a bad shot, then foul a guy who was shooting a 3. Right now, neither one of these teams compares to either Duke or Rhode Island.

6:26 - By the way, Richmond Coach Chris Mooney looks like he's Mark Walhberg's geeky cousin. He looks just dorky enough that even Donnie would have beat him up, then hummed a New Kids song. Incidentally, Richmond takes their first lead.

6:27 - Jonny Flynn misses his 286th dunk since coming to Syracuse. It was spectacular looking - and lead to nothing. Great work Jonny.

6:30 - We are back from commercial. Devo manages to make 2 0f 3 free throws and the Waffle picks up a quick foul, I have a feeling this won't be the last time something like that happens.

6:33 - Devo is pulled after another bad turnover, I'm getting flashbacks to 2006...........the game is tied at 25.

6:36 - In the last few minutes we've seen Richmond baffled by the zone and Syracuse refusing to run half court sets of any kind. Ahhh, November basketball, it's FANTASTIC.........

6:38 - Richmond with back to back 3s, Boeheim takes a timeout. SU simply doesn't challenge shooters, and by challenge them I mean get them to put the ball on the floor. A weak hand up in someone's face isn't going to do it.

6:40 - The under 4 minute time out happens with less than 2 minutes to play. Richmond has made 4 consecutive field goals, leads 35-31 and SU has been stagnant on offense. My instincts tell me it's Greg Robinson's fault.....

6:43 - Doris Burke just mentioned Levance Fields. How is Levance Fields still in college?

6:44 - Richmond hits a 3, Flynn comes down on offense, leaves the waffle a sure lay up and of course he misses. What's amazing is that he somehow left it short, off the board. I'm not even sure how you do that.

6:45 - Weak ass crowd tonight. I don't care if it is a 6 pm game, show up people. It's not like there's anything else going on. Happy hour at the Chili's on Route 31 in Clay isn't that interesting on a Tuesday, trust me, I know.

6:46 - Halftime. Richmond leads 38-31. SU's defense has been spotty, the offense bogged down the last 10 minutes of the game and they've settled for long jumpers. In other words, it's last year all over again. Let's hope the second half is better.

Second Half

7:04 - And we're back. SU opens in man to man, Doris again reminds us about the Duke game Sunday - and a Flynn lay-in allows the 27 people in the Dome the chance to sit down.

7:11 - SU has been playing straight man to man in the second half. It hasn't been great, but the the team is playing with more energy, so that can't be a bad thing. Devendorf catches fire and runs off 11 straight points. SU leads 44-40, Richmond calls a TO.

7:12 - An Ameritrade commercial......that's what I'd like to be doing right now, trying to convince people to use your services to invest in the stock market.

7:18 - Paul Harris almost throws the ball away, Boeheim blows a blood vessel screaming at him.

7:20 - Richmond is missing free throws and SU is on a 14-2 run, they lead 47-42. Call me crazy, but I feel a Richmond run coming soon.....

7:22 - No one will mention this, but Arinze Onuaku just threw a beautiful outlet pass to Jonny Flynn that lead a run out and Flynn getting fouled at the other end. Little things like that win games.

7:28 - Doris Burke makes her first solid comment of the night, saying SU needs to play with more intensity. She said it appears the Orange players believe they are better than the spiders and she's right. It certainly appears that way. SU leads 50-48 with a little less than 12 minutes to play.

7:29 - I'm not sure of everyone's minutes played, but Flynn hasn't been out of the game much, there's been no Mookie Jones and Kris Joseph has played a few spotty minutes....hmmm.

7:35 -With Richmond trailing by 1 and gaining confidence, Jonny Flynn buries a 3 and then a tough fade away to sap confidence out of the Spiders. Flynn and Devo have 24 of the 27 second half points. 58-54 SU, with 7:46 to go. This one's not over.

7:37 - Did you know ESPN has interactive polls? Really, you'd never pick that up from the broadcast....they tell you results and everything. I can't get enough of these polls - how innovative. I hope they ask what your favorite type of cheese is - I'll be all over that one - Gouda kicks ass.

7:40 - Flynn goes up for another dunk and gets blocked. Not only that, he's in pain. I'm going to keep a missed dunk running tally for the season for him. It should be higher than the team's combined GPA..... Good thing Devo is unconscious, because Richmond would be killing SU without him. Arinze with a monster dunk, SU up 9 with 5 to play.

7:44 - Arinze cleans up another miss, the Waffle grabs a big rebound on the other end, SU is up 11 with 3 and half to play. This is looking much better. Richmond is OK, but they appear to be a middle of the pack A-10 team this year.

7:50 - I can hear fans bitching already, Boeheim is taking the air out of the ball, but it's working so far. SU leads by 6 with 1:50 to go, and they have the ball.

7:55 - Remember when I said taking the air out of the ball was working??? Well it stopped working - until Jonny Flynn took one to the tin, LAID IT IN (instead of missing the dunk) and got fouled. He missed the free throw. SU gets a stop the next time down, things are looking good again.

7:59 - Syracuse misses an ass-load of free throws down the strech but ultimately wins 76-71. A win is a win and Richmond is a decent team, but overall, this team is going to need to get much better as the season progresses and learn to play with more intensity. Even with the missed dunks and my snarky comments, Flynn was excellent, and Devendorf's offense put them over the top. Here's hoping that this allegation turns out to be nothing.

It's also worth noting that Boeheim played 7.5 guys. Rautins and Jackson logged some minutes, Kris Joseph made a few cameos, but that was it.....


babyboss4 said...

Crowd was terrible! If any students read this blog then get off your ass! If we have learned anything the past 2 years is that these games matter.

Joons, parent teacher conferences are over-rated...get to the game!

side note..Jen's first comment about the game: "Oh no, not this bitch again." Regarding Doris Burke.

Anonymous said...

Doris Burke was TERRIBLE!

I just hope Flynn does not log 39 minutes every game this season.

Tally how many times Paul Harris gets yelled at each game. That would be fun to see.

Rush: Great job with the blogging!

Joe B

Orange Chuck said...

I liked it so much, I had to include a link to this along with other links. I need to do something like you all do with a link column one of these days. Then again, I wish I could do a lot more with my blog(if i could just find a way to pay bills and eat without having to work for a living, I would have the time I want to do it haha). You guys rule. Go Orange

Anonymous said...

Ya know how when the rookies on a MLB team do something great, and then get get interviewed after the game and one of their veteran teamates comes up behind them with a shaving cream pie and smashes it in their face.... i wish some one did that last night with Doris Burke.... except using a cinder block. F'ing awful.

The Captain