Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Real Quick Look at Seton Hall

Take a good look because you won't be seeing Bobby coaching tonight

Tonight the Seton Hall Pirates invade the Dome to kick off Syracuse's Big East season. While Syracuse.com will have a full preview - here are a few Seton Hall links to check out while you get ready for tonight's game. Also, for those so inclined, I'm going to fire up the live chat for the game, so head back here at tip off if you want to join in.

- The South Bend Tribune says head coach Bobby Gonzalez may be on borrowed time.

- The Hall is coming off a big win over Fairleigh Dickinson.

- But they also lost to James Madison and IUPUI.

- Gonzalez has an evil twin who will need to take over coaching duties as Bobby serves his one game suspension tonight.

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