Friday, February 29, 2008

Give 'em hell Hank!

Little Stein is taking after Dad....and I love it. Didn't Darth Vader want to restore order to the universe also?

Steinbrenner-Epstein steel cage match, let's make this happen.

Funniest Headline Ever

After a 1-15 season, even the columnists are shell shocked in Miami, it's the only possible explanation for this headline.

Reality TV for Today's Athletes

One thing the now settled writer's strike has confirmed, there IS such a thing as too much reality TV. Now, as we anxiously await the return of shows like the Office, we are at the end of our collective ropes with the current crap that's on TV. America has reached the tipping point with these shows, and there's only way to save them - get some stars to appear. T3I thought we'd take a look at which reality TV shows might be a good fit for some of today's athletes.

American Idol - Since Carl Lewis is too old to qualify, let's go with injured SU guard Eric Devendorf. Devo has the attitude to stand up to Simon, the prerequisite chin strap beard, and we know he's stood in front of a microphone before.

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? - Manny Ramirez. Manny Being Manny would be put to a whole new test. Our money is on the 5th graders.

Dancing With the Stars - Something tells us Emmit Smith would be AWFUL on this show, but he'd probably make a GREAT TV broadcaster.......or do we have this reversed? Let's just move on.

Celebrity Apprentice - Shaquille O'Neal is made for this show. Shaq's got charisma, Shaq doesn't take crap from people who break the big man code, and we'd love to see the Donald try and fire the big fella.

Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew - This is like shooting fish in a barrel, but let's go with Scott Spiezio. In addition to getting him clean, we can watch a guy with bizarre facial hair, it's a win-win.

Flavor of Love - Erin Andrews. Every male's favorite sideline reporter is used to fending off creepy guys, and who wouldn't want to watch lovely Erin fight off the advances of a small crackhead with gold teeth?

The Moment of Truth - Roger Clemens is the obvious choice, but we're so sick of this story it might be better if we got his lawyer Rusty Hardin up there instead. Think of all the questions - what's with the name Rusty? Care to explain the wardrobe? There's no way Rusty walks out of that show with any cash.

Rock of Love With Bret Michaels - Anna Kournikova. It's a match made in heaven, neither ever had much talent, both achieved high levels of fame and attention anyway, and neither one wants to fade away.

Supernanny - Pacman Jones. If a big fat mean woman with an English accent can't straighten out Pacman we don't know who can. At least he won't throw money at her like he does strippers (we hope).

The Biggest Loser - Bartolo Colon. Lucky for us, there are a lot of fat athletes to pick from, but Bart could drop a size or twenty.

Wife Swap - Andre and Masha Kirilenko. Given the "unusual" nature of their relationship, sending Masha to live with a redneck named Cooter in a trailer in rural Georgia is a no brainer. The real question, would Cooter's wife count as Andre's once per year dalliance? We want to find out.

Ranting Rules

If you are a reader of this blog you know one thing, we LOVE post game coaching melt downs. Whether it's Herm Edwards "playing to win the game" or Mike Gundy telling the world "he's a man, he's 40," it doesn't get any better than a coach losing his or her mind after game. In that vein, I bring to you a clip I just lifted from The Big Lead of Michigan Women's Basketball Coach Kevin Borseth completely losing his shit after a loss to Wisconsin last night. Enjoy, because it's fan-freaking-tastic. Serenity Now Kevin, Serenity Now.

Touche Fat Man, Touche

As is my routine every morning, while getting ready for work I listen to ESPN Radio, which is basically one long commercial break interspersed with some brief comments every 10 minutes by Mike and Mike in the Morning. Aside from the ridiculous amount of commercials in the show, I enjoy the antics of Golic and Greenburg - at least until I get in my car and turn on Howard Stern (get Sirius people, it's worth it).

This morning they had Donovan McNabb on as a guest, and Golic was talking about how he was around during the first year of free agency and McNabb gave him a light hearted jab about how that was a long time ago, and Golic replied with, "It was so long ago, it was when Syracuse was winning." McNabb shot back with some references to the awful year Notre Dame and Charlie Weiss had in 2007 and it was all in good fun.

I'm not the least bit offended by it - I thought the whole exchange was amusing - but I can't help but wonder if he'll be able to make the same joke 5 years from now - right now, I couldn't give you an answer.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where's my Starter hat?

Let's party like it's 1989 gang. I'll come clean, I owned this very t-shirt in the late 80's. The good guys over at The Sports Hernia have a TREMENDOUS review of the spots carictature t-shirts that were the rage in the late 80's/early 90's.

I remember picking up my Nique tshirt at Dick's Sporting Goods while deciding on my new shoes for basketball season. And this look didn't work to attract chicks?

Thursday Reading

Here are few stories you can check out while waiting to see if you won the Ebay auction:

* Rejoice Orange fans, Syracuse QUALIFIES for the Tournament (Norm Roberts is jealous).

* Ever wonder what a blogger not named "Axe" sounds like? Orange44 has your answer.

* Darren McFadden blazing fast on the field, even faster with the ladies. Only 7 more kids between you and Travis Henry Darren, keep it up.

* Jevon Kearse, now free to get injured for another team.

* Don't worry Jevon, there is a ton of other NFL driftwood that's been set free in the past couple of days.

* The Shaq trade - let's just say the Suns haven't figured things out yet.

* Get your Carl Pavano injury excuses while they're hot.

* Sticking with baseball, courtesy of With Leather, Scott Spiezio has a few issues.

* Grand Theft Auto meets John Madden, who wouldn't buy that?

* And just so everyone knows, Kige has begun his journey to the Final Four, and it's journey I'm ready to take.

For some more Kige related fun, click here.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ebay Item of the Week

December 22, 1985: the New England Patriots battled the Cincinnatti Bengals and emerged victorious with a 34-23 victory. For a starting bid of $2.99 (plus $1.75 shipping) you can own an original ticket from this gridiron battle.

Now why would you want to add this to your collection of sports memorabilia? I'll quote the seller's description and if this doesn't convince you I don't know what will:

"After the game the Patriots fans torn down the goal and were electrocuted when they were carrying the goal by a power line ( four fans were in the hospital with no fatalities ). Nice addition to any collection."

This would be a nice addition to my collection of tickets stubs from European soccer riots. Want to test your knowledge?

Bracket Talk

In what is becoming an annual late February/early March event, all the talk regarding Syracuse basketball concerns brackets and bubbles, the stories and discussions are everywhere. A few good links to check out on the topic include:

- Mike Waters spoke to ESPN's Joe Lunardi (the guy still sporting the same haircut his mom gave him before his first day of school) and Lunardi says SU still has an opportunity to make the dance.

- The guys over at Cuse Country do a nice job of demonstrating that while SU lacks signature wins, especially road wins, they are still on the edge of the bubble.

- Orange 44/TNIAAM have quite a bit of bracket talk in their weekly chat.

- And Bud says Syracuse is facing some precarious times.

An Idiot's perspective

In the words of the immortal Herm Edwards, you play to win the game and that's what SU has to do down the stretch (obviously). Sadly, that's easier said than done, as Pitt, Seton Hall on the road, and Marquette are not pushovers. While the team is certainly capable of winning all three games, I simply do not see it happening. With the way Donte Greene is struggling, they simply do not have the offensive weapons to outscore people on a nightly basis and their defense was never good enough to carry them. As it stands now, they need to run the table in the regular season, get at least one win in NYC and hope like hell all the favorites in mid major conferences win their tournaments.

The Next Three Games

Pittburgh is up first this Saturday and it will be interesting. While the Panthers have faltered down the stretch, they are still a tough team and you have to account for guys like DeJuan Blair and Sam Young. Plus, you just know Levance Fields is going to get hot and make a bunch of shots he normally misses. Even taking all that into consideration, beating the Panthers is a realistic, given the fact that the game will be played in a full Carrier Dome and SU will come out knowing their backs are up against the wall. Boeheim has always been able to get his team up for games like these, so a win on Saturday would not surprise me in the least.

The game that terrifies me is Seton Hall. The Orange have been terrible on the road, and if they do manage to beat Pitt and mentally start gearing up for a Marquette, the game against the Pirates it will be South Florida Part II. Bobby Gonzalez likes to pressure the basketball, attack opponents and let the chips fall where they may. For a short handed, young team like Syracuse, there are a lot of concerns going into the game, and a lot of those concerns center on what's going on in the player's heads. A loss here and you should make plans to get your NIT tickets.

Marquette is playing some very good basketball right now, but depending on what happens with Pitt and Seton Hall, the game may not mean much. Dominic James and Jerel McNeal will present some serious challenges for the Orange - and if there's one thing that SU has proven this year, it's that while they do rise to meet challenges, they aren't experienced enough or deep enough to overcomb them.

I'd be very surprised if this team makes the NCAA tournament this year. At best they go 2-1 over the next three, which would mean they'd need at least 2 wins in NYC to have any shot at making the field, and I don't see it happening - I hope I'm wrong.

It's Germain's Fault

Donnie Webb notes on his blog today that former SU Quarterback Perry Patterson was waived by the Columbus Destroyers. While Perry had an up and down career at Syracuse, T3I wish him well in his future endeavors. The interesting part of the story is that when clicking on the official announcement from the team, we learn that it's the Columbus Destroyers, presented by Germain.

Sponsorship is obviously a vital part of sports, but the whole "presented by" gimmick is awful. It's a pet peeve and just really dumb, unless someone wants to sponsor The Three Idiots, then it's perfectly fine. Got a business that needs exposure to hundreds (on a good day) of readers? T3I might be for you. Think of the possibilities.....The Three Idiots, presented by Chico's Bail Bonds. The Three Idiots, presented by Nodoro......I could go on and on......potential sponsors should hurry up and contact us, we are sure there will be a bidding war.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Follow up to Isiah

Dear Zeke,

The Russianator gave you a great suggestion to bring in the Fresh Prince to save the Knicks. I just wanted to tack on my 2 cents and reiterate what a great idea this is. As an added bonus, he and Carlton could also help out with choreography for the Knick City Dancers:

Finally, if Will is unavailable, I strongly suggest picking up Reggie Theus as your coach and as many alumns from Deering High as possible.

PS- Karl Malone's elbow says 'hi.'

Memo to Isiah Thomas

Dear Isiah:

T3I have a cure for the current problems the Knicks are experiencing. You need a shot blocker, a difference maker, a game changer and lucky for you, that guy exists and is available. You know how good he is, because he shut you down. Now, more than ever, the Knicks need the Fresh Prince play in the Garden......and if it doesn't work out, Spike Lee can put him in a movie or something.

Some Seats are Hot in the Big East

Speculating on the job status of men and women you do not know is always a lot of fun, and something the Internet was practically invented to do. This is especially true in college football, and the great site Coaches Hot Seat is keeping a close eye on which guys may need to contact their real estate agent at the end of the 2008 season. Our beloved Greg Robinson currently sits at number 5 on the list, which almost matches his 3 year win total at SU.

Coaches Hot Seat had so much fun with football coaches, they decided to expand to college hoops and last week published their first ever hot seat rankings for men's basketball coaches. Number one on the list is Mark Gottfried at Alabama. Based on this picture of him, and the 2004 win over SU in the NCAAs, this idiot wouldn't mind seeing Gottfried get sent down the road, but it's not something we are going to worry about. We are more interested in which Big East coaches are in trouble.

The highest ranked Big East coach is St. John's head man Norm Roberts, who checks in at number 4 on list. According to the site, Roberts earns a relatively paltry $325,000 per year, which may explain why the Johnnies are struggling to return to may be time to go find Chris Mullin and Mark Jackson and shake them down for some donations to go hire yourself a real coach, because to date, Norm hasn't been getting it done, checking in with a .427 winning percentage and fighting every year to make the tournament.....the Big East tournament. The natives, like respected writer and hair piece aficionado Hoops Weiss aren't satisfied with the job Norm has done either.

While having Roberts at number 4 makes sense, the site misses the mark when they place Mick Cronin of Cincinnati at 7. Cronin inherited a mess, barely having enough guys to field a team last year and already has the Bearcats playing some very good, tough, basketball. They are 8-6 in conference this year, and will only get better. Cronin's not going anywhere, unless he gets a better job.

Providence coach and former SU assistant Tim Welsh checks in at number 11, and frankly this ranking could be higher. The Friars have struggled in recent years and Welsh has been at the school long enough that he can't blame anyone else for his current situation. This year the Friars are in danger of missing the conference tournament, but Welsh is putting up a good front, declaring that he's confident in his job status.

Lastly, Fred Hill of Rutgers cracks the top 25, coming at 23 and while I personally have not seen enough to believe Hill knows what he's doing, he's not going anywhere for a while. Hill was clearly the guy the Scarlet Knights wanted when they let Gary Waters go, and they've shown a lot of patience in the past, giving Greg Schiano a long time to fix the football program. Besides, it's not like St. John's, who has past glory to live up to, it's Rutgers, they can wait it out a little while longer. Hill's not going anywhere.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Future Beatings Officially Scheduled

For fans of the Syracuse Orange football team the big news coming out of the program today is that the schedule has officially been announced. For those too lazy to click the link, the schedule in its entirety (conference games in bold) is as follows:

• Aug. 30 at Northwestern
• Sept. 6 vs. Akron
• Sept. 13 vs. Penn State
• Sept. 20 vs. Northeastern
• Sept. 27 vs. Pittsburgh
• Oct. 11 at West Virginia
• Oct. 18 at South Florida
• Nov. 1 vs. Louisville
• Nov. 8 at Rutgers
• Nov. 15 vs. Connecticut
• Nov. 22 at Notre Dame
• Nov. 29 at Cincinnati

While it's too soon for predictions, here are few thoughts on the schedule from a season ticket holder who lives a couple of hours away.

* The first thing that jumps out at me is 4 straight weekends of home football in September. For people who live out of town, it's a tremendous pain in the ass to travel 4 weekends in a row, even if it's a relatively short distance, because you know all these damn games are going to be at noon, I haven't even worked through my Friday night induced hangover by then.

* The last time I checked, September in Central New York is still relatively pleasant, so playing an entire month of games inside when the weather is nice - how can you not get excited about that?

* It should be interesting to see how many people show up for Penn State and how many of those people are SU fans.......either way, it's good to have them back on the schedule again.

* SU has pulled off the rare feat of scheduling Northwestern and Northeastern in the same season, that's not something you see very often.

And in an effort to not be overly negative, here's a highlight video of incoming frosh Trey Fairchild - hopefully Trey and some of the fellow classmates will leave SU with more wins than losses when all is said and done:


Kyle McAlarney just scored again

Champ did a good job breaking down the SU-Notre Dame game below, so I won't reinvent the wheel, but I will chime in with a few thoughts, plus I needed an excuse to run the awful headline above.

- Donte Greene - no one has been a bigger supporter than I have, but he's hit the freshman wall harder than Meg Ryan. He simply has to start bringing more to the table, because right now every aspect of his game is poor. What's the opposite of intangibles? Because that's what he's bringing to the floor - he's a better player than he's showed the last few games, I'm wondering when we'll see that again.

- The Zone - I understand why they play the zone, they've got 7 guys, can't afford foul trouble, the need to keep guys fresh, etc....but at some point you have to cut Harris and Flynn lose, let them lock guys up and roll the dice, because right now, the zone is not working. South Florida shredded it, Louisville didn't score against it, but that's because they were missing wide open shots, and we all saw what the Irish did yesterday.

- Paul Harris - I am a believer. Donte Greene should be forced to spend a week watching film of how hard he plays. If these two guys ever had decent games at the same time......

- Tournament hopes - win the next 5 games in a row (the last 3 regular season games and two in the Garden) and there's a chance, anything less and it's NIT time. This team does not have a decent road win this year.

- The Announcers - when the best a network can muster is Craig Bolerjack and Bob Wenzel, let's just say that tells me they didn't exactly think it was the biggest game of the weekend. Those two are ESPN regional quality.

- The bottom line - they aren't good enough defensively to impose their will on teams, so they aren't going to win games that way, and on the offensive end they simply lost too much due to injuries to outscore a lot of teams. They are what they are - extremely young and playing shorthanded - and that's not the best combination to win games.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Caption Contest

Photo: Gloria Wright P-S

Here's your chance Cuse fans, anyone with a good caption to this photo from Sunday's battle at the Joyce Center?

Feelin' blue

Photo: Gloria Wright P-S

The blue uniforms made their debut today as the Orange (wearing blue) fell to the Irish 94-87. Let's get the obligatories out of the way:

Mike Waters

Daryl Gross propoganda machine


P-S photo gallery

Kyle McAlrney's 30 points led the Irish while he set a Notre Dame Inc. record nine 3-pointers. I received a great text message from Friend of Idtiots BabyBoss during Kyle's run:

"Another career high against the Cuse!"

Cuse's NCAA hopes are slimmer than a hungry Calista Flockhart. The only shot now may be to run the table in the Big East Tournament, and let's be honest....winning 4 games in 4 days with 7 guys....let's just say not likely.

Some quick thoughts on a Sunday night:

Arinze: continues to grow as a banger, these are the efforts we need night in and night out

Donte: I'm really scratching my head on this performance. When the jumper isn't falling (which has been more frequent than not of late), what else does he bring to the table? Hustle? Hitting the glass? Help me here people.

Paul: 22 and 12, been doing his Mike Rowe imitation as of late. Lots of dirty work.

The Zone: I know we only go seven deep, but any thoughts of mixing up the defense?

We'll see what the last three games bring.

Some non-cuse thoughts:

Tennessee won the State Championship Saturday night. You may have heard something about this #1 vs. #2 game from the ESPN hype machine. During the entire game, never did I think "I'm watching the two best teams in the country play." Conference USA's pride the Memphis Tigers are prime for an NCAA tournament upset couretsy of a mid-major team disciplined in the halfcourt game.

Linda Tripp, I mean Bruce Pearl's Vol's will be #1 this week. Their shot selection on Saturday night looked like something from Rucker Park. There are a handful of teams I really believe are more deserving of a number one ranking, Syracuse not one of them.

Of course I'm an idtiot so put your money on a Memphis-Tenn rematch in the title game.

The Quest is Complete

Unlike the New England Patriots, the New Jersey Institute of Technology sealed the deal on their quest for a reverse perfect season, losing by 26 to Utah Valley State last night. In the process, the Highlanders set a record for most losses in a winless season, besting the efforts of Prairie View of Texas and Savannah State by one game. In two years of Division I play, NJIT is 5-53. You know, DI play isn't for everyone, and NJIT proved it. I wonder if the players for Prairie View and Savannah are cracking open champagne right now.....

Friday, February 22, 2008

Least. Surprising. Results. Ever.

Billy Packer, pissing people off since the dawn of time

Deadspin has been conducting polls to judge approval ratings of various sportscasters, and today, it's Billy Packer's turn.

While it's early in the voting process, to date 9% (obviously this will change as voting goes on) of those that have voted say they approve of the job Billy's doing at CBS. Now we all know voting over the internet is not scientific, so obviously the results are skewed because you can't honestly tell me 6% of ANY population likes this, readers of T3I, you know what to do, Rock the Vote and make sure your opinion is heard.

Bring your lunch! Cuse-ND thoughts.

The men of Orange hit the road this weekend to battle Notre Dame, Inc. this Sunday. The Russianator provides a solid preview as usual.

Some quick thoughts on playing Notre Dame:

How many times will ESPN force the "Digger Phelps dancing in the Dome" clip down our throats?

Which Cuse team shows up, "The Hoya Beaters" or the "Bashed by the Bulls"?

What are the odds Irish coach Mike Brey wears a shirt and tie? About the same chances I have of winning tonight's Mega Millions drawing.

Someone again explain to me the brilliance of having Notre Dame in the Big East for all sports except football. Paging Mike Tranghese. Brilliant Mikey.

The Joyce Center does not scare me. Especially after Billy Edelin turned it into his personal playground . Hak also did some damage there, including one of the greatest in-game dunks of all time:


Chris Farley Show Moment: Do you remember the year Syracuse played Notre Dame and they broke out thouse hideous neon green jerseys? I'm guessing late 80's early 90's, sometime during the Laphonso Ellis era.

Luke Harangody, are these numbers for real? Test him for HGH.

Need a win fellas. Lots of work remains.

Syracuse - Notre Dame Preview

Syracuse plays a HUGE game against Notre Dame on Sunday. This particular idiot hates the match up. Notre Dame moves the ball well and shoots it well, which is a nightmare for a zone team. In addition, SU hasn't fared well on the road this year (shocker) and the Golden Domers have won 34 straight at the Joyce Center.

All of this adds up to one thing........a Syracuse victory. The only thing predictable about this team is that they are unpredictable, so given that fact, I see Syracuse heating up from 3 and pulling off the improbable win 82-79. This same theory means they end up losing to Seton Hall next week, but we'll jump off that bridge when we come to it.

For another perspective on the game, courtesy of our friends at, here's a preview from Citrus TV.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ebay item of the week.

Heeding the Russianator's call for me to re-embrace the NBA, I thought I'd go over to EBay and find out what treasures of the "collectible" world await me. In a possibly-weekly-if-I'm-not-too-lazy feature, we present the EBay item of the week:

Yes for a mere $122.22 you can own an official game worn Dave Jamerson Utah Jazz jersey from the 1993 season.

Who is Dave Jamerson? Funny I asked the same thing. A quick trip over to brought me up to speed. In 1993, Dave played ONE GAME with the Jazz. What are the odds that same jersey is now on Ebay?

A must for Dave Jamerson fans everywhere.

Basketball is Good....and stuff

I just couldn't do it. I tried to come up with a decent title for this post and ended up with nothing.......titles under consideration included: "Roundball Roundup" (too hokey) "The NBA is Back" (that one is only half true, thanks to the Eastern Conference) and "Oh What a Night" (beyond gay - not that there's anything wrong with that). So this is where we are at - I apologize, I'll eat my veggies and try and do better the next time.

Now, if you spent last night watching American Idol or worse yet, hockey (sorry Boss) you missed some great basketball, so I'll try help you catch up.

* The game everyone was anticipating, the Suns v. the Lakers actually lived up to the hype, with LA winning 130-124. All the personalities and hype aside, it was basketball the way the game is supposed to be played, with two great teams, stocked with great athletes, in an electric atmosphere running up and down the floor and scoring all over each other. Champ - start watching Western Conference games in the NBA again, it will take you back to the 1980s, you won't regret it. For me, the oddest thing about the game was watching two Europeans on the Lakers - Pau Gasol and Sasha Vujacic awkwardly hugging in the fourth quarter, it was like a big sweaty, greasy, hairy mess. It didn't exactly conjure up images of James Worthy and Byron Scott - but the bottom line is that the Lakers are back and let's be honest, it will be fun to root against LA again.

* Chris Paul was about 9 when Jason Kidd made his NBA debut, and last night he made Kidd look like Keith Van Horn as the Hornets beat the Mavericks. Kidd will get better as he settles in with his new teammates, but at this point, it's hard to argue with this assessment of Paul - who incidentally is the guy Jonny Flynn is trying to model his game after.

* If you like the Sixers as I do, or hate the Knicks, their game last night was enjoyable. Dead serious question - what does Isiah Thomas have to do to get fired? If he walked into Dolan's office, whipped it out and took a leak on the floor, would that get it done? Of would Dolan just tell him to clean it up?

* Chris Bosh is REALLY GOOD, yet he plays in Toronto, so no one knows about him. Toronto is like the NBA's version of the witness protection program - in other words it's perfect for Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson.....David Stern should make sure those guys get traded to the Raptors because it's only a matter of time before Pacman Jones sings with the Argonauts - and then we're talking internation incidents - and who doesn't love those?

* I've never been a big fan of defense, as anyone who's ever played a game of basketball with me will attest, and if I was good enough to have played in the NBA, the Golden State Warriors would be been my dream team - last night they won another shoot out, this time against the Celtics. I would have been perfect for Nellie, I don't guard anyone, take a lot of bad shots and love to jack 3s on the's too bad I'm a 5'11" white guy with marginal athletic ability - stupid genetics.

In College Hoops

* The mighty Puke Blue Devils lost their second in row - this needs no additional commentary, just smile.

* In mid-major news, my alma mater, the University at Albany Great Danes suffered a tough loss at home, however they sent the game into overtime in dramatic fashion with Brian Lillis making a 3 pointer with .3 seconds left, after a catching a length of the court pass. It was Christian Laettner-esque (except for the fact that no one cares). Lillis had a great dunk last week too, while the Danes have been up and down this year, Lillis is one hell of a player. He gets a golf clap from this idiot.

* One thing WASN'T exciting was the St. John's - Marquette game. I honestly tried to watch part of this and it was just awful. Can anyone explain what the Hell Norm Roberts is doing? You've got a school with a storied history in a city that produces basketball players like Hollywood produces rehab patients, and yet the Johnnies don't get any better, and play a BRUTAL brand of basketball. If you're a basketball fan and live in NYC, this hasn't been your decade....

* And finally, the coach of our beloved NJIT Highlanders, Jim Casciano resigned yesterday, effective at the end of the season. Well done coach Casciano, T3I think it's a brilliant motivational technique that may inspire your team to get its first win of the season......(Greg Robinson, start taking notes).

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Pressure is Always Greatest at the End

Making History, One Brick at a Time

New Jersey Institute for Technology is getting some unwanted attention thanks to the reverse perfect season they are presently working on. Well, there's good news for fans of failure, since our last update NJIT has run its season record to 0-28.

The latest loss, an 18 point beating at the hands of the 8-22 Longwood Lancers leaves them with just one opportunity to get a win, and it doesn't look good. They play 13-14 Utah Valley State on the road at 4:00 pm on Saturday. While beating a sub .500 team may not seem that daunting, in the world of Division I Independents Utah Valley State might as well be North Carolina - only Texas Pan American has more wins. Utah Valley State has also already beaten the Highlanders once this year, so things look grim, but there is a silver lining in this cloud - NJIT only lost to them by 12 a few weeks ago, so, in the words of Lloyd Christmas, we're saying there's a chance.

For those of you that just can't get enough of the trainwreck that is the NJIT Highlanders, here is a very good story about their season so far, apparently things are so bad their coach bailed on them for a significant portion of the season.

In Highlander recruiting news, we offer some friendly advice to Will Campbell, choosing New Hampshire is the way to go. Even with the stoned hippies and cold weather, you stand a better chance at winning some games.

I hope the Highlanders are working hard this week and their coach is working on the "Win one for Kraig Peters" speech, because according to this article, Kraig would unofficially be the only player in New Jersey history to play on a high school team that won 28 straight games, and a college team that lost 29 straight. We're not sure who'd compile stats like that, but hey, it's certainly an accomplishment...........

We will be sure to keep readers posted on the outcome of this week's game - it may prove a needed distraction from the thrashing of Syracuse's 2-3 zone that we fear may be coming.

Dwight Howard Has Nothing to Fear

Who needs the NBA slam dunk contest when people have their own video cameras and hoops with adjustable rims? I'm guessing this kid didn't practice enough on the nerf hoop before heading outside....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hand in cookie jar? No problem.

Pitchers and catchers have reported to spring training. Has America noticed? Probably not, as we've been reacting to the continued fallout of the Mitchell Report and the Clemens "misremembered" saga that took place on Capitol Hill.
T3I, out of the goodness of our hearts, would like to pass along the following strategies to use next time you find yourself in a jam, courtesy of our Major League Baseball heroes. So next time you get pulled over for speeding, fail your drug test at work, or get caught cheating on your significant other choose from one of these many Major League Get Out of Jail Free Cards:

The Raffy (aka The Bill Clinton)

Without blinking, look at your accuser dead in the eye and say "I did not (insert discretion here)." Note: for best results add the finger point. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

The Sammy Sosa

Quite possibly my favorite. Caught with your pants down? Simple, just pretend you forgot how to speak the English language. No halba englais!

The Big Mac

Should you confess to an alleged event? No way. Come clean, strike two. Just follow Big Mac's lead and stick to the script, "I'm not here to talk about the past."

The Giambino

Another classic. Next time you have a fight with your girlfriend, apologize. But just don't admit to what you are apologizing for. Be like Jason--- keep it vague.

The Andy

Admit your wrongdoing, however state you didn't mean anything by it. "No officer, I understand I was clocked doing 85 in a 35, I wasn't trying to gain an advantage. I was just trying to get to the Early Bird special before it ended at 5:00."

The McnaClemens (aka the Fatal Attraction)

Do everything you can to discredit your accuser. Tape record phone calls, manufacture evidence, throw spouses under the bus, boil a pet whatever it takes, but admit no wrongdoing.

The Miggy

Silence is golden my friend. So is relocating. Call Atlas Van Lines, say nothing and move far, far away....from Baltimore to Houston for example.

The Jose Jose

Come clean, admit to everything. In fact, write a book about your wrongdoing and bring everyone down with you.

There you go gang, next time you're in a jam break out one of these classics. Bud Selig guarantees they'll work.

Someone Needs to Call the ATF

From time to time I like to check in with some of the more insane freaks who post videos on YouTube and yesterday, a personal favorite of mine, a Dallas Cowboy fan Halen88 dropped the below masterpiece on the world - I have no idea what he's talking about (frankly I'm guessing neither does he) and I'm also pretty sure he doesn't know that ATF stands for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, but the bad rap music, the talking into the cell phone to start the video and the ski hat make it worth a few seconds of your time. Silly Cowboy fans......


There isn't a lot of in-depth analysis anyone can do in regards to last night's Syracuse-Louisville game - Champ found the most interesting aspect of the game, the late meaningless dunk that lead to the back door cover. From a gambling standpoint, the last minute of the game was really exciting. Since we all follow the philosophy that you should never bet on games involving your favorite teams - the last minute for all of us was uhhhh - let's just say a little less than exciting.

Fundamentally basketball is a very simple game, put the ball in the hoop more times than your opponent and you win. Louisville is a very good defensive team and you can't take anything away from them, but Syracuse simply could not score enough to win last night. With the exception of Arinze Onuaku, no one in Orange had even a decent night on the offensive end of the floor. You're not going to win a lot of games shooting 29.1% from the field. You are also not going to win a lot of games when you get murdered by 18 on the boards.

Here's a two second synopsis of the offensive games of the 7 guys that are in the rotation:

Jonny Flynn: Lightning quick, very good passer, sometimes over penetrates, good finisher but sometimes struggles in the lane because of a lack of size, good shooter, but due to the offensive short comings of some of his teammates, doesn't get a lot of clean open looks from deep. Second best 3 point threat currently on the team.

Paul Harris: Strong, great first step, if he were 6'8" he'd be in the NBA, does an excellent job attacking the rim and drawing fouls. Very good interior passer, mid-range jumper has improved, he's no threat at all from deep, jump shot is too flat.

Kristof: Good rebounder, underrated passer, moves the ball well, stays within himself, doesn't force his offense, doesn't finish exceptionally well, can not create his own shot, provides little that opposing defenses have to worry about.

Donte Greene: Exceptional range, exceptionally shaky shot selection, very streaky shooter, improved ball handler, post game needs work. One of only 2 deep threats on the team, sometimes tries to do too much. Needs to add to his offensive repertoire when the 25 footers are not falling. Occasionally can create his own shot, usually needs help from teammates to get looks.

Arinze Onuaku: Solid post game, very soft hands, good but not great finisher, more aggressive lately attacking the rim, needs to work on his passing, uses body well to establish post position.

Rick Jackson: Good hands, better passer than people realize, needs to get stronger which will help him finish around the rim, nice jump hook, bright future, but can not be counted on for consistent offense this year.

Scoop Jardine: Unorthodox jump shot, tends to over penetrate, can be brilliant or awful, sometimes in the same possession, good finisher for a guard, tends to shy away from mid range game, not consistent threat from 3 point range.

So there you have it folks. SU has two guys that can legitimately shoot the ball, one is a point guard and the other is a 6'11" small forward. On nights when the shots aren't falling, there simply aren't many offensive alternatives, and if you they get outworked on the boards like last night night, wins simply won't appear. They can still make the tournament, but it's not going to be easy, the rest of the schedule is no walk in the park.

Monday, February 18, 2008


61-50 Louisville.

What really caught my eye was Jerry Smith's dunk at the end of the game to put Louisville up 11. Running up the score? No it didn't bother me. Showboating? Not at all.

That dunk had huge implications for the Vegas crowd. A quick pre-game scan of the betting line (for recreational purposes only of course) showed Cuse as a dog anywhere between 9.5 and 10.5 points. Score two for Jerry Smith, Louisville with the ultimate backdoor cover.

Pete, who do you like this weekend?

More analyis to come from my fellow idiots. But, who woke up Arinze?

President's Day Reading

If you're lucky enough to have today off, and also trying like hell to avoid the "Honey Dew" list your wife or girlfriend has waiting for your (like I'm trying to do right now) - here's a couple of sites to check out:

- With college hoops really heating up as teams push to make the tournament, check out -

- And an SU grad has got new site fired up with a lot of SU related content,

Can Kragthorpe Coach the Basketball Team Too?

Sadly for SU fans, this man will not be coaching tonight

Syracuse continues the quest to get on the right side of the tourney bubble (the people at Hubba Bubba are pissed by the way) tonight by heading to Kentucky to take on the Louisville Cardinals on Big Monday. In the fall, the football team pulled off an unlikely upset of the Cardinals in Louisville, causing their fans to melt down and Syracuse fans to briefly consider the possibility that Greg Robinson knew what he was doing (the thought was dismissed the next week).

The Georgetown win was absolutely huge, but won't mean a damn thing if this team struggles down the stretch against a tough schedule. To date, Syracuse has not proven they can win on the road, going 3-4 on the season, with those three wins coming against a bad Virginia team, a DePaul team that's 4 games under .500 and Villanova, which fell apart this year. None of these teams are going to make the NCAA tournament, making the game against Louisville a huge opportunity. It would also mean another win against a ranked team, as Louisville is 23 in the AP poll this week.

What They're Saying - From Louisville

* The Card Chronicle has some links for the their fans to read about the game, yet somehow missed T3I - oh well, their loss.

* The Cardinal Fan says the euphoria of beating Georgetown hasn't given way to the fact that SU has to travel to Freedom Hall tonight (last graph) - can't argue with that one.

* Card Game criticizes the storming of the floor against Georgetown, and correctly notes that Syracuse is backed into a corner.

* The Louisville Courier Journal says the cards must beat SU's 2-3 zone (no kidding).

What They're Saying - From Syracuse

* Cuse Country says win at Louisville and we'll talk. Preach on.

* Bud says anything can happen, and tosses in a cool Tina Turner pic from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, which is one of T3I all time favorite Seinfeld references, wel done Bud (it was odd typing that).

* The Daily Orange has an article about Donte Greene mulling his future - not sure if that topic has been discussed yet this year.....

* The Syracuse Sports Blog has some videos up celebrating the Georgetown win.

* Nick's Two Cents says the court storming was acceptable as it passes the Court Storming Constitution. I agree with Champ on this one, at the very least wait until the game is over.

Let's beat Louisville and hopefully we can all react like this at about 9:10 pm.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Need a good laugh?

Derek Jeter, worst shortstop in the American League.

"Next thing you know they'll say I date ugly women."

Super Saturday Night

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Dwight Howard

Photo: Reuters

After getting ChampBaby to bed Saturday night, I spent the evening flipping between ABC's showing of Miracle and the Slam Dunk Contenst on TNT. Yes, these are the exciting Saturday nights you experience once you become a parent.

The NBA has long passed me by. Honestly, I'd estimate that the last regular season NBA game I watched to be sometime in the late '90's. However, there was no better time to grow up watching "The Association" then in the '80's and '90's. NBA coverage in the '80's was much different than it was now. CBS's coverage was highlighted by one of the great theme songs of all time along with Tommy Heinson's blatant rooting for the Celtics. Meanwhile, I looked forward to post-basketball practice Friday nights watching a prime-time matchup on TBS the SuperStation.

As a reflection of the league, the Slam Dunk contest peaked in the 80's and 90's. I'm still bitter over MJ robbing Dominique in '88, but those things will happen in Chicago. Along with those two, Jerome Kersey, Clyde Drexler, Tom Chambers, and Spud Webb made the dunk contest something special. A special recognition goes out to a favorite of the idiots: Terrence Stansbury, a perrenial dunk contestant of the '80's.

By now I'm sure you've seen Dwight Howard's dunks all over SportsCenter. If not, his complete portfolio from last night can be found below. The Superman dunk got a lot of coverage, and please don't get me wrong it's certainly better than anything I threw down on my Nerf hoop. But, has anyone else noticed......HE DIDN'T DUNK THE BALL? His first dunk from behind the backboard and the one at the 5:50 mark below are two of the sickest I have ever seen. Great stuff. Not nearly as good as Kenny Smith singing the Superman theme however.

Gerald Green, loved the birthday cake dunk.

Nique, you still the man.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

We have a pulse

Like a Phoenix rising from Arizona, the Orange showed some fight today with a 77-70 win over Georgetown.

Some quick thoughts:

Thumbs Up:

*Arinze: got physical right away, attacking the rim

*Paul Harris: 22 and 8, had the jumper working today

*Crowd: 31K, it's always great to break the 30 large mark

Thumbs Down:

*Court Swarmers: This was an embarassment. It's sad enough that Cuse fans now swarm for any win against a ranked opponent, but to do it with 2 seconds left in the game? Dumb. Don't get me wrong, I've swarmed the football field after the Va Tech game (McNabb to Brominsky) and later that year after the thrasing of Miami. But this was just pathetic. Wait for the buzzer, is it that hard?

Syracuse fans can't tell time. Photo: Kevin Rivoli/AP

*Donte's Shot Selection: 4 for 16 from three? 16 of 22 total attempts from beyond the arc?

* Rick Jackson: finish those chippies

* The Run: Who else knew that 20 point first half lead wouldn't last?

Any win over Georgetown is a good one. There is still a ton of work left to be done.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Whatever Happened To......

Ever wonder what happened to former Syracuse punter and place kicker Mike Shafer? Neither do we, but while I was stumbling around the interwebs today, I found something that needed to be shared - Mike Shafer's web site. There's not too much on the site, other than a cell number (not something we'd advise posting on the internet) and a couple of sweet photos of Mike with the Rhein Fire of the now defunct NFL Europe (or whatever they were calling it at that time). Sadly, it hasn't been updated in over 4 years, so I'm thinking it might just be time to close up shop on this project, but hey, what do we know....

The Johnnie Morant Theory of Eligibility

This picture of Johnnie Morant wasn't taken during his freshman year, we can promise you that

Champ brought us all some happy thoughts yesterday, so now it's time to get back to what we do best, bitching and complaining. While Orange nation is in full scale melt down mode, I thought today would be the perfect day to add another complaint to the growing list - specifically the use of center Sean Williams. After Eric Devendorf went down it was announced that Williams would not be redshirted and would play this season.

At the time, it made perfect sense; we all knew injuries and defections have left the team with little depth. However, since that decision has been made, Williams has played a grand total of 22 minutes this year. In other words, he's played slightly more than the amount of time Jonny Flynn spends on the court in one half. In this limited time he's shown that he's very raw, but with his huge wingspan and height, it is easy to see why the staff recruited him - the physical attributes he has can't be coached.

It's also easy to see that wasting his redshirt year turned out to be the wrong decision. Look, hindsight is 20/20 and it's easy for some jerk to anonymously criticize people on the internet, but when a guard goes down, it's not going to open up a lot of minutes for a center. If Rick Jackson or Arinze had gone down (and you could argue Arinze has gone down the last 4 games) it would make sense to work Williams into the rotation, because he would have HAD to play.

Boeheim has won a national championship, he's in the Hall of Fame and winning the title in 2003 was one of the greatest sporting moments as fans we've all had in our lives, but that certainly doesn't mean he's perfect (unlike T3I of course). Williams may or may not develop into a quality big man and depending on how next year's recruits pan out, 2008-09 could turn out to be a redshirt year for him, but that doesn't change the fact that this season will most likely end with Williams playing less in one season than Scoop Jardine did on Wednesday night. I hope in a few years we aren't saying, boy Williams is really coming around, we could use him for one more year, because that would suck.

Complaint Department closed - it's time for Happy Hour.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's thougths

You've bought the roses, you've broken out the Barry White CD, and you've logged onto T3I expecting a warm, sappy Valentine's day message.

Boy have you made a wrong turn on the information superhighway.

Remember Valentine's day in grade school and deciding which Scooby Doo Valentine to give to the hot girl you liked, while pawning off the Fred card to the fat smelly kid? Remember the "mailboxes" you would spend all day creating and decorating? Thank you Hallmark Conspiracy for these memories.

Since this is a sports blog written by complete idiots , I thought I'd reflect on what in the sporting world I love.

I love tailgating, even at the utterly shameful tailgating scene that is Syracuse University. I've had the fortune of tailgating with my fellow idiots for several years now. Nothing beats a Saturday morning in a parking lot forcing down a brat and beer at 9AM while arguing about whether or not the basketball team from Teen Wolf could beat the team from Porky's.

I love helmet sundaes at minor league baseball games. You know the ones. Ice cream and summer, that's gold my friend.

I love talking trash during a fantasy football draft. Real friends bust each other's balls. Can we get that as a man law please?

I love flipping channels and stumbling across an old Cuse game on ESPN Classic. There's nothing like reliving Dave Johnson's fade or Sherman Douglas' short-shorts. It's getting quite rare now that ESPN Classic is quickly becoming ESPN Classic Poker.

I love weekend naps during sporting events I'm quasi-interested in. Nothing sleeps better than PGA Golf, the NFL Draft, NASCAR (as Boss pointed out), or a Yanks-Devil Rays game.

I love Saratoga in the summer time. If you've never ventured there to experience the horse racing, shame on you. If you've never been there to experience the post-race party scene, DOUBLE SHAME ON YOU. Just bring your wallet, you have been warned.

I love going to games at Camden Yards. Every MLB city should be so lucky.

I love March Madness On Demand. Hoops fans: this is a must for the first rounds of the tournament.

I love Cuse road trips. The best sporting event of my life was hitting the road with my fellow idiots during the 2003 national title run. Runner up: T3I invades BC during their last game in the Big East....aka the Diamond Ferri Show. Good times.

I love NFL Films Super Bowl highlight films. You know the ones they run continuously around the clock on Super Bowl weekend?

I love Carl Lewis' rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner from 1993. Here's a taste. Yes that is former Orangemen and NJ Net Derrick Coleman trying to hide during it. Fast forward to the 42 second mark of this clip that features then SportsCenter anchor Charlie Steiner laughing uncontrollably at the Lewis peformance. Steiner kills me here, I swear I get tears in my eyes from laughing so much.

I love Championship Week on ESPN.

I love overanalyzing sports movies: No way Cole Trickle makes up that much ground at Daytona (Days of Thunder); no way that Harris the 50yo starter can go 8 innings in the finale vs. the Yanks (Major League); So Rudy gets a sack in garbage time, what's the big deal? (Rudy); if Clubber Lang fought Drago, who'd win? (Rocky III and IV)

One more day in the work week faithful readers. Hang in there and beat Gtown! To those who aren't working Monday: celebrate our Presidents by buying that new mattress or however you may.

Drop the Green Flag

If the sight of cars driving around in circle while commentators describe air pressure and pit strategy excites you…well then you already know that NASCAR, aka America’s rolling billboard tour, is back...and while T3I are no experts at --well--anything, we are even less informed when it comes to this “sport.” However, since I have been on a go-kart track as recently as 8 years ago and my hometown contains so much white trash, that cemeteries have become known as landfills…I feel I’m sufficiently qualified to provide the readers with a few lugnuts before the start of this weekend’s season opening Daytona 500.

Name changes: The Nextel Cup Series is now known as the Sprint Cup Series, and the Busch Series is now called the Nationwide Series…all I can say is where are Winston and Skoal when you need them?

Tony Stewart will be driving a Toyota Camry this Sunday… actually during the race, somewhat related Daytona Beach police report that sushi vendors are complaining of excess hazing this week.

Dale Earnhardt Jr, who used to drive the Budweiser car, now is driving a car sponsored by Amp Energy drink…word on the makeshift camping grounds is that Amp & Absolut has become all the rage.

Dario Franchitti, he of the ridiculously hot wife, is racing full time on the circuit this year, which hopefully means we get to see more of this.

A reminder that Nascar races are notoriously long and dull, after a Saturday night of drinking, we at T3I prescribe some Goody’s Headache Powder, a few shrimp Po’boys from Popeyes and 500 Nascar miles with the television sound off…we promise you’ll feel better after a 4 hour nap…and you won’t have missed a thing.

Syracuse Basketball Team Imitates Football Team, Loses to USF

As Champ said so perfectly below, Syracuse's loss to South Florida last night may leave SU NIT bound. With about 10 minutes to go in the second half it looked like this was the 2006 DePaul game all over again, before the Orange rallied to make a game of it late. If the game had tipped off at 9 pm instead of 7 pm, we might have had something last night.

For a full recap and analysis, you can check out the links above, or over to the right. I was going to provide some analysis of my own, but do to a busy schedule today, I thought I'd let someone I respect and admire do the honor himself. I contacted Homer Simpson and asked him to describe the performance of the Orange last night against an inferior opponent, and he said this.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It's really time for some Cuse bracket talk.

Remaining games: Georgetown, Louisville, Notre Dame, Pitt, Seton Hall, Marquette.......I'm not seeing a lot of wins there.

Beat Georgetown.

Conley Returns, Immediately Tears ACL

The Syracuse football program made it official today, announcing that Dan Conley will join the staff as the new linebackers coach. As we said the other day, Conley appears to be a fine choice, it's nice to see a guy who clearly loves the University and had a great career return, even if it might only be for one year.

Greg Robinson made the announcement today, also announcing that Derrick Jackson will become the "co-defensive coordinator" along with Robinson himself. As is pointed out in the link, Greg was impressed with Jackson's "ability to demand excellence." Since Jackson spent last year as the defensive line coach, and the d-line and defense in general was abysmal, I think we can all agree that Greggo's definition of excellence is a little different than ours.

In all seriousness, as hard as it may be to believe it, we WANT this team to succeed on the field, but given the embarrassingly bad performances of the last 3 years, you'll have to excuse our skepticism. At this point, Bret Michaels has more credibility when he claims he's looking for true love while hooking up with old skanks on VH1.

On bright side, at least Conley, a great player who was betrayed by bad knees, can offer Devo and Rautins some advice on knee rehabilitation.

Kige Ramsey Wants to Improve Your Love Life

Full disclosure, the great blog Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician posted this late yesterday, and if you read this blog there's a good chance you've already seen it over there (because if you're not reading TNIAAM you're missing out), but all three idiots have professed our love for Kige Ramsey many times, and his video on Valentine's Day gift suggestions is too good not to share. What's below speaks for itself, enjoy.

The Running of the Bulls

While we are buried under some serious snow and ice here in the Northeast, the Syracuse basketball team is in Florida getting ready for tonight's rematch against the South Florida Bulls. To say South Florida is struggling would be an understatement, after winning their first conference game, the Bulls have lost their last ten to Big East opponents.

While Syracuse is clearly a superior team, I'll play the role (along with Bud) of Captain Obvious and reiterate the fact that tonight's game is vital to the Orange keeping their NCAA hopes alive. At 16-8 they lack real quality wins against the nation's top teams and a loss to conference bottom feeder would be devastating.

This is a scary game for Syracuse fans because while SU should win, there are several factors in play that could trip up the Orange:

-They are young and certainly capable of looking past USF with Georgetown looming on Saturday;

- SU hasn't played in a week and might not be sharp early;

- The Orange are just 3-3 in true road games this year; and

- USF has two guys that can really play in center Kentrell Gransberry and guard Dominique Jones.

News from Tampa

In news about the game from behind enemy lines, the Tampa Tribune has a story about how Jim Boeheim "Keeps in Interesting,"interviewing childhood friend Rick Kouwe, who says Boeheim is "tired." It's an interesting angle until you get into the story and realize that they got the name of Rick's son, former SU walk on Andrew Kouwe wrong, which to me casts doubt on the accuracy of the entire story. Nice work Tribune.

The Bradenton Herald reports that parking will be limited for tonight's game because classes are in session - but since they drew less than 5,000 people for their last home game against St. John's, I'm guessing this won't be a huge problem.


While this game certainly is dangerous, I think Syracuse overcomes these obstacles and pulls out a hard fought 67-61 victory, keeping the NCAA dream alive.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The NFL Season Never Really Ends (Thank God)

Miss the NFL already? I sure do. If you are curious about what the key dates are for the NFL off-season, a very good Eagles blog called Bleeding Green Nation has compiled all the information for us - and if you are some sort of communist and don't want to read about the NFL in February, you should still head over there to check out that great picture they've got up with the post, it's worth 7 seconds of your time.

Selig Makes Lucrative Offer to Thomas

In what can only be described as surprising news, Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig has offered New York Knicks Coach Isiah Thomas the position of President & Chief Operating Officer of Major League Baseball. If he accepts, Thomas will take over for Bob DuPay, who while currently still in the position, is actually dead.

In an interview with T3I explaining the official offer Selig said, "Major League Baseball needs to look to the future. I'm not going to be around forever and let's face it, Dupay has been dead for the last two years. It's funny, he died the day after I saw Weekend at Bernie's on TBS and I figured, what the heck, let's give it a shot. However, the time has come to start looking to the future and end this charade - I mean have you seen his official photo? Polar bears have better color than this man, so we figured it was time to actively recruit someone from outside the game who could lead us in the future, and once I started thinking about it, there was really only one choice - Isiah Thomas."

"Zeke has solid experience as a former league executive with the CBA, he's used to working in the media spotlight, and let's face it - he reminds me of a younger version of myself, a guy who can weather a few minor bumps in the road."

Sources close to Selig said this decision has been in the works for months, as he admires the way Thomas has been able to squander resources, make terrible personnel decisions, put awful teams and the floor, lose sexual harassment cases, and still keep his job. The prevalent theory is that Selig knows that there are only a few people in the world besides himself who despite glaring incompetence, can keep their jobs, so even though Thomas has no real experience in baseball, he was making the move now to try and get him on board.

There is also speculation on the interwebs that this decision was announced today to take the media spotlight off of John Rocker's latest sensational claims that Selig knew he used steroids and turned a blind eye to the issue.

When asked directly about that, Selig told us, "I can't comment on anything at this time, but let me tell you, I didn't even know what a steroid was until 2005, so anything Rocker says about that just can't be true. John Rocker has no credibility, he's the Jose Canseco of pitchers. If you want to talk about pitchers and steroids, let's talk about Roger Clemens, he's a guy I can believe when we get into that discussion."

There was no immediate comment from Thomas or the Knicks regarding the offer.

Rough One for the Refs

Georgetown beat Villanova in an ugly game last night -and when we say ugly, we're talking Chuck Hayes free throw ugly. The game was ultimately decided on a horrific call 75 feet from the basket with on tenth of a second left on the clock. The clip below is the ESPN highlight package which includes the play, along with Jay Bilas, Sean McDonough and Bill Raftery discussing how bad the refs blew it. In addition to being right, that 3 man announcing crew has always been a personal favorite of this idiot, and they proved again last night why they are so good - they don't pull punches and call an even game.

What makes the call interesting from a Syracuse perspective is the news that Mike Waters posted yesterday saying that the head of officiating for the NCAA thought that Roy Hibbert fouled Jonny Flynn a few weeks ago. To date Georgetown has now won at least two Big East games with a little help from the zebras and they are on their way to putting together a UConn football like season in terms of getting favorable calls that decide games.

Anyway, since it's an ESPN clip, I can't imagine it will be up very long before being yanked off YouTube, but I'm going to post it anyway, enjoy it while it lasts.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Chris Berman, the Legend Grows

You'd have to be living under a rock, or living in your parent's basement, smoking weed and trying to hook a modem up to your Commodore 128 to have not seen any of the Chris Berman videos that have been flying around the internet for the past week. They appear to have originated with YouTube user Ampex2000 and that person has 5 Berman videos up here.

My personal favorite to date is Boomer talking about scoring some Canadian aspirin with codeine, but if you have the time and aren't totally creeped out by a fat man talking about wine, hitting on women, and scoring Canadian pills, check them all out.

I stumbled across the clip below on With Leather.

UPDATE: Deadspin and another site have talked to the guy.

The Titanic Has Room for New Deck Chair

The big news coming out of the Syracuse football program this weekend is that defensive coordinator Steve Russ has left to join the Wake Forest coaching staff. Details are a bit murky as to why he left and who will take over, but the bottom line is that both the offensive and defensive coordinators from last season are now at different schools - coming off a 2-10 season, change can't be a bad thing, it's not like things can get much worse.

Dave Rahme makes the case for Dan Conley returning to Syracuse - which I personally could live with. Here's the thing with assistant coaches, unless you are deeply involved in the coaching community (i.e. you are a high level football coach or have worked on a staff with a coach) there's NO WAY of knowing if an assistant is any good. "Insiders" who claim to be in the know about this sort of thing are generally full of it and passing speculation off as fact to feel important. Hiring coaches is the biggest crap shoot going, just ask Doctor Gross, for every Pete Carroll there is a Greg Robinson.

Honestly, we don't care who is hired to replace Russ or who ultimately ends up running the defense - this season is Greggo's last chance to GET SOMETHING RIGHT. Hire Mickey Mouse, coach Klein from the Waterboy, or Gene Hackman and his bad hat from The Replacements, just hire someone who can get some results on the field. Names don't matter - wins do, and this is Robinson's last chance to show anyone he knows how to win - here's hoping he doesn't waste it.