Tuesday, December 2, 2008

As the Coaching World Turns

As you may have heard, Syracuse University is shopping for a new head football coach. Word from our sources deep inside the University tell us that everyone not named "Greg Robinson" is a candidate.

Since Daryl Gross cut Greggo loose a few weeks ago, things have been relatively quiet. However, now that many teams are wrapping up their regular season schedules, things are getting a little nutty. Lucky for us, Donnie Webb is working harder than Oprah's chef (seriously, have you see here lately - she's HUGE again) to keep us up to date. Let's get caught up.

A voice from the past offers advice

Things have been a little slow in Donavan McNabb's world, so he's decided to take some time out and weigh in with his support for Kevin Rogers.

Idiotic analysis: I was a fan of the SU offense when McNabb and Rogers were on the hill, however since then, Kevin doesn't exactly have a sterling resume. He went to Notre Dame only to lose his job when Bob Davie got fired, then went to Va. Tech, where the best QB he developed was Bryan Randall, who may have been a better basketball player.

In Minnesota, he's the quarterbacks coach - for a team that has started Tarvaris Jackson (young and awful) and Gus Frerotte (old and not very good). Last spring Rogers even predicted Jackson would develop into one of the the NFL's better quarterbacks - oops.

Verdict: I think I liked Rogers better 10 years ago than I do now - let's pass.

A coach from the past likes where he's presently located

Orange alum Randy Edsall, the current head coach at the University of Connecticut has been rumored as the front runner for the position. I heard a rumor months ago that he was high on Gross' list, but like everything else, that was just a rumor.

Today, responding to Qadry Ismail's comment in this Sporting News piece he said "it's over," and once again tried to remove himself as a candidate for the job.

Idiotic analysis: Edsall is a safe choice. He's proven he can build a program from scratch and proven he can win with talent that would never be considered "blue chip." His offense isn't exciting, but it's effective and the man is all about one thing - winning games.....actually he's also about lying to the media, so we better make that two things. At this point take all his denials with a grain of salt, I don't think this one's over until a new coach is announced.

Verdict: I'd love to see Randy Edsall in Orange, but if he really doesn't want to come, he doesn't want to come. If that's the case, let's look elsewhere.

Mr. Whipple's Golden, Chipper might not be

Donnie also reports that Gross has interviewed Temple's Al Golden, Philadelphia Eagles coach Mark Whipple, while Oregon was attempting to lock down assistant Chip Kelly. Others who might get interviewed include Florida assistant Steve Addazio, New Orleans Saints offensive coordinator Doug Marrone, and Minnesota Vikings assistant Kevin Rogers. Guys who could get interviews next week include Buffalo head coach Turner Gill, and East Carolina head coach Skip Holtz. Donnie notes that University of Illinois offensive coordinator Mike Locksley was interviewed by Gross last week.

Idiotic analysis: Golden has made some nice strides at Temple, but my gut says no. Besides, with his Penn State background and connections with ACC schools, he doesn't seem like a guy who'd stick around. I like Whipple's success at UMass and his approach to offense (throw the ball all over the place) but can he lead a DI school? Kelly we will get to next. As far as the rest of the list, I'd prefer one of the established coaches, either Gill or Holtz over the rest. We're at a point where the next guy needs a track record as the top dog.

Verdict: There's a good chance the next Syracuse coach will come from the batch above, the real question is which one will it be?

Oregon presses the panic button

Chip Kelly is either a genius or the luckiest man on earth, as his Oregon Ducks scored 65 points a few days before he was going to be interviewed for a head coaching job. That lead his employer to lock him down and tonight they named him as their "head coach in waiting."

Idiotic analysis: In a very short period of time, Chip Kelly became a very hot assistant, however the move by Oregon seems pretty desperate to me. Mike Bellotti is only 58 years old and while I have no idea what his futre plans are, conceivably he could coach for another 10 years if he wanted. While Kelly is a great prospect, they could have let him go somewhere for a few years and try his luck, then when it was time and he had proven himself, they could have thrown some of that Nike money at him and brought him back.

Verdict: SU's next head coach won't be named Chip - which is too bad, we could have had a lot of fun with that name next year.

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