Thursday, December 11, 2008

Idiot Nation Reacts

I got the news today while I was on baby-pickup duty. A big "thank you" to Friend of Idiot and frequent poster "AJV" for texting me with the breaking news of Marrone's apparent hiring. On my ride home I tuned in to the hardest working radio man in CNY and heard the news break over his airwaves as well.

My take? Honestly, the thought of another "NFL Assistant" scares the living bejeesus out of me. Been there and done that. Taking the "glass is half full" approach...the guy is an alum and, quite honestly, after four years of Greg Robinson, could we do any worse? The Russianator and I quickly exchanged texts and phone calls as the story developed. He brought up a great point:

Russianator "So what have you heard about this guy?"

Champ "I heard he had a great second interview with Gross. From what I've read he really wants this job."

Russianator "So did Greg Robinson."

The fun continued with some texts from my out of town buddies:

Boss (Yes he's alive folks): "Thanks 4 nothing Gross...GRob has won more games than Marrone. Serentiy now!"

D-Dubs: "Did they really hire Doug Marrone?"

Joons: "Not happy."

BabyBoss: "I wanted Gill all along."

I know we'll never find out, but I'd love someone in the CNY media to get us some insight from Daryl Gross on the search process. Was a phone call made to Tommy Tubberville? How about Tulsa's Todd Graham? Did we reach out to Boise State head coach Chris Peterson at all? Again, we'll never know...but it could make the current bland taste of Doug Marrone a bit more palatable.

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AJV said...

I like the hiring. Maybe I've just been drinking too much of the Axe's special brew. I love the idea of this being his last stop, of him being football's Boeheim.

As Garrett Barnas showed us this week kids still know the SU tradition. If he brings in a solid staff around him (a top notch recruiter would be nice) then I like our chances.

He has a tough road a head of him but there is no reason to believe we cannot return to a perennial top-20/15 team.