Sunday, November 16, 2008

V-G Day: A World Reacts

Bells are ringing in the churches of CNY as members of Orange Nation remember November 16, 2008 as V-G (Victory over Greg) Day.

Orange fans around the world joined in on the celebration:

The Good Doctor was right, Orange was the Apple upon news of Greg's firing

Syracuse Mayor Matt Driscoll closed Salina Street upon hearing the news.

"Au revoir Greg!"

The Northside of Syracuse was illuminated as the Simones lit up the night sky over Alliance Bank Stadium.

Orange fans in London danced in the streets.

Ickey got the crew together in Cincy for one last shuffle.

Times Square, NY

Brandy Chastain, closet Orange fan

Ewoks on the planet Endor celebrated the rebirth of Syracuse football and began their campaign for Chewbacca as the new head coach.


Anonymous said...

Chewbacca as head coach, classic. don't forget wookies dont like loosing, they've been known to rip peoples arms' out of their sockets if they loose.

Star wars geek, i know....

the captain

Poncho Sinatra said...

I am down in Saint Louis and it's on the cover of the sports page!!!


God bless America, we are free!