Thursday, December 11, 2008

Saints Fans Apoplectic Over Possibly Losing Marrone

From SU-per Blog Sports, I found a link to the Saint's Beat blog from the Times-Picayane web site reporting on the Marrone rumor. While obviously comments on a web site don't mean anything (just like this web site!) I found some of the comments pretty funny. Some of the gems include items such as:

Posted by sbbounsaints
lol Does it really matter. Aint like this guy was callin plays for us anyway
Good Luck tho dude!!

Posted by Redfish 46000
Who was he anyway Good writtens fella!!!!!!! Holla Back
ED NOTE: Well done redfish, that was the most mangled attempt to use the word riddance I've ever seen

Posted by sandiana
I had never heard of Doug Marrone. I thought Sean Payton was the offensive coordinator.

Clearly from this statistically significant sample, Doug Marrone connected with Saint fans during his time in New Orleans.

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