Sunday, December 7, 2008

Got Skip?

The Skip Holtz to Syracuse rumors are heating up big time. Personally I'm undecided on Holtz. Obviously anything is going to be an improvement over Greg Robinson (way to set the bar as low as possible Greg) but should he come to SU I don't think he's here for the long haul. If he's successful in turning around the disaster that the football program has become, bigger schools will come calling.

Personally I've been on the Turner Gill bandwagon all year, but it appears Auburn is on that one as well. I guess it's hard to stay under the radar when you beat the number 12 team in the nation and turn around a perennial loser in Buffalo. Boss isn't a fan of Gill for the same reason I'm leery of Holtz, he doesn't think he'll be around long.
So what do you think? Leave us a comment below and let us know.


Sir Mawn Wilson said...

I think Gill would be around longer than Skip. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Skip was here for one season then tried to get the Notre Dame job. I'm sure he'd also be tapped for any other SEC jobs that open up next year as well.

While I think Gill will be given better offers, I think it will be a couple years down the road. He seems like he would relish the chance to turn Syracuse around and only then would he move on to a Big 12 job.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised SU wants Holtz. He's a proven turnaround guy, real motivator and ticket seller. Rumor was ND wanted him, but I think he's a better fit in the south, too. Maybe he will end up at Auburn.

AJV said...

Did anyone else read the Axeman?

I'm on the Doug Marrone bandwagon. Then again I'm so hungry for a winning team I've been on at least ten band wagons thus far- good thing I'm not part of the good doctor's search committee.

Girardi Party said...

He may not be around long, true... but at this point, if 3-5 years only of Skip meant a couple of five to seven win seasons, maybe a bowl game, before he flees to greener pastures, wouldn't you take it?

I would. Syracuse needs to get someone in here who can at least return the program to mediocrity before he bolts. Then, once the job's a bit more attractive again, Syracuse can think about making a more permanent, long-term hire.

Poncho Sinatra said...

As an East Carolina Alumn, I am loving what Skip Holtz has done....But, he is waiting for the Notre Dame/Sec gig and I don't believe he would be the right choice.

T-Gill is what we need!


The Captain said...

what we need to do is to be taking care of business with Bachman Turner - ( Gill ) Overdrive.

I think of all the candidates, he has the best upside / longevity of any candidtes to date.

Nick Loucks said...

If Gill leaves us for Nebraska for some other place, that means he (and the Cuse) was successful... and then that would make us even more attractive for a high-end coach... (Chris Peterson??!?!)