Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Buzz you're right;

these silly blogs have been dumbing down America. So I'm going to do my part to change things with a little vocabulary lesson for our readers courtesy of The American Heritage Dictionary:

"Having or displaying a sense of overbearing self-worth or self-importance. "

"The belief that certain persons or members of certain classes or groups deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority, as in intellect, social status, or financial resources. "


"Exhibiting or feeling great or offensive satisfaction with oneself or with one's situation; self-righteously complacent."

We're doing our part Buzz to reverse the dumbing down of America, one post at a time.

Ebay Item(s) of the Week

Quick, what was your favorite memory of the Perry Patterson era?

You can relive the excitement by owning a game-worn Perry jersey. The seller's description taught me something about the former Orange QB:

"Size tag is missing because Patterson had a custom tailored shortened tail ."

If I win this bid I'm going to wear my Perry jersey while I eat some Orange Crunch Cereal and wave my Orange Fandana.

The State of the Sports Media

We don't pretend to be a media outlet, we're just 3 morons who enjoy exercising our First Amendment rights and try to have as much fun as possible while doing it. We don't take much offense to people ripping bloggers as "losers who live in their parent's basement" and every other dumb description some people use to disparage those who express their thoughts on this scary place called "the internet."

That being said, there's always been an interesting dynamic between the mainstream media and bloggers (successful ones at least - not so much small blogs like this site). The basic crux of the issue is that certain members of the media feel threatened by the fact that people who aren't "trained journalists" can actually cover sports - and God forbid - do a good job. There's some crazy notion that if you didn't go to journalism school, you are incapable of commenting in writing about a sporting event. It's scary, but true.

Look, the internet has completely changed the face of the news business - print media is hemorrhaging money, newspapers are cutting staff and the information in magazines is ancient compared to what info you can gather on your screen in what is practically real time. People who get paid to do this are under pressure from their bosses and frankly, we get it. Without the media, doing this site would be a lot more difficult - we need the fuel they provide to give us something to talk about.

It's also true that people write some stupid shit on their sites - this one included. However, I've read my fair share of flat out retarded sports stories and columns over the years too - just because you're pulling a check, it doesn't make you any good as a writer. However, the attitude that's displayed towards some talented people who happen to write on the internet - guys like Will Leitch at Deadspin - and the people over at the Big Lead - is flat out absurd, and it was on display last night when Bob Costas held a live “State of the Sports Media” panel . What is clear from the reports of what occurred is that some people just don't get it - and never will.

If you are interested in this stuff, the Big Lead has an excellent recap of what happened, and of course, Will Leitch provided his feedback after getting ambushed on the show as well.

The only thing I can equate this attitude towards is like when your grandfather was afraid to use the ATM - stating only a teller was qualified to give him his money. Of course, grandpa didn't wage war on the ATM to try and save the job of his favorite teller.

UPDATE: For the record, I'd like to state that we're lucky to have the beat writers we do covering SU sports, both the kids from the Daily Orange and as well as the writers from the Post Standard, as commenting on Syracuse is a huge part of this blog and these people are talented and do a fine job. Also, head over to Awful Announcing for a ton of good stuff on this issue - including video of the proceedings.

What You Missed in the NBA Last Night

I can't explain it - but for some odd reason this year I'm following the NBA Playoffs. It hasn't happened for quite a few years and there was no conscious decision on my part to start actively following the NBA again, it just sort of happened - which is most likely the same explanation ABC executives give when they explain why the keep renewing According to Jim (no link, that show is too awful to deserve one).

Anyway - here's what you most likely didn't watch last night:

San Antonio-Phoenix

The Spurs closed out the Suns 92-87, winning the series 4-1. Phoenix committed a rash of hideous, Syracuse-like 4th quarter turnovers, as the loathsome Spurs moved on. As a result, it's already being reported that Phoenix Coach Mike Dantoni is out of job.

Detroit - Philadelphia

The Pistons finally woke up and the Sixers threw up all over themselves, losing 98-81 in a game that wasn't even that close. Philly, once up 2-1 in the series has lost 2 in a row as their hope for an upset quickly disappears. As a result, the Philadelphia media is wondering if the Sixers have anything left? The answer - I don't know.

New Orleans - Dallas

The Mavericks finished their slow death spiral that actually started two years ago when they lost to the Miami Heat in the finals, losing 99-94 to the young impressive Hornet team. Chris Paul continues to make the case that he's God, recording a triple double last night and totally dominating Jason Kidd in the series. Kidd suddenly looks older than Hugh Hefner, and Avery Johnson may be out of a job.

Utah - Houston

In a series that no one is watching, including people in Houston and Utah, the Rockets staved off elimination beating the Jazz 95-69. Utah leads the series 3-2 - wake me when this one is over.

Your Daily Who Roger Clemens Banged Update

Do you care about who else Roger Clemens may or may not have slept with during the course of his marriage? Of course you'll say you don't, but I'm guessing the NY Daily News circulation numbers for the last couple of days proves you wrong. I'm also guessing you'll read on - smut sells baby.

In addition to the handy guide to the Clemens fiasco that Champ posted last night, I'll continue with our lowest common denominator blogging (honestly, what do you expect at this site - the New Yorker we're not) and bring you today's update on women Roger allegedly defiled. The Daily News is reporting Clemens had "beauties" in California, Boston, and Manhattan. The story also contains quotes from everyone's favorite white trash quote machine - Mindy McCready's mom Gayle Inge. While yesterday I was perturbed by the fact that these people will give interviews to any press outlet that calls covering any topic of their personal lives, I've quickly realized they simple don't care - if Jerry Springer is still doing his show, book Gayle and Mindy tomorrow.

Now Roger is hardly the first pro athlete to cheat on his wife (allegedly) but I have to say, his fall from grace the last 6 months has been absolutely Spitzer-esque. Think about it, 10 short months ago, Suzyn Waldman had an aneurysm and orgasm at the same time announcing his return and now Barry Bonds may have higher favorability ratings. Of course, none of this would be happening if the dumb ass would have just pulled a Mark McGuire and faded into obscurity instead of calling everyone a liar and trying to sue the world to prove his innocence. It all begs some important questions:

* Who would have given Roger better legal advice - Rusty Hardin or Rusty, Kramer's horse with gas problems on Seinfeld?

* Hardin HAD to have known suing McNamee for defamation was a suicide mission - if it was Clemens who insisted they move forward, why did he keep Clemens as a client? I'm guessing the large legal fees he's racking up have something to do with it.

* Is Debbie Clemens on the juice? If so, that's some roid rage Roger isn't going to want to deal with.

* Six months from now, does Clemens go to a karaoke bar, and if so, is he singing Mindy McCready songs?

* How long do we have to wait until we find out that Clemens met "Kristen" right before she shot the Girls Gone Wild video in Florida?

Photo: NY Daily News

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jolly Roger

Russianator's post on the whole Clemens fiasco sums up this Idiot's opinions on the matter. But in the interest of fairness, here is an Idiot's Guide To The Clemens Fiasco:

Want to join the Debbie Clemens mailing list? Maybe not, but do you want to see some other pictures of her? We thought so. Check out her official web site.

Rog's squeeze spent some time in the slammer. (scary mug shot warning)

I never heard of McCready before this week but her life story really reads like a country music song.

Uhmm, what are the requirements for this award?

We had it all wrong, it wasn't HGH, the Rocket just enjoys being Zestfully clean:

Cheer up Rocket, it could have been a lot worse than getting caught cheating on your wife w/ a country singer.

Thoughts on the Boston-Atlanta Game Last Night

This one is for Champ - a lapsed Hawks fan who used to own a couple of the sweetest Dominique Wilkins T-shirts that the 1980's had to offer. As you probably already know, the Atlanta Hawks beat the Celtics to even the series at 2 a piece last night. Below are a few thoughts I have while watching pieces of this game - basically I tuned in when House was at commercial.

* First of all, it was good to see the Hawks rise up and make a series out of this thing, after getting annihilated in games one and two, losing by an average of 20 points, I didn't think they had it in them.

* You should get to know Atlanta coach Mike Woodson. Why? Not because he's a good coach, the jury is out on that, but because he has one of the sweetest mustaches of the modern era. Let's go Sport Hump, Mike Woodson is pure mustache gold.

* If you can believe it, Joe Johnson and Josh Smith scored the Hawks last 32 points.

* I was absolutely astounded - I mean astounded - to see a large crowd that was into the game in Atlanta last night. Atlanta has some terrible fans - a Hawks or Braves regular season game resembles a Carrier Dome crowd when SU is playing Buffalo - yet the fans in the building last night were more like European soccer fans than Hawk fans - minus the hooligans.

* For the opinion of some professional writers - the Boston Globe's Peter May thinks the Celtics are now in tight quarters, while Sekou Smith of the Atlanta Journal Constitution says the Hawks won't back down. Either way, I'm just wondering when those bad tee shirts will come back in style.

With (Girl) Friends Like These.......

More news from the sordid Roger Clemens adultery story, his alleged mistress, messed up country star Mindy McCready basically confirmed that the two of them were together, telling the NY Daily News "I cannot refute anything in the story."

I'm not a lawyer (but if I was, I'd go by a name that sounds a little more professional and sophisticated than Rusty), but I am a PR guy by trade, so here's a bit of advice for Mr. Clemens and Miss McCready - SHUT THE F*&K UP!

If she was trying to protect him, and from her comments it certainly seems like she thinks she is trying to help, the best course of action would have been for her to say nothing. She has nothing to gain in this case and he's already boxed himself so far into a corner there's no way he's ever getting out.

This is my favorite line - and someone, anyone tell me how this helps Clemens when McCready tells the NY Daily News -

"There are legal matters working their way through the system that have nothing to do with me. From my point of view, that is where the focus should remain."

Hey genius - if you hadn't said a word and stayed barricaded in your house for a week while this part of the story blew over, the focus would have shifted back to the other issues. Would it have gone away? Of course not - but you didn't help, you made it worse, and you gave the media even more angles to dissect.

Want a case study? The NY Post tailed A-Rod last summer and had pics of him and some bimbo together everywhere - strip clubs, restaurants, hotels, the whole nine yards. They dragged the thing into a 3 or 4 day story before it died a quick death. Why did it die a quick death? Because the other woman involved refused to play into the story. She gave no comments to the press, made no appearances, she didn't try and cash in on her 15 minutes of fame. If she had, it would have given new life, and another week to the story.

Now, I have no sympathy for Clemens - I believe he did use steroids and I also believe he's in such denial over the issue that HE truly believes he didn't - but let this be a lesson to - in a lot of instances, the best public relations move you can make is to SHUT UP............and when looking for someone to cheat on your wife with - consult A-Rod.

NOTE - the Idiots do not condone cheating on spouses, we also do not condone stupid PR moves.

PS - It would be a good idea if McCready told her mother to stop talking to the press too.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Donte Greene's Worth

Here's an interesting bit of "analysis" from Andy Katz. Basically, Andy (who's written work I don't mind - he's a bit much to take on TV for me) says that:

"If Greene comes back, the Orange certainly are a Big East top-seven contender"

Now I realize a couple of things - A) we should all assume Donte is gone and B) it's the off-season and Katz has 300 other teams to cover, but man - they finished 9th this year and under this scenario they're adding back to experienced veterans and plugging in 2 good new recruits - way to go out on a limb and predicting a "Top 7" Big East contender finish there.....

What's Happening

Here are a few links to get you started on this dreary Monday morning:

* Bad news for Yankee fans, Jorge Posada is headed for the DL, and right now things don't look good.

* Speaking of old baseball players, John Smoltz has health issues as well.

* No Syracuse players were drafted this weekend - after 7 wins in 3 years, we can't say we are surprised.

* The Sox got swept by the D-Rays this weekend.

* And just when you thought the Roger Clemens thing couldn't get any uglier......there are allegations he's had an affair with a country singer. Maybe someone "mis-remembered."

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy NFL Draft Day

As we at 3 Idiots like to say, nothing sleeps like the draft. Unfortunately I won't be able to drift in and out of sleep during this annual event, I'll be in Boston doing a pub crawl and trying not to bait red sox fans into fights......(I kid, I'd get my ass kicked). Anyway, to get you in the proper mood for the big day - here's Kige's mock draft:

And of course, no NFL Draft post would be complete without some Mel Kiper, this clip cracked me up:

Friday, April 25, 2008

The SOB's Come to Idiot-land

Sean was actually kind enough to schedule us to host an SOB both yesterday and today, however a silly four letter word called "work" prevented us from taking part. In our next lives we are going to have to figure out how to keep work from interfering with our with that said, let's move to hosting our very first SOB award.

Our category, Best Boeheim Photo fits in especially well with this blog, keep reading and you'll see why.

The nominees:

From Hoya Suxa:

Any picture where he picks his nose. Stay classy, Jim - Matt - Hoya Suxa

ED NOTE - While Matt didn't submit a photo and we couldn't come up with one on our own, it's rare that we get an excuse to post a picture of someone digging for gold, no matter how flimsy the premise. With that said, here's a picture of JJ Reddick attempting to scratch his brain through his nose - enjoy. Or get grossed out, sometimes the two things are closer than you realize.

The Axeman offers this beauty, which really captures the essence of the entire season:

Him walking away from the podium after the Pittsburgh Press Conference. The look on his face, the disappointment everyone felt, the bold statement that it was the most disappointing game he had ever coached, all show themselves in this picture. Looking at it brings all those negative feelings of that game rushing back over me. While you could simply mistake it for a photo after any of the losses, there is something more sinister about this one. This is a wicked photo Brian Harrison, Orange44

Boeheim at Media Day. Looks likethe first time he used the new glasses - Sports Night With Howie Mansfield

Looks like Jimmy B had a rough dinner at Grimaldi's -Nick Loucks, Nicks 2 Cents.

And Sean from Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician gives us a totally appropriate photo, I think we all know what the caption would read...........

And the winner is..............that there is no winner. We have a tie for first since no photo received more than one vote. So to recap, on a site written by idiots (who didn't even submit a photo for this category), where an award was supposed to be given out, there is no award, which seems perfectly appropriate.

We'd like to thank Sean for including us and putting this silly little thing together...........sadly we have to get back to work - boo.
Head over to The Orange Squeeze at 3 for the Best Non-Game-Related Moment.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Say it ain't so Dwyane.

For a guy who can't stand the NBA, I've enjoyed watching Dwyane Wade. It probably goes back to his Danny Manning-like performance in the '03 NCAA Tourney which included a triple-double versus Kentucky in the Regional Final.

I even enjoy those cell phone commercials with Chuck Barkley.

Deadspin tipped me off to this a couple of days ago. E! chimes in with their take.

All I can say is for the LOVE OF GOD, please Dwyane let this be another stupid internet rumor.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ebay Item of the Week

Man-cave checklist:

* Flat screen TV
* La-Z-Boy recliners
* Surround sound system
* Beer fridge
* Cuse memorabillia
* Video game system of your choice
* Stainless steel urinal trough

Why not bring a little bit of the Carrier Dome to your man-cave?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Anquan Boldin to the Eagles?

For Philadelphia Eagle fans, the search for a top flight receiver not named Terrell Owens seems to be eternal. Rumors constantly swirl regarding guys like Chad Johnson, but in the end the birds usually end up with draft choices that don't pan out (like Freddie Mitchell) or guys that don't live up to their potential - like Reggie Brown. The latest rumor swirling in Eagle land - Anquan Boldin. While I'd love to see the Eagles pull off a move like this, file it under the "I'll believe it when I see it category." Click here to see Chris Mortensen discuss the possibility of this happening.

The Top 20 Draft Busts

Who are the Top 20 NFL Draft busts? Can't decide? Fear not, Kige brings us his list, presumably brought to us by 1560 the Game. Personally I can't get enough of the white on white Kige look - I think Diddy has to invite him to this year's white party.

Sound familiar?

A new AD anxious to put his stamp on the football program fires the head coach to prevent the program from "slipping into mediocrity."

A new coach with Super Bowl experience is brought in to fix things. Tradition and history are tossed aside.

The results are horrible.

Thus the story of Nebraska football. Phil Taylor really hit a home run in last week's SI with this great piece on the Cornhusker football program.

Thankfully the Nebraska administration got it. The problem wasn't Bill Callahan alone, who deservedly was let go. It was much higher.

There's a fine line between "rebuilding" and "Gross Negligence." My money is on Tom Osborne the rebuilder.

#1: Derrick Coleman

Like a bad cold, this stupid list has lingered long enough. Let's get through with it.

With 73 Idiot Points, including the first place votes of Boss and Champ, the Motown Masher earns the #1 spot on the the Top 25 Orangemen of the Idiot Era.

Derrick Coleman ('89-'90: 17.9 PPG, 12.1 RPG)

Russianator, "I didn't put him first, whoop de damn do."

Boss, "I'm still mad you blew the free throws in '87, but his glasswork and effort can't be overlooked."

Champ, "No one hit the boards like DC... 19 rebounds in the title game.... Great handle for a power forward and he developed a nice outside touch his senior year."

The youngsters out there might only remember the NBA version of DC, which in no way gives his collegiate career justice. An absolute killer on the glass, DC developed a strong overall game. Let's also not forget, here's a guy that turned down millions his junior year to return to the Carrier Dome. Let's also not forget, here's a guy who backed down from NO ONE in the Big East.

You da man DC.

The final Idiotic list:

1. Derrick Coleman (73)
2. Sherman Douglas (71)
3. Dwayne “Pearl” Washington (67)
4. Carmelo Anthony (63)
5. Gerry McNamara (60)
6. John Wallace (59)
7. Billy Owens (56)
8. Rony Seikaly (55)
9. Hakim Warrick (53)
10. Stevie Thompson(50)
11. Lawrence Moten (48)
12. Raf Addison (47)
13. Dave Johnson (33)
14. Adrian Autry (32)
16. Tie: Jason Hart and Etan Thomas (30)
17. Wendel Alexis (29)
18. Preston Shumpert (27)
19. Josh Pace (20)
20. Otis Hill (17)
21. Greg Monroe (16)
22. Howard Triche (9)
23. Allen Griffin (8)
24. Demetris Nichols (7)
25. Tie: Damone Brown, Jonny Flynn, Lazarus Sims (6)

Read This (or don't - we don't care)

Here are some links to get you through the rest of your day:

* Is Billy Packer in trouble? - Read the Big Lead and find out.

* Jason Taylor - master of the dance floor - the Sports Hernia.

* Television GMs in Boston have anger management issues - Barstool Sports.

* The Sports Guy is in a Dakota state of mind - Awful Announcing.

* Something tells me while he won't admit it, Matt Millen is Greg Robinson's role model - the Ghosts of Wayne Fontes.

* Beating the NFL's drug testing policy - it's not as hard as it seems - Hashmarks.

* A double link from With Leather - Rocky Bernard is a scumbag *cough* allegedly and Tony Romo is wearing a bad hat and making a mess of Jessica Simpson.

Inside Isiah's New Job

(Idiot News Service) - The Idiot News Service followed up this NY Daily News piece today which reports that Isiah is banned from having any contact with the team. Through exclusive sources and some extreme surveillance, we were able to learn what he's been doing since getting "reassigned" last week to a new position that has no title, and as far as we can tell, no responsibilities. Fear not Knick Fans, he's been working on the Pensky file.

Here is an actual transcript of what occurred between Isiah and James Dolan yesterday:

Isiah: Mr. Dolan, you're back.

Dolan: Zeke, I'm surprised to see you here.

Isiah: You are?

Dolan: I though you would have stayed in the large office.

Isiah: Oh. Really.

Dolan: I guess I didn't make that clear when I didn't fire you. So where's that Pensky file? Let's see what you've been up to all week (pages through the file) What have you been doing all week?

Isiah: Well you missed a lovely little party that we had for Donnie.

Dolan: You haven't done anything with this.

Isiah: Well bear in mind that I am in the smaller office.

Dolan: I'm beginning to wonder if you understand anything.
As of this moment, there's no news as to whether the Pensky file has also been reassigned from Thomas.

Eli Wins Again

If Eli was a bus driver, this might have turned out different

If you didn't see this yesterday over at Sports Illustrated's Hot Clicks, it's worth a look. A big news story from this weekend is that Eli Manning got married. While you may have heard about that, what you might not have seen is that the fine people at Tirico Suave (a great blog name is there ever was one) have produced Eli Manning's Wedding Album. Enjoy - we'd like to thank Greg for the heads up.

Monday, April 21, 2008

#2: Sherman Douglas

"The General" finds himself in the #2 spot on the Top 25 Orangemen of the Idiot Era, with a total of 71 Idiot Points.

Sherman Douglas ('88-'89: 18.2 PPG, 8.6 APG)

Russianator, "What a great college point guard."

Boss, "Floaters in the lane...alley-oops = those were the days."

Champ, "Ended his career as the NCAA all-time assist leader and Syracuse's all-time scoring leader, not too bad."

The pass to Stevie Thompson between the legs in the '88 Preseason NIT still makes me smile.

Sixers Steal One

Not to go all Sports Guy on you here, but if you'll allow me to indulge myself, I'm going to write for a few moments about the NBA, and specifically the Philadelphia 76ers upset win last night versus the Detroit Pistons.

Before we start, I know there's a lot of anti-NBA sentiment out there and frankly, I get it. I watch far more college hoops than I do the pros, but if you watched ANY of the Western Conference games this weekend and fail to recognize how good these players and these games are, you're in denial. The Suns-Spurs affair Saturday afternoon was basketball at it's absolute zenith, played the way the game is meant to be played. I'm not saying you have to like the NBA, but if you tuned out in the late 1990s and like basketball, it's time to take another look. Besides, it's the playoffs, these guys are playing for something now.

Also, if that's not enough to entice you, if you loved those Loyola Marymount teams from the Bo Kimble/Hank Gathers era, watch the Denver Nuggets play - I've seen arena football teams play more D than they do. Their defense makes the French Army in World War II seem tough by comparison.

With that rant out of the way, on to my regularly scheduled post. CuseAdelphia already has good write up on the game, but in case you missed it - and let's be honest, you did - the Philadelphia 76ers beat the Detroit Pistons last night, 90-86.

The Sixers overcame a 15 point second half deficit to beat the Pistons and take a 1-0 series lead. The game was played in front of 22,000 people, all of whom had their hands amputated prior to the game. Well done Piston's fans, I haven't seen a crowd roll over like that since the Russian's began cheering for Rocky in Rocky IV.

Since you can get full recaps of what happened on the game elsewhere on the interwebs and since lists are fun and easy to do , let's look at the good and bad of last night's game from a Philadelphia perspective:

Reasons Why the Sixers Should be Excited

* They are the first lower seeded team to win in the playoffs.

* Andre Iguodala didn't have a great game - he can play a lot better.

* So can Samuel Dalembert.

* Andre Miller had a monster second half, if he plays like that for the entire game, Chauncey Mr. "It's been a long time since I've made a" Big Shot, will wear down chasing him around.

* Thaddeus Young is 19 years old, playing in his first play off game - you could have fooled me, that kid has no fear.

* Flip Saunders and play off winner go together like beer and an AA meeting.

Reasons the Sixers Should be Concerned

* Reggie Evans had the game of his life Sunday - 11 points and 14 rebounds, something tells me he isn't doing that again. He's also sporting an insane beard that makes the package grabber seem even more wacky than he already is.

* Chauncey Billups and Rip Hamilton don't miss that many shots normally.

* Rasheed Wallace played great, but he also missed a lay up late - a fired up Rasheed Wallace isn't good for any opponent.

* The Sixers shoot free throws like the Memphis Tigers

* You just know Lindsey Hunter is going to get away with some BS defensive play and make a big shot in this series.

Idiots in the Bleachers

Some big news over here in idiot-land. Starting today, the great work (that was sarcasm people) that you see here will also be appearing over the The Bleacher Report. What does that mean to you? Absolutely nothing, but the site is pretty comprehensive, so if you get tired of filling out those TPS reports at work, head over there and check it out.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

#3: Dwayne "Pearl" Washington

With 67 Idiot Points, The Pearl earns the #3 spot on the Top 25 Orangemen of the Idiot Era.

Dwayne Washington ('85-'86: 17.3 PPG, 7.8 APG)

Russianator, "A true superstar, but he didn't have the body for the short shorts."

Boss, "He solidified SU-Gtown as the best rivalry in the East...didn't play much defense though."

Champ, "Made the Cuse a national act. Even more remarkable, he got me to watch SportsChannel after he was drafted by the Nets."

The rest of the list:

4. Carmelo Anthony (63)

5. Gerry McNamara (60)

6. John Wallace (59)
7. Billy Owens (56)
8. Rony Seikaly (55)
9. Hakim Warrick (53)
10. Stevie Thompson(50)
11. Lawrence Moten (48)
12. Raf Addison (47)
13. Dave Johnson (33)
14. Adrian Autry (32)
16. Tie: Jason Hart and Etan Thomas (30)
17. Wendel Alexis (29)
18. Preston Shumpert (27)
19. Josh Pace (20)
20. Otis Hill (17)
21. Greg Monroe (16)
22. Howard Triche (9)
23. Allen Griffin (8)
24. Demetris Nichols (7)
25. Tie: Damone Brown, Jonny Flynn, Lazarus Sims (6)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Here we go again?

Plenty of silver, who says we're not in regular season form?

While 81,000 were expected to witness the beginning of the Bo Pelini era in Nebraska, I took in the spring game with two of my fellow tailgating buddies. As you can see from above, leg room was not an issue. For some real analysis, check out what Axe has to say and Donnie's usual good stuff. Daryl Gross's propaganda machine spit this out for your review. For an idiot's perspective continue reading. You were warned.

A beautiful 80 degree day in Central New York, which is rare in July let alone April, had me worried that I'd be sweating worse than Gary Williams under the Dome's teflon big-top. Surprisingly enough it was rather pleasant inside.

Luna Halo was rocking away as the team warmed up. Some quick takes on Luna Halo:
  • Going in to this game I had no idea who they were
  • Leaving this game I have no idea who they were
  • I did not recognize one song they played
  • They did intro one song saying it was featured in "NHL 2008"
  • They promised to come back one day and headline in the Dome

Moving on, game time was announced as 2:00. Well after some 7 on 7's and "thud" action, the "srimmage" did not start until 2:45. Mike Williams made a nice grab right in front of us during the 7 on 7 action, hauling in a long ball from Cody Catalina.

We were treated to "Special Coaches" Gomez and Dave who mc'd this whole thing. For you out of towners, Gomez and Dave are two local radio guys who host a morning show on TK-99. Another good reason to get Sirius radio.

Step right up, step right up. There were plenty of breaks during the game for contests. The first one featured a guy having to throw a Nerf ball 30 yards into a window of a truck for $10K. I don't know about you, but I think it's impossible to throw a Nerf ball 30 yards. This was not one those new, modern Nerf balls with wings, we're talking old school regular style. Needless to say this guy did not walk out with 10 large.

Another contest featured fans getting the opportunity to catch 3 punts from SU punter Rob Long. Every catch was worth $99. They did this twice with disasterous results. One guy did manage to pocket $99.

Finally, a fan was given a chance to kick a 40 yard field goal for $10,000. Field goal, no good.

Carter and Boonah did participate in the "thud" drills. Delone received a warm round of applause from the Cuse faithful. Both sported yellow pinnies, you remember those from gym class, with a big red cross on the front. They looked like Red Cross volunteers in the third world somewhere. Check them out here in the SU gallery.

Game thoughts: tough to tell. There really weren't enough plays to judge from. I can't say the offense looked noticeably different under the Browning regime. I know technically this is only practice. Lots of runs, and a lot of mixing QB's stand out in my mind. It's really tought to gauge either the offense or the defense in this setup.

While we were out inquiring about upgrading our season tickets, GRob announced to everyone "Thanks for coming." This was about 3:30. With all the interruptions for contests, I'm guessing there was about 20 minutes of actual football played. Bizarre.

Random thoughts:

  • Why can't the Dome box office tell me what seats are available in my section? Isn't there an invention called the computer that makes this possible?
  • My adopted favorite Oragnemen for 2008: Frosh WR Chaz Cervino. Chaz is one cool name in my book. By the way, Chaz got absolutely flattened on one pass play by Ryan Howard. You're my boy Chaz.
  • I was blown away when I went to the snack stand to order my ice cream chipwich and was informed I had a choice of ice cream: vanilla or chocolate/vanilla. Forget winning football games, this is real progress damn't. By the way, I went with the chocolate/vanilla.
  • The marching band was in attendance, that added a nice touch.
  • David Tyree was in attendance, he got a nice hand.
  • 1987's deserving Heisman trophy winner was also on hand and introduced
  • The free schedule posters they give away this year feature an Ernie Davis/Express theme.
  • Dome ATM was out of order. Didn't someone think to check this before the game? Isn't this on someone's "to-do" list?
  • Lots of little kids at the game, you can't blame them they don't know any better.
  • Grob works the mic about as well as he does a presesr.

Next stop Northwestern. Buckle up gang.

Idiot Photo Gallery:

Delone runs along with the rest of the RB's in pregame

Frosh Marinovich (#54) telling his teammates where he put the keys to Manley Field House.

Rob, you'll get plenty of action again this year.

The Blue Team watches the "thud" drills.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Baseball, DC Style

In continuing with the "Idiots on Vacation" theme that the Russianator started earlier this week, I had the opportunity to spend time in our nation's capital this week. ChampFamily ventured south to visit ChampWife's sister, Cee Dubs, her brother and T3I poster D-Dubs, and our brother in law and fellow poster AJV.

Sunday our crew, accompanied by a good friend of AJV and his girlfriend decided to hit up a game at the new Nationals Stadium. National League baseball....yawn. However, a new stadium is a new stadium and I was definetely interested in checking out the scene.
We hopped the Metro to take us into DC. As our train got closer and closer to the ballpark it was really bizzare to see actual Nats fans getting on to the train. I mean, I own underwear that are older than this franchise. To see grown men wearing Nats jerseys and hats was just strange to me. Show me someone in their Tim Wallach Expos jersey and I'll say "now there's a fan."

After a change of trains, we were dropped off right at the ballpark. There wasn't much of a pre-game scene outside of the stadium. It certainly isn't a Camden Yards or Fenway Park feel . The re-development is on its way, or so we're told.

You enter the ballpark onto a concourse in center field. We followed the concourse to our seats, preceded of course with a stop at the beer stand. Thanks again AJV for that opening round. We had seats up top in right field. I swear it was 10 degrees cooler in Row X than it was in the concouse. I had dressed in shorts based on the previous day. Bad move.

I seriously considered buying a commemorative Nats stadium blanket. D-Dubs one-up'd us all by trying on some kids batting gloves at the merchandise stand. They did not fit.

Going into the game, I probably could name 2 Nats, Nick Johnson and Lastings Milledge. I'm just not a National League guy. I'll take watching washed up sluggers who can no longer field take cuts as a DH anyday over watching a pitcher try and lay down a bunt. And please spare me the "double switch, cat and mouse" National League nonsense. During lineup introductions I learned Aaron "Bleepin" Boone is now a National, my new favorite Nat.

Stadium fare, pretty standard. Well thought "fixins bars" were found throughout the concourses so Nats fans could load up their Nat Dogs with all the trimmings. Beers, well at $7.50 a pop I see how the Nats are paying for their new digs.

A couple of innings into the game the consensus of the group was that we were freezing. We had been eyeing the "Red Porch Pub" from our seats and decided it was time to make our way back towards the concourse. We passed a cool Playstation 3 setup for the kids, I was tempted to take a shot at some Guitar Hero, but decided against it.

We ended up in the Red Porch and actually found some great seats at the corner of the bar. My fellow Idiots can back me here, I'm really not good at much, however I have an innate sense of being able to sniff out good bar seats. We settled into prime real estate, featuring three plasma TV's showing the Nats, Masters and the Caps playoff game while having a view of the field of the actual game.

The Red Porch Pub, our oasis from the cold

As the temps dipped down action started to pick up in the Red Porch. We were fortunate to have a tremendous bartender waiting on us, Karen from Annapolis. She was great, taking care of us and never letting us go long without checking in. A sure-fire Top 10 bartender performance.

The Nats ended up holding off the Braves. After a metro ride home and quick stop into the 7-11 for some more beverages we settled in for a night of Yanks-Red Sox.
I'm a big fan of these new ammenities ballparks are now coming with. Give Nats stadium some time to develop a neighborhood scene and it could become something special. Huge points for the "bar overlooking the field" concept. The rest of the ballpark was your typical new stadium: wide concourses, lots of concessions, etc.
We had a great time, and a special thanks to AJV, D-Dubs and Cee Dubs for their hospitality.

#4: Carmelo Anthony

With 63 Idiot Points the Carmelo finds himself as the #4 Orangeman of the Idiot Era. The Three Idiots had a health debate on this one....the Russianator voted him #1 on his list while his "one and done" status cost him some spots on Boss's list and yours truly. Perhaps the greatest single season in Orange history.

Carmelo Anthony (22.2 PPG, 10.0 RPG)

Russianator, "No Melo, no title."

Boss, "He'd be higher if he came back for another year, but still love the guy."

Champ, "If the jumper wasn't working, he'd sit on the blocks and work the post. Solid on the glass. Can only imagine his numbers if he'd been here for more than one year."

Bonus points Melo for one of the greatest ESPY speeches ever. Plus he looks really good on an Etch-a-sketch:

Paula Abdul to Address Syracuse Team Before Spring Game

(Idiot News Service) - The 3 Idiots have learned exclusively that Syracuse coach Greg Robinson is bringing in a very special guest to address the team prior to the Spring game tomorrow at 2 pm. American Idol judge and washed up pop star Paula Abdul will provide a motivational pep talk to the team just before they take the field in what is being billed as the "thud-tacular" spring game.

When reached for comment, Robinson said, "Gosh darn it, I believe it wasn't supposed to be a public thing about her coming in, but you know what - I don't know how it got out. Can I talk about it? I don't know. What I do know is that I love that American Idol, some of those kids on that show are really coming along - they're showing me some flashes."

Robinson continued, "But any way, what I do know and gosh darn it I believe it, is that when I watch that show, Paula Abdul is the only judge that makes sense to me. Her comments are the straight talk we need to provide the proper motivational structure that will propel our team to doing good things. Plus, I'm a big fan of her music. You may not see it - but I see it. I see real genius in her songs - real progress towards another level of greatness. It's just a few years away, I believe that."

When reached for comment, Abdul's phone line went dead. We eventually did catch up with her a few hours later, at which time her assistant explained that Paula had accidentally flushed the phone down the toilet. Once on the line with a new phone, we asked Paula how this came about, and what she plans to say to the team.

Abdul said, "There's just such a ray of positiveness about this footballer team and I'm going to tell them that no matter what anyone says, they wear their shiny orange outfits in a way that's them - and they should keep being them. I've watched them play and they look like that orange cheese in the wrapper - and I love that cheese, so they should do what they do unless it's done and then they should do it."

"When coach Rogerson called me - we talked for hours and hours, it was like we were speaking the same language and it warmed my soul. So I just know that he should keep being him and do what he does because everyone is a winner if they believe in things and things are good. I'll tell the team that too."

Syracuse Athletics has flatly stated that there will be no audio or video coverage of the speech, and in fact, security has been increased to keep details of the talk top secret.

Happy Birthday John Daly

For today's "Did You Know" moment - did you know that today is John Daly's birthday? Of course you didn't, that's why we are here. Everyone's favorite overweight, over-beered, over-divorced, over-nicotined golfer turns 42 today. In honor of the big guy's big day, let's spend a few minutes with John himself, and (damn it) since I'm having trouble getting the video clip to embed, you'll have to click here to watch John play guitar, smoke and hit golf balls. For another classic John Daly moment, click here.

Not only does John have some great videos out there - he's also a quote machine, for instance, when talking about one of his future wives, he gave us this beauty:

"She said, 'I don't like blonds and I don't like golfers, but I do like fat boys.' So I knew I had a chance."

For the 9 other great quotes from Big John, we send you to Top 10 Chicago Sports.

Happy Birthday Johnny Boy - may you entertain us for years to come.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

#5: Gerry McNamara

60 Idiot Points earns the Irish Assassin a #5 spot on the Top 25 Orangemen of the Idiot Era. Arguably the most popular Orangeman of all-time.

Gerry McNamara (Career: 15.5 PPG, 4.8APG)

Russianator, "His heroics were great, but there were a lot of 3-15 nights too."

Boss, "If it wasn't for him this year would have been our 3rd straight NIT."

Champ, "An incredible ride: his Willis Reed impression vs. Oklahoma State, the 1st half of the title game, dropping 43 vs. BYU, the Georgetown buzzer beater, and the MSG runs. Good times, good times indeed."

The rest of the list:

6. John Wallace (59)

7. Billy Owens (56)

8. Rony Seikaly (55)

9. Hakim Warrick (53)

10. Stevie Thompson(50)

11. Lawrence Moten (48)

12. Raf Addison (47)

13. Dave Johnson (33)

14. Adrian Autry (32)

16. Tie: Jason Hart and Etan Thomas (30)

17. Wendel Alexis (29)

18. Preston Shumpert (27)

19. Josh Pace (20)

20. Otis Hill (17)

21. Greg Monroe (16)

22. Howard Triche (9)

23. Allen Griffin (8)

24. Demetris Nichols (7)

25. Tie: Damone Brown, Jonny Flynn, Lazarus Sims (6)

Ebay Item of the Week

Looking to expand you collection of edible late-night talk show hosts? Look no further.

Bid now before this passes you by:

"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own the face of Jay Leno in a Cadbury Mini Egg. You've never seen this before and you will never see it again, so bid accordingly."

#6: John Wallace

To our readers out there, both of you--- I apologize for the slow week. Champ and family hit the road to visit some family in Washington, DC. Not to worry kids, because we're up to #6 on the Top 25 Orangemen of the Idiot Era.

Checking in at #6 with 59 Idiot Points:

John Wallace ('95-'96: 22.2 PPG, 8.7 RPG)

Russianator, "He absolutely carried that 1996 team."

Champ, "Tony Delk my butt....Jay-Dubs was the Most Outstanding Player of the '96 Tournament."

The Cuse is in the House:

Spring Game Converted to Flag Football - Co-ed Teams to be Announced Tomorrow

It looks like the shortage of running backs has caused SU head coach Greg Robinson to re-think who will be participating in the Spring game on Saturday, as it's just been announced that injured running backs Curtis Brinkley and Delone Carter will be allowed to play.

According to Donnie Webb, both backs will be allowed to carry the ball in "thud" drills - which is G-Rob parlance means contact without tackling. There's no word on how this will be scripted into the event. This appears to be a reaction to a lack of healthy running backs on the team right now, but on the surface it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. Let's review:

* Delone Carter is coming off what could have been a career ending hip injury - what is the point of risking a true career ending injury when he gets "thudded" and twists the wrong way? I'm sure he feels good and wants to play, but call me crazy, let's wait until fall and let the chips fall where they may.

* Brinkley's young, but his body has more wear and tear on it than a porn star at his age. In an article published Sunday, he said himself that he didn't feel he was ready - what's the point of exposing him to more injury?

* While the turnout was already going to be small - except for the Luna Halo fans that will there of course - the die hard fans that do show up will once again be subjected to another poor product.

On the surface this seems so easy - use the guys that are healthy, Doug Hogue and Daniel Bailey, scrap together a couple of walk ons and play a normal spring game. Don't expose guys you are going to need to potential injuries and don't ask fans - who are dying to see some improvement - to watch "thud" football. I guess I'm just an idiot, but chalk this up to one more strange decision in what will surely be a season of strange decisions under Greg Robinson. Here's hoping it doesn't bite us all in the ass.

Save Bernie!

Great find by friend of T3I Dan - according to the Onion, Bernie Williams, the greatest centerfielder who ever wore glasses and played classical guitar, is in trouble.

Syracuse University - Running Back Graveyard

Donnie Webb is reporting that another Syracuse running back, FB Tony Fiammetta has been injured in spring practice. It kind of makes you wonder what Greg Robinson, who by all accounts is a nice man (who has achieved horrible results in 3 years) has done to anger the football Gods. From today's report, we've clearly identified the culprit, in Donnie's words, it has to be:

"Weird drill of the day ... I've seen them do this before, but it always strikes me as a little unusual. The offense runs a play at the goal line against no one. As the tailback runs into the end zone, the entire offensive unit sprints to the player scoring the touchdown. "TD, here we go!" shouts offensive line coach Chris Wiesehan. The Orange breaks out in celebration with lots of "wooo, wooos!" including jumping on the pile. I guess the thinking is you practice it enough, it might actually happen."

Look, when you practice CELEBRATING touchdowns, rather than scoring them against live competition, that will anger even the most kind and forgiving football Gods........and it also explains the Iowa goal line stand debacle from two years ago - Iowa had the never to put defenders out there!

It's not all insane news for SU football today - Webb reports that one of the few healthy running backs on the roster, Doug Houge, has been tearing up spring practice. Hogue was a promising recruit and really seems to be benefiting from the addition of offensive coordinator Mitch Browning, who has had a ton of success mentoring backs Marion Barber and Laurence Maroney when he was at Minnesota.

You'll have to excuse us if we take the news with a dose of skepticism, as we've heard this song and dance about the team and certain players making great progress in the off-season, but at this point we'll take any good news - here's hoping Doug stays healthy - wooo wooo.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dukie Vitale is a Lobbyist

I stumbled across an interesting story while perusing the Syracusefan message board - Mark Kriegal from Fox Sports asks a very valid question - How the Hell did Dick Vitale get into the Hall of Fame? It's a perfectly valid question, backed up, in this idiot's opinion, by some equally valid facts.

Hall of Fame admission is becoming a joke in all the major sports, and this case in particular is a perfect illustration of that point. The biggest problem I have is that Vitale LOBBIED for entry, which is the equivalent of asking people to say nice things about you. I heard him on the interview circuit after it was announced he was going in and he compared himself to Susan Lucci, a reference to him being a Hall Finalist in 2004 and 2006.

Personally I don't like Vitale, but he's relatively harmless, so let's take a cue from him - Do you like Three Idiots on Sports? Please - come on, tell us, do you like us? Really, honestly - are we good? Shouldn't we be honored? Come on, we've been around almost a year - aren't we great? You must like us a little? We have to be PTPers don't we?

Tough Times in Met-land

All 3 of us are Yankee fans - it's just something you'll have to deal with. I also enjoy torturing myself by watching the occasional Phillies game, but realistically there's only so much abuse I can put myself through.

New York's other team - the New York Mets (also known as the junior varsity) are off to a slow start this year - and if that wasn't bad enough, the season has been marred by tragedy, with a fan falling two stories to his death.

While we love to pick on the Mets, we thought we'd offer up some suggestions that may cheer up the team and the fan base:

* Everyone on the team should immediately start sporting the Gary Carter perm from the mid 80s, this includes Mr. Met.

* Put photos on the Apple that lights up after home runs of whomever David Wright tagged the night before.

* They can allow urination in the stands - honestly it would make Shea smell better.

* Willie Randolph can change his name to "Duaner" just because.....

* Hire Isiah - we need someone to pick on.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


For those of you that like to torture yourself by spending hours on the golf course, I have an unsolicited plug for you - I just spent 5 days playing the Robert Trent Jones golf trail in Alabama, and it is a great time. While the weather and some of the nightlife could have been better, the courses are in excellent shape. All told, my group squeezed in 7 rounds of golf in 5 days, playing in Huntsville, Florence and Birmingham.

The worst course we played was the River Course at Hampton Cove in Huntsville, and that is still better than a lot of what you find up North. The course I enjoyed the most was Ross Bridge outside of Birmingham. The views and the greens were absolutely spectacular. It's a true stadium course and was in fantastic condition (it also helps that I played really well there).

While I'd never recommend anyone spend time watching the Champions Tour (formerly the Senior Tour) on TV, they are playing an event there in May, if you're so inclined you can flip over to the golf channel and check it out yourself. All told, if you are into golf and looking to get out of town anytime soon, the trail is a great place to spend a few days hacking away, and since we love to make lists, here are a few more random observations about Alabama from someone who had never been there before:

* There are so many mustaches down there that I'm surprised the guys from the Sport Hump haven't permanently relocated.

* There is a ton of fast food chains and fried food in that state.

* Sonic has a better marketing campaign than they do actual food.

* Every bar that we were in that had live music (and trust me, this was more than one place) had a band that was really good - maybe we just got lucky, but there's some musical talent in Alabama.

* Alabama drew 78,000 for their Spring game - which is 76 K more than SU will draw on Saturday. Needless to say, the course wasn't crowded on Saturday. Also needless to say, the head shot of the columnist in the link above is absolutely terrifying.

* And if you're ever in Florence Alabama - avoid the 360 Grill - the place sucked - they wouldn't know a good steak if Tommy Callaghan himself was the one looking up a steer's rear.

Friday, April 11, 2008

#7: Billy Owens

The Pride of Carlisle, PA checks in at #7 on the Top 25 Orangemen of the Idiot Era. With a total of 56 Idiot Points, the "Next Magic Johnson,"

Billy Owens ('90-'91: 23.2 PPG, 3.5 APG, 11.6 RPG)

Boss, "So much hype, great numbers, not a great leader."

Russianator, "His numbers are sick, too bad the Richmond game will always tarnish his legacy."

Champ, "The best to wear #30 since Derek Brower."

The rest of the list:

8. Rony Seikaly (55)
9. Hakim Warrick (53)
10. Stevie Thompson(50)
11. Lawrence Moten (48)
12. Raf Addison (47)
13. Dave Johnson (33)
14. Adrian Autry (32)
16. Tie: Jason Hart and Etan Thomas (30)
17. Wendel Alexis (29)
18. Preston Shumpert (27)
19. Josh Pace (20)
20. Otis Hill (17)
21. Greg Monroe (16)
22. Howard Triche (9)
23. Allen Griffin (8)
24. Demetris Nichols (7)
25. Tie: Damone Brown, Jonny Flynn, Lazarus Sims (6)

#8: Rony Seikaly

Let's be honest, a picture of the former Mrs. Rony Seikaly is a lot better to look at than the current Mr. Rony Seikaly.

With 55 Idiot Points and checking in at #8 on the Top 25 Orangemen of the Idiot Era:

Rony Seikaly ('87-'88: 16.3 PPG, 9.6 RPG)

Russianator, "I would say the highlight of his post-SU career was marrying swimsuit model."

Champ, "Turned it on during the '87 Tourney run. Absolutely owned Duane Schintzius and JR Reid in wins over Florida and UNC."

Enjoy more of the former Mrs. Rony Seikaly

Thursday, April 10, 2008

#9 Hakim Warrick

"The Block." Say no more than those two words. With 53 Idiot Points, Hak checks in at #9 on the Top 25 Orangemen of the Idiot Era.

Hakim Warrick ('04-'05: 21.4 PPG, 8.6 RPG)

Boss, "More high-flying antics, plus the 2003 swat."

Russianator, "The 2003 swat, the dunk from the block on the Notre Dame guy...."

Champ, "Three words.....bring your lunch."

Systemic problems

So the news is out. Donte’ Greene is leaving SU and entering the NBA draft after a solid, but hardly spectacular, freshman season, we can debate the effect this will have on next season’s Orangemen all day – I’ll leave that to everyone else. Before I get into this rant let me say that the intent of it isn’t directed at any one player/school/coach or whatever – rather it towards the entire college basketball landscape.

One and done…I hate this, I hate this, and if you couldn’t already tell -- I hate this practice of kids “attending” a college or university for one year and then jumping to the NBA. It has me angered as a fan and honestly, I feel abit used. I’m a fan, which is short for fanatic, of college athletics, and being a fan is a commitment that I don’t take lightly…when a player commits to “my” team, I expect to live and die with him every game, every season and after his four years are up, I want to look back and remember the great moments, huge victories and the impact on the program… every program has had guys who have contributed to that link between fans and their teams, those are the guys that make college basketball great.

The NBA minimum age requirement has to go. If a kid thinks he ready for the NBA and he’s only 18…let him test the ropes and find out if he is or not. The idea that the NBA/NCAA is protecting these players from a potentially bad decision is an absolute joke. Most of the players in this group have been catered to for years, thanks to the AAU shams and unscrupulous Private H.S. administrators. Oh and lets not forget the college administrators as well, who can always find a way to accommodate a talented player. Why are players forced to enroll in college, some of whom are never going to pass a class, let alone earn a degree. There is no law that says everyone needs to go to college, if someone wants to be a pro basketball player, so be it – he should be able to attempt that, without having to go to college.

Coaches, you are just a guilty as everyone else. The fact that you whore your programs out to these players that have self-interest in mind makes me sick – college basketball is about teams, not individuals. The NBA is about individuals and its reason #1 why I’d choose to watch a Northern Arizona – Weber State game over a Spurs – Celtics game every last time. Also, the idea that coaches/media types try to sell me that kids are at least “getting a great education while they are here” is blasphemous. Universities these days offer programs that invoke more laughter than learning.

Maybe my expectations are too high, or maybe those in today’s sports society are too low. I understand that college athletics is big business and as with any big business, comes a smaller level of morality and honorability. Freshman ineligibility…maybe what was once old can be new again…end of rant. Carry on.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ebay Item of the Week

Photo: AP

Certain teams have gone down in history as truly leaving a mark on their era. The '27 Yankees, '96 Bulls, and the '72 Dolphins all earned places as some of the greatests teams to play their respective sports.

What better way to commemorate another dream season than with this beauty?

This will go nicely next to my complete set of Big Plastic SU Football Carrier Dome Soda Cups of the Greg Robinson era.

#10: Stevie Thompson

It's Top-10 time gang on our list of the Top 25 Orangemen of the Idiot Era. With an impressive 50 Idiot Points, we honor:

Stevie Thompson ('88-'89: 18.0 PPG, 5.0 RPG)

Boss, "Probably a bit higher than expected, but I am sucker for highflying antics."

Russianator, "I can't believe how many points he scored without being able to shoot."

Champ, "The good: could leap out of the gym, the bad: the failed experiment at point guard, the ugly: free throws."

The rest of the list:

11. Lawrence Moten (48)
12. Raf Addison (47)
13. Dave Johnson (33)
14. Adrian Autry (32)
16. Tie: Jason Hart and Etan Thomas (30)
17. Wendel Alexis (29)
18. Preston Shumpert (27)
19. Josh Pace (20)
20. Otis Hill (17)
21. Greg Monroe (16)
22. Howard Triche (9)
23. Allen Griffin (8)
24. Demetris Nichols (7)
25. Tie: Damone Brown, Jonny Flynn, Lazarus Sims (6)

It's Official - Greene Gone

Donte Greene has officially declared for the NBA draft. Here's the official announcement and more from the Daily Orange.

The Axeman is covering it extensively on his radio show, which streams on-line here.

If you're already tired of the story, head over to the Masters site and watch the par 3 contest. For you golf fans, I'm headed out on a little trip tomorrow, I'll try and do my best to bring back some cool golf photos.

Bye Bye?

Well that didn't take long, there is a report that Donte Greene will enter the NBA draft. A report we are apparently late on - as Champ was in town last night and we were having beers - ah the 24 hour news cycle, you have to love it. Anyway, the information in the Post Standard and Draft Express seems legitimate and also corroborates what I heard a couple days ago from someone close to the program. However, for those holding out hope, in the Daily Orange, assistant coach Rob Murphy says no decision has been made.

While we can all expect a short period of speculation and a little mini circus, he seems to be gone. Look, if a kid who has grown up in very tough economic circumstances can make millions playing a game, I'm not going to condemn him for doing so. What I will take issue with are those people who say that this won't hurt the team that much - or that the team will be better without him - frankly that's crap.

Consider the following points

* Without Greene, the team has no legitimate power forward. Look, we all LOVE Kristof, but he's better served coming off the bench and being an energy guy - his game is too limited offensively to play huge minutes.

* While Greene spent too much time on the perimeter jacking 3s, he did average 7.2 boards and 1.6 blocks a game. Those aren't shabby numbers and they would improve next year because....

* With Andy Rautins and Eric Devendorf back, defenders will have to spend time running at them, freeing up more space on the baseline for Greene.

* He was a 6'11" freshman who averaged 17 and 7 - he will GET BETTER if he stays - his game will become more complete. Don't believe me - see Harris, Paul. He was a guy his freshman year who had no perimeter game and his sophomore year, that part improved in leaps and bounds. I would have expected the same out of Greene next year, only in reverse, with his low post game and ball handling getting better.

* Greene is a kid with a good shooting stroke and all the tools to become a complete player. He is missing strength and experience, two things he would have gained by staying.

* With more scoring options, he won't take as many bad shots, making the shots he does take more productive.

* He creates match up problems for opposing teams - without him we are looking at a team filled with 6'5 guys. We don't know what the incoming freshman will bring to the table, but other than Kristof, the rest of the big guys currently on the roster are all centers - Arinze, Rick Jackson, and Sean Williams really can only play one position.

There's just no way you can suggest that the team won't feel his loss, or won't be affected by it. They still will have a chance to be very good, but with Greene, they had a chance to be better. If he's gone, I wish him good luck, but staying another year would be ideal.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Chicken or the Egg?

Gosh darn in Joe -you need to flash!

Donnie Webb interviewed Syracuse co-defensive coordinator Derrick Jackson today about the goals the defense is trying to achieve in the 2008 season (I guess not sucking goes without saying). In reading the interview, I couldn't help but notice that Jackson has picked up the Greg Robinson lexicon, which makes me wonder - did Jackson get the job because he talks like Greg, or did be begin talking like Greg after he got the job?

Let's take a closer look at the highlights and see if how he stacks up to G-Rob as a communicator.


Jackson has that one down pat, when talking about accountability he says, "At the same time, we expect that from our linebackers and expect that from our secondary and expect that from every individual position and know that everybody's going to do their job where we can trust all 11 guys that we have on that football field and their teammates can trust them to do their job."

Call me crazy, but I think he expects people to do their jobs......

Goofy Buzz words

No one loves goofy buzz words like "flashed" more than G-Rob. Jackson has picked it up as well. When talking about Bud Tribbey, he says, "he's flashed and flashed consistently to where he's going to put some heat on Arthur Jones to have to be on his game."

Flashing consistently - it sounds like something Carl Monday should be concerned about.

Don't worry though - it's not just Tribbey who's a flasher.....

"At the linebacker position, a lot of guys have done things there in different instances. I think Parker Cantey has flashed at times. Derrell Smith has shown some real nice flashes throughout spring practice."

In the secondary, flasher's include this gem, "I'd say in the secondary, Kevyn Scott (safety) and even Da'Mon Merkerson (cornerback), has been a guy that's flashed at us."

Forget "Sudden Impact" - the slogan for this year's SU Football team has to be:

"Syracuse Football, it's FLASH-TASTIC" because if they go with "Syracuse Football - We'll Flash You" I'm guessing the crowd that shows up in the dome will be really creepy........

Either way, it's good to see the coaching staff is still on the same page.