Monday, June 30, 2008

Just Because.....

So I was surfing around the intertubes this afternoon and stumbled across this.....I wonder what Penny and Gheorghe are up to these days?

Monday time killers

It's a short work week, which means only one thing: this week will drag out longer than a Syracuse-Buffalo football game.

The Russianator passed along a couple of links this week that I thought were worth posting. If nothing else it will kill some time for any of our readers who are actually working during the day.

In honor of one of the greatest moments in Seinfeld history:

We challenge you to take the candy bar lineup test.

Once you've mastered that, try your hand at the snack cake lineup.

Monday Morning Reading - ACL Style

It's Monday, you know the drill. Here are a few things to read to get you started on another work week.

Andy Rautins has made the Canadian National team, which travels to Greece in an attempt to qualify for the Olympics. I could care less if they actually make it to China, as an SU fan, we are all just rooting for the repaired ACL to hold up.

Meanwhile, Nike has decided that the US National basketball team needs some new threads, you can read about it here, and check out the uni's here. Coach K looks like he's going to kill someone on the first photo.

The Houston Roundball Review thinks that Donte Greene will be a good fit with the Rockets, and Donte discusses what he has learned with the Houston Chronicle. Meanwhile Orange Ray puts together an overview of how SU players have done historically in the draft.

We've already covered the bad news coming out of the SU football program this weekend, the good news, a wide receiver from Atlantic City has committed to play for the Orange. In something that's not news, but also something Greg Robinson certainly wouldn't consider "good" a blog called Underdogs of War calls Robinson the worst head football coach in the United States of America. Somewhere in the country there's a parent whose kid plays on an 0-8 Pop Warner team that disagrees with this sentiment.

In NFL news, Wes Welker proves he's perfect for the Patriots by saying Asante Samuel chose money over championships - for those of you keeping score at home - Samuel has two Superbowl rings - Welker has zero.

In baseball news, the Mets beat the Yankees and Manny Ramirez argued with the the red sox traveling secretary - if that traveling secretary had an assistant with George Constanza's abilities, this never would have happened.

I'll leave you this morning with a painful video, courtesy of Awful Announcing:

by bsap11

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Greg Robinson - PR Genuis, Football Failure

Welcome to Syracuse football, Greg Robinson style, where all news is bad news, and it's delivered as late in the day as possible. When the news hit Friday at 5:30 pm that starting defensive end Brandon Gilbeaux has been suspended for the upcoming year due to academic issues, it was just the latest bit of bad news coming from an abysmal program -- and it continues a pattern of secrecy that has become the hallmark of the Greg Robinson era.

Everyone who's ever worked on either side of the news business knows that the time to dump bad news is late in the day on Friday. The Saturday papers are minuscule, people are headed off for weekend plans, and no one is focused on a football team which doesn't play its first game for more than 2 months. To further help bury the story, SU waited until the team's beat writer went on a 2 week vacation. As some one who works in the public relations field, it was a very savvy move. As a fan who wants this team to succeed, it was just one more thing to piss me off.

With the regular school session long since ended, and rumors swirling around the internet for a week that another SU player may be in trouble, this idiot personally finds it hard to believe that the decision on Gilbeaux was handed down at 5:00 pm. on a Friday. However, announcing it at that time isn't surprising.

One of Greg Robinson's first moves as head coach was to essentially close practices to reporters, kicking them out after 15 minutes while the team is still doing stretching exercises and warm ups. Three years of horrific results on the field have lead to increasingly limited access to the team, culminating in a 37 play Spring "game," which was a joke. Its clear Greg doesn't want others to know what they are up to - I guess if word got out that they were practicing over-pursuit and blown assignment drills, opponents would really get a leg up on them.

The head coach of a major program has to be held responsible for all aspects of the program and as things have increasingly went down hill, Robinson has become more and more reclusive. Compared to Pete Carroll, he's practically become Howard Hughes.

I don't chalk up losing another starter to academics as more "bad luck." As the CEO of this program, he needs to have the staff in place to make sure the kids are getting the help they need academically, as well ensure that the guys are acting in a responsible manner. In the last six months, the team has had two starters kicked out for academics, 2 others in trouble for breaking into the weight room after hours, and by my count they currently have 10 juniors on the roster who are eligible to play.

The defensive line wasn't good last year, so you could argue losing someone who had just one sack is no big deal, but for Robinson, who was hired lead Syracuse back to national prominence, its the latest bit of evidence that he doesn't have a clue how to run a program, and it's another set back in what has been 3 embarrassing years of set backs.

Friday, June 27, 2008

When it rains it monsoons in Syracuse.

Donnie Webb's headline says it all:

Syracuse starting defensive end Brandon Gilbeaux is suspended over academic issue

And you thought things couldn't get any worse?

This Has Nothing to Do with Sports But Don't Be a Dick

For all you high school kids that may be graduating this weekend, don't go to the ceremony dressed like a penis. Honestly, that's not good for anyone. Don't be that guy - but if you do, take a picture and send it to us.

Donte's "To do list"

Blah, blah, blah....Donte traded to the Rockets. We're sure you've heard by now.

We at T3I want to provide Donte with a lits of "to-do's" now that he's headed down to Houston. Pro athletes have a lot of down time so Donte's we've got you covered. We just want you off the streets after those late night games.


* Check out the Houston SpaceCenter. You're a rookie now, and we're not sure how much SportsCenter air-time you'll get.

* Donte, are you a dog lover? Remember to tell David Stern you are going here just to watch. And if you see Charles Barkely or Tim Donaghey, run like crazy.

* Footwork is crucial in the pro game Donte.

* It's never too late to think about your post-basketball plans. Bill Bradley made the jump into politics. "Read my lips......Dont'e leave!"

* Texas is a big place, stay far away from the artist-formerly-known-as Pacman Jones and joints like this.

* We've watched enough "Cribs" episodes to know pro athletes love automobiles. We've heard of a Houston area dealer offering great deals right now.

Good luck Donte. And to any Rocket fans who might possibly be reading this crappy blog, congratulations the Houston Dynasty has begun!

Friday Reading

It's Friday, for everyone not named Shawn Chacon, it means you've made it through another week without strangling your boss, so pour yourself another cup of bad coffee and we'll get to the links.

As noted below, Donte Greene was drafted by Memphis and traded to Houston last night, where he will join former Memphis Tiger Joey Dorsey on the Rockets. This story in the Dallas Morning News describes Greene as a great future bet, whereas the Houston Chronicle compares Greene to Rudy Gay. Andy Katz notes that it was a disappointing night for many early entrants.

A full list of draft day trades is available here - good luck keeping up with that.

In Syracuse football news, Axe says charging full price to see Syracuse v. Northeastern is too much. I'll look into my idiotic crystal ball and predict a lot of people show up dressed like empty seats for that one - especially if the weather is good.

In blog-related news, there was a roast for Will Leitch at Deadspin yesterday, and yes, that's right, I did not link directly to Deadspin, just to mess with you.

In golf news, Phil may finally be seizing his opportunity to take out Tiger.

In baseball news, the Yankees are frustrated by rain, and NO ONE bumps Jerry Manuel and gets away with it (Shawn Chacon might want to avoid going to the Mets).

And just so you are aware, it's June, but there are lines for NFL games in September already - sweet. For Eagles fans, here's your betting preview.
UPDATED - The guys who heckle Stephen A. Smith on NBA draft night were back at it again - Awful Announcing has it here.

Houston is Nice Too

The Greene - Warrick collaboration in Memphis was short-lived, as former Orangemen Donte' Greene was traded to Houston last night. Hold the barbecue, pass the tortillas.

Donte and Hakim - Together at Last

Donte' Greene was drafted 28th tonight by the Memphis Grizzlies (seriously people, when the franchise moves, change the freaking name) joining former Syracuse standout Hakim Warrick on the roster of one of the worst teams in the NBA. Two skinny guys from Syracuse who are physically are similiar, but have had completely different college careers and have totally different games.

Obviously Greene went a lot later than he expected, but frankly, with such an inconsistent freshman season, there were no guarantees. Should Greene have stayed? Only time will tell - but at the very least Donte will have a guaranteed contract and an opportunity waiting for him - and honestly, that's all a basketball player can really hope for. The bottom line is there aren't many jobs available in the NBA and his future is in his hands. Good luck Donte, and make sure you get some Memphis Barbecue, they do it right down there.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

If Baseball Teams Were Broads - the AL East

A little over a week ago, we did a few moments with a Mets fan - a chat with Met die hard Res Ispa. This dopey interview (which Champ does not want to revisit) spawned a great idea from reader bbrown0707, who said

"If the Mets were a broad - you would not go anywhere near her, no matter how hot she was." I love this analogy. I would like to formally request a series of "If the [MLB Team] were a broad..."

Well bbrown0707, consider your request granted. We proudly bring to you a series we may or may not finish, called If MLB teams were broads. Today, we tackle the AL East and we'll start with two contributions from bbrown - which have been slightly modified by us:

The Yankees

If the Yankees were a broad, they would be a hot milf trophy wife. Very attractive yet a little past her prime and it takes a lot of money and plastic surgery to keep up appearances. Also, she isn't that good in bed anymore.

If the Yankees were a broad, they would be - Demi Moore

The Red Sox

If the Red Sox were a broad, they would be a girl who was semi-cute, yet prior to 2004 no one ever paid attention to her. Her personality is completely obnoxious and makes everyone else trash her, yet she thinks she's hot shit and all her girlfriends blindly follow her and have no clue that everyone despises them. She gets obscenely drunk at the bar because she can and is still riding a wave of tremendous popularity.

If the Red Sox were a broad, they would be Paris Hilton.

Tampa Bay

If the Rays were a broad, they would be the fat chick that no matter how hard she tried, could never break in with the popular crowd. Even though she's been hanging around near the popular girls, she's never been anything more than a nuisance or an afterthought. Everyone agrees that she'd be hot if she lost some weight, but even when she drops a few pounds, no one believes it will last.

If the Rays were a broad, they would be Carnie Wilson


If the Blue Jays were a broad, they'd be the exchange student that, while she's good looking, doesn't quite fit in with the culture and seems slightly out of place. Her popularity peaked in the 1990s, yet she still stages occasional rallies, losing some weight and becoming popular again, yet, she can never fully break through and return to the height of her popularity. She's in her 30s, single and trolling the bars waiting to pounce.

If the Blue Jays were a broad, they would be Alanis Morissette.


If the Orioles were a broad, they'd be the chick that was smokin hot in the 1980s, but gradually declined as the decade wore on. The 1990s brought a relationship with a rich famous guy that has ended in disaster, as a result they are a tragic mess of wasted potential and generally a lost cause.

If the Orioles were a broad, they'd be Tawny Kitaen.

Thursday Reading - Tall Boys and Sex Tapes

We are on the downside of the week people, here's a few things to check out while furiously bidding on Sticky Wickman's pants.

AOL Fanhouse brings us this heart warming story of T3I's favorite golfer John Daly, who hit his golf ball off Kid Rock's beer can (which appropriately enough appears to be a Bud tall boy) during a pro am. You can check out the video here:

The NBA Draft is finally here, and since every one loves Donte Greene draft news, here's a Baltimore Sun story detailing how his dream is finally in reach. The Post Standard has a touching story story about Donte's relationship with his mother, who passed away when he was 12.

Here's a story from Iowa on the Wesley Johnson transfer, while a Cornell basketball blog is reporting that the Orange and Big Red will meet on Decemeber 3, 2008 - make sure you get in line early for tickets.

Speaking of tickets, invidual game tickets for SU football went on sale yesterday, but if you are looking to pick up a few, something tells me you don't have much to worry about.

In baseball news, Shawn Chacon decided it would be a good idea to choke GM Ed Wade. While Phillie fans felt like doing this for years, Chacon decided to actually go through with it and commit the ultimate CLM (career limiting move). There's no truth to the rumor that the real reason he was upset was because he couldn't afford Latrell Sprewell's repossessed yacht.

Joba pitched well as the Yankees defeated the Pirates and the mets actually won as well.

We'll leave you this morning with news that is only for those with the strongest stomachs - apparently there's a Verne Troyer sex tape that could soon be made public - and frankly, the news is so shocking I'm not sure I have a joke for it. I do know if the little dude turns out like Tommy Lee there will be a lot of normal sized guys committing suicide.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ebay Item of the Week

Who wouldn't want to own a pair of Bob Wickman's pants?

With a nickname like "Sticky" I might reconsider.

The Perm vs. The Buzzcut

"I tell my stylist to make it more poofy." Gary Carter, on his 'do.

The Russianator took us deep into the minds of a Mets fan last week. Frankly, that was a trip I care not to repeat. One particular former Met always rubbed me the wrong way, Gary Carter. Maybe it was the over-the-top enthusiasm, maybe it was the curtain calls after hitting a homerun in a 10-2 game, or maybe it was just the fact that he was a member of a successful Mets club. The '80's were a dark time for us Yanks fans. Anyways, I never really cared for the guy.

Well apparently Gary has gotten his panties in a bunch over not being a Major League manager. Along the way he takes a exception with Joe Girardi's gig managing the Yanks.

Gary, you are right on---- forget the fact he had two stints with the Yankees as a player, forget the fact he's a former Manager of the Year, Joe G. is in no way qualified to manage in the Bronx. Stay classy "Kid" and keep calling about the availability of other people's jobs.

Ooops Gary:

In Case You Missed It

A lot of times I'll avoid linking to posts on some of the bigger sports blogs or ESPN, under the theory that since they get approximately a million more visits a day than we do, you've probably already seen it. Besides, everyone in the world is going to weigh in on issues like the Olympic Basketball team and do you REALLY want to read our opinon on how Tayshaun Prince will fit into Coach K's defensive scheme, or read yet another NBA mock draft? We didn't think so.

However, in case you've somehow missed it, Will Leitch at Deadspin is finishing up his last week as the editor there over there and the man has been on fire. Whether it is remembering Carl Monday, passionately and coherently defending the concept of blogging and dealing with the criticism that comes with putting anything in a public forum, or today's missive on the relationship between ESPN and Deadspin, it's must read stuff. The man isn't holding anything back on his way out the door, and it makes for some great reading - so go check it out.

And since there's a good chance you've seen it, it was my pleasure to waste your time. Carry on.

Hump Day Reading - Melrose Style

Ah Wednesday, you cruel evil day of the week - offering just enough hope that the weekend is near, yet injecting enough reality to know that until we hit noon, the week isn't even half over. Let's get to some reading shall we?

The Syracuse men's basketball team has a new member, full Post Standard coverage is here. On the football side of things, the Southeast Sports Blog relives the SU-Tennessee game of 1998, we were in the dome that day and IT WAS A BOGUS PASS INTERFERENCE CALL.

In NFL news, apparently Ray Lewis has failed to pay for some "hostesses" he hired for his SuperBowl party - come on Ray, I thought you were trying to avoid the law these days.....

In Major League Baseball developments, losing is getting old for the Phillies....about a 100 years old I'd like to add (thank you, I'll be here all week) whereas the sad sack Mets can't even beat the Mariners, and the Yankees got hammered by the Pirates, as Johnny Damon hurt his foot.

Links wouldn't be complete without a tribute to Barry Melrose, who will be coaching again in the NHL. I met Barry in a bar in Saratoga last summer and honestly, he's a really good guy, even with the shorter summer mullet he was sporting.

Round 2 of Iron Ref is up and running, make sure you get over there and voice your opinion.

And whatever you do, don't miss WNBA history - its historical.....and stuff.

Welcome Wesley Johnson

The big news in the world of Syracuse sports today is that Mike Waters is reporting that Iowa State forward Wesley Johnson will be transferring to SU - which goes along with Coach Boeheim's dream to one day put 5 small forwards on the floor at once.

The 6'7" wing player appears to have been lightly recruited coming out of high school, but blossomed in Ames Iowa, averaging over 12 points per game in both his freshman and sophomore years. He came on so strong that he went from an unheralded recruit to having a profile on NBA Draft Express - and Ohio State was definitely interested in his services.

He appears to be the typical Jim Boeheim player - a lanky, athletic wing guy that can run the floor, play above the rim and cover a lot of ground in the zone (the zone isn't going anywhere people, deal with it). Bloggers have had some mixed reaction to Johnson, you can get to know him better here, whereas A.E.M. over at the Orange Squeeze isn't sure he's the right fit for SU.

From our perspective, as we found out last year, you can never have too many good players and on paper Johnson appears to be the real deal, so we obviously welcome him aboard. However, in looking at the roster in two years, there will be quite the log jam of guys in the 6'5" to 6'8" range, including Paul Harris (if he's still here) Andy Rautins, Mookie Jones, Kris Joseph, Wesley Johnson and James Southerland. Which pieces will still be there and where they will all fit is something the coaching staff will have to figure out, but that's why they get paid the big bucks, but stockpiling talent is never a bad thing.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Y'all need to let it go up there." says "Dynasty" Donte Greene.

This idiot's quick takes:

* calling a guy's phone and leaving harassing messages crosses the line from "fan" to just plain creepy

* What was the Dyna-man thinking when he created My Space and Facebook web pages? Did he think that only nice guys would leave comments?

* Are Cuse fans justified in feeling "jilted?" Debatable. But was anyone really shocked that he was one and done? I mean, we as fans knew what we were getting involved with when he came here. Even Jimmy B comments that the "one and done" thing was a given.

* I was as critical of him as anyone this year. Personally I'm not going to miss his shot selection, but that's my idiotic opinion. But Cuse fans REALLY need to let the bitterness go. The voicemailers and negative posters are drifting into psycho-ex girlfriend land. That's not a good place to be.

* Good luck Donte

It's Kige Ramsey's World and We're all Just Living in it

It's been a while since we've checked in on YouTube Sports sensation Kige Ramsey and it's a good thing we did, because our man Kige is on a roll, landing an exclusive 3 part interview with CBS Sportsline writer Clay Travis.

Kige really kicks it up a notch to mark the occasion, moving the card table into the living room for two of the segments and having Clay stop into the traditional Kige Ramsey show set for the last one. Some highlights include Kige breaking out his Chris Farley Show interview skills while Travis kicks back with a coffee mug and opines on everything from the Tennessee Titans to facial hair. Now that Kige has landed an interview with a member of the mainstream media, the sky is the limit for him.

I do have to take exception to Travis' wild and unnecessary attack on goatees in the above clip - we who sport the goatee are proud and very trustworthy, second only to those who wear the 'stache.

The thing I take from part 2 - turtles are slow - never forget that people.

The studio tour in part 3 is too die for. Our conclusion: Clay Travis + Kige Ramsey = Youtube gold.

Women's Tennis is a Loud, Scary Place

I'm not going to lie, I don't watch tennis. As a kid growing up I'd watch the occasional match and used to play recreationally (I suck, Champ always kicked my ass) but with Wimbledon in full swing, it's easy to focus on some of the biggest stars of women's game - namely Ana Ivanovic and Maria Sharapova.

So while my knowledge of the sport has been relegated to checking out scantily clad women on the Internet, I forgot how LOUD some of these players are. The clip below, from a match in which Francesca Schiavone beat Tamira Paszek, is a reminder - there's more grunting and screaming going on than there is in Hugh Hefner's bedroom. OK, that was a bad example, we know its all an act for Hef these days, but you get the point - enjoy.

Tuesday Reading

Welcome to Tuesday, and if soaring gas prices have you depressed, brothels are being hit hard by this issue as well, at least the Shady Lady is giving customers free gas cards. Hookers and gas, what a combination - and if you are trying to get the courage up to visit a lady of the night, you can always knock back a few Schiltz Red Bull Malt Liquors to get you in the mood.

In actual sports news, Mike Waters wonder if Donte Greene is Lord Voldemort. Personally I'm kind of tired of all the Donte stuff, I've defended him in this space many times, but he wasn't an Orangeman long enough, and the team was not successful enough, to engender any real affection for the guy. On the opposite end of the spectrum, last year I was truly interested where Demetris Nichols would end up, because he was at SU 4 years, we watched him work hard and develop. As far as Donte goes - I wish him well where ever he goes, but I could give crap what spot the latest mock draft has him at.

Carmelo, a guy who stayed just one year but with completely different results, is on the Olympic team, but will not be on the court for the first two games next year, he's been suspended because of the DUI he got this spring.

Things are so bad for the Mets that pitchers are hitting grand slams off Johan Santana.

Kyle Farnswoth is injured, and honestly, he may be more unlikeable than A-Rod.

I'll leave you with Shaq freestyling - which has caused an uproar that can only be chalked up to a slow news day.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Morning Reading

We're back with some links to get you started this morning.

Wimbledon is now underway and Ana Ivanovic is certainly reason enough to watch this year. She highlights the first day, along with that Federer fellow.

In NFL news, it's been a rough lately for guys named Javon - as the Javon Walker story gets more and more strange, while Jevon Kearse was sacked (see that funny play on words, God damn we are funny) and charged with DUI.

In Syracuse related news (besides the Mike Williams thing below) Bud Poliquin says G-Rob has gone undercover, we can only hope he's secretly learning how to win, while there are reports that Carmelo is staying put in Denver. As far as some good news goes, the Buffalo News is reporting that Paul Harris is fine academically - at least until the next Internet message board rumor pops up.

And finally, RIP George Carlin, in addition to being a ground breaking entertainer, you were one funny mother f*cker.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Will Mike Williams Return, and More Importantly - Where?

In what can only be termed a less than eloquent explanation of his current academic situation, suspended Syracuse wide receiver Mike Williams says he will return to school this fall. While Mike is under the impression he's going to attend summer school at Syracuse, Axe points out above that actually Greg Robinson is trying to get him enrolled at Onondaga Community College.

And while Axe's story does a nice job of recapping the entire situation, the folks over at WTVH 5 didn't do Mike any favors when posting the story on their site. If you're too lazy to click on the link above (that's OK, lazy is a way of life for us), in addition to printing a few of Mike's choice quotes, they had an unnamed SU spokesperson clarify that Williams may indeed be taking classes at OCC, rather than SU. At the time of this posting OCC could not confirm he'd be taking classes there.

The bottom line is that while it's good he's taking steps towards returning, we aren't optimistic he'll set foot on the field this year - and if he does, between Mike's uncertainty regarding the facts of his situation and Greg Robinson's unique ability to talk in complete circles, it might take us a few days to figure it out.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New threads poster "jekelish" posted this link to the Eastbay catalog which states this is a replica game jersey for the men of Orange in 2008.

Not to get all "uniwatch" on you, but I like the addition of white to the jersey this year. Of course T3I officially endorses a return to the McNabb era uni's which, albeit with a Cuse bias, we felt were some of the best in college football.

This seems to confirm the video game screen shots that "OrangeXtreme" posted back in May.

We also endorse a return to the McNabb era level of wins.

Notre Dame, Inc.

NBC announced they are extending their broadcast contract with Notre Dame through 2015. What caught my eye was Darren Rovell's piece on the Fighting Irish's new scheduling strategy. Rovell points out that while Notre Dame is maintaining their traditional matchups, they have begun scheduling some less than competitive opponents including your Syracuse Orangemen.

The obligatory T3I Too Lazy to Click on the Link Quote:

"Traditional games like Michigan, Michigan State, Boston College, Pittsburgh, Purdue and Navy are there. But the rest of the schedule is filled with playing teams--San Diego State, North Carolina, Washington and Syracuse--that were a combined 10-27 last year. Next year will see Nevada and Washington State added and in 2010, a series with Army will start up."

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ebay Items of the Week

We at T3I don't claim to be the most health-conscious group of idiots in the world. In the summer you'll find us throwing a variety of meats on the grill. Coneys are second to none in CNY. Come fall, brats, sausage, ribs and the like make appearances at our tailgate parties. Fat, drunk, and stupid may be no way to go through life Dean Wormer, however it is perfect for sitting through the Greg Robinson Era in person.

Which brings us to the Milwaukee Brewers and their sausage race. We love sausage. We love beer. This sounds like the perfect storm to us.

What better way to show off your love of beer and animal casing than with some Milwaukee Sausage Race collectible bobbleheads?

Fans of Big Brat, here's your chance.

Are you more of a Polish Sausage guy?

Chorizo looks pretty fast. (By the way, is the sombrero really necessary?)

Can't decide? Make it easy on yourself and splurge for the complete set.

T3I WARNING: Don't let your Randall Simon bobblehead anywhere near your new purchases.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's post time. Place your bets:

Money, Money, Money

What other people make is always fascinating, I don't care who you are. That's why the one issue of Parade that you absolutely have to look at every year is the "What People Earn" issue - that and too see what Howard Huge is up to, but that goes without saying.

At my last job, people could find out my salary by filing a freedom of information request and I did read what I make in the paper on more than one occasion. Luckily no one cared because frankly I'm not all that interesting. Those days are now over, so I'm not telling you I pull down now -- however I will divulge that the google ad revenue we are pulling down on this site is enough to feed a small army.......of ants. We're talking serious dollars here - like $14 of them.

Anyway, the guys over at The Big Lead guestimated what some of the biggest names in sports journalism are making, and it a terrific read - go check it out.....and if anyone wants to advertise on this site let us know, because I can promise you, it won't cost much.

Only Wimps Are Slowed Down By Double Stress Fractures

So it turns out all that wincing and grimacing from Tiger this weekend was no act - he was playing golf with a torn ACL and a double stress fracture of his left tibia - which makes what he did last week all the more amazing.

He'll get surgery to fix that mess of a knee and miss the rest of the golf season. Given this new information, we have to revise our prediction and say that a healthy Tiger beats Ditka by at least 3 strokes in head to head play.

Wednesday Reading - More Celebrations in Boston

Hump day is here - and for the next week we'll be bombarded with news reports of more Boston celebrations, as the Celtics destroyed the Lakers to take the NBA Finals. Watching the Celtics and their fans celebrate on TV and dominate sports center is about as much fun as watching Lifetime. Now that they've won, their fans will be exponentially more annoying (which I doubt is possible, but we'll see). We already know that Red Sox fans are the scourge of the nation.

Not surprisingly, the reaction to the Willie Randolph firing was pretty strong, with the National Editor at Forbes saying that "The Mets put a band-aid on their cancer," while the NY Post pulls a double header with stories headlined Amazing Disgrace and Kings of Queens Act Like Clowns. Yesterday GM Omar Minaya held a press conference to explain the decision and let's just say not a lot of people were buying his explanations.

On the field things didn't go well last night either, as they lost 6-1 to the Angels. My favorite line from the NY Times story - "It was a rare display of togetherness and enthusiasm for the Mets. It also did not last long."

Across town the Yankees have quietly won 5 in a row and 6 out of 7. Last night they beat the Padres 6-0 as Andy Petitte moved past a personal favorite of little Russianator, Ron Guidry on the all-time Yankee win list. PowerED by good pitching and a hot Jason Giambi, the Bombers are showing signs of life and I hate to point this out, but in the Hartford Courant article I linked to above it states - "the Yankees are 18-9 since Rodriguez came off the disabled list May 20."
Use that information at your own risk Yankee fans.

In Syracuse news, Rivals reports that Mitch Browning has work to do at Syracuse. In an equally groundbreaking announcement, I'd like to report that it snows in the winter in Central New York. Meanwhile, over at a West Virgina football message board Syracuse's rivals are openly wondering when Mr. Robinson will be canned.

Here's more on the developing Javon Walker story and to lighten the mood, Chris Cooley kicks it up another notch.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Few Moments With a Mets Fan

All Three Idiots are Yankee fans. We don't write about them much because frankly it's been too painful. However, this year in spite of the best efforts of Hank Steinbrenner and the millions of easy "Wang is hurt" jokes people are making (us included), the Mets have succeeded in stealing the spotlight from the Bombers - culminating in the 3 am firing of manager Willie Randolph this morning.

With chaos reigning in Met-land, we thought it would be fun to take the pulse of their fan base, so I interviewed commenter Res Ipsa - a mental patient who happens to be a friend of mine and is the most devoted Met fan I know. Here is what ensued:

Q. Just so our readers know – how many Met games per year do you watch?

A)I watch or listen to 80 percent of the games. However, the ones that I miss I stay on top of by reading the box scores and game reports on a great website called Mets Geek. Also, I have a very bizarre ritual of waking up very early every Wednesday and scouring Mets player stats to see how they have played over the last week. Yahoo Sports makes this very easy to do.

Q. Describe a time when you did something outrageous in order to see the Mets play.

A) Nothing comes to mind - however I do have 50 tickets to a Mets home game. After Sept. 11, my National Guard unit got activated and we were down at ground zero for about a month. An officer came up to me and gave me a block of 50 tickets to the Mets final home game - and asked me to hand them out to others. I was very pleased by this - until I realized that the game had been played days earlier and the tickets were completely useless. I kept them as a souvenir.

Q. Firing a manager at 3:15 in the morning – via press release – what does that say about the organization?

A) The Mets have shown time and time again that they are a mess. If the Mets were a broad - you would not go anywhere near her, no matter how hot she was. The timing of this firing is so nonsensical that I almost think it must make sense to people who are smarter then me. The worst part is that this now becomes the story. If they fired Willie over the weekend it would have been welcomed by the fans and press and the Mets could move on. Now.... not so much.

Q. We both work in the communications field and we both know the best time to bury bad news in 4:00 pm on a Friday – not at 3:15 on a Tuesday morning. Did the Mets not listen to their PR guys, have the worst PR guys in the world, or simply not care?

A)To answer this would be to try rationalize a completely irrational situation. I had a boss once who was completely crazy. I would marvel at how sane people would go insane trying to reason with her, and make sense out of her decisions. I would always tell them to let it go - as you can't rationalize with the insane. That is applicable here.

Q. The embarrassing timing aside, was it time for Willie to go?

A) Without question Willie's time had come. Most Met fans I know thought he should have been gone at the end of the collapse. For whatever reason, and I don't profess to being an expert - just a fan - he had totally lost this team. Here is a illustrative example: last season, after the collapse, Willie would speak of his management of Wright and Reyes down the stretch, and how they seemed tired from playing so much and were not as strong as they should be when the Mets needed them.

Willie said, and I paraphrase, that this was something he learned from and would apply in the future. We flash forward to this year and David Wright is the only player in the majors right now who has played every inning of every game. I think that says it all.

Q. Does Omar Minaya last the year? Is the clubhouse toxic?

A) Lets hope he is gone as well. Willie being a bad manager is one thing, the state of the Mets farm system is something entirely different. The casual observer may not know this - but when the Mets put Mosies Alou on the DL this week, they brought up a 30-something third catcher whose last hit in the majors was in 1999. They did not do this because the dude was tearing up triple A, they did it because that is how depleted their farm system is. That is Omar's fault. Giving a 4-year deal to Louis "No Knees" Castillo is also Omar's fault.

Q. Mr. Met – iconic symbol – or secret child molester?

A)I feel it my obligation to inform you that if you know, or have reason to know that Mr. Met has abused, or is contemplating abusing a child, then you must report this to the Statewide Central Registry for Child Abuse and Maltreatment. Keeping children safe is everyone's business.

Q. What’s funnier – Bobby V’s disguise, or the perm Gary Carter wore for most of the 1980s?

A)No question it is Bobby V's disguise. This was possibly the funniest moment in Mets history.

Tuesday Links - Mets Fire Willie - Forget About Existence of the Internet

Welcome to Tuesday morning. If you think you're having a bad day just remember, it could be worse, you could have got fired at 3:15 am, after WINNING a game, like Willie Randolph. Way to stay classy Met Organization. Maybe the Mets thought that by firing him -- via press release and AFTER he had addressed the media -- at 3 am on the east coast would have kept the story out of the New York tabloids for a day. Of course it must have slipped their mind that the pesky internet, TV and radion would still be able to report it. We should have something else on this subject a little later today.

In news involving the other New York team, Wang is out until at least September (don't try that at home) and the Yankees are basically screwed. If they give away all their young pitchers for CC Sabathia, I'll be less than pleased. At least we've got Hank Steinbrenner to chime in with some comic relief. According to Hank, having pitchers hit and run the bases was a rule from the 1800s - ah, good times.

In scary news, Raiders wide receiver Javon Walker was found on the street unconscious. Hopefully he makes it out of this OK, but if he does, this guy is going to have to reassess his life. First Darrent Williams died in his arms, now this.

In Syracuse related news, Allen Griffen has landed on his feet, returning to St. Francis as an assistant basketball coach. For the last 2 years he had been at Providence, but the staff got cleaned out when Tim Welch was fired. Mike Waters has a hodge podge of college basketball happenings, including another Donte Greene update, he worked out with the Sixers.

In SU football news, Donnie Webb has a new post up that I missed yesterday - there's not too much in there, except for the rude usher story. On a personal note, I've heard stories about rude ushers in the Dome for years, but the guy we have in section 319 has always been awesome. You go 319 usher guy. Over at the Scout message board, Texan Mark has his tailgate guide updated.

Meanwhile, the Mariners fired Bill Bavasi and it seems to be making people in Seattle happy.

Lastly, Hugging Harold Reynolds has launched Iron Ref - make sure you get over there and check it out.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ditka V. Tiger

Tiger Woods is already the greatest golfer to ever walk the face of the earth (sorry Jack Nicklaus fans) and his amazing victory today in the US Open will only add to his legend. He is so good he's transcended golf and has catapulted himself into the category with just one other man..........that's right - Ditka.

While the Superfans raised some very valid questions about the former Bears coach, it is abundantly clear these same questions can now be applied to Tiger. Due to the fact that the Superfans are presently unavailable (and basically un-embedable, stupid copyright laws) - we at T3I have stepped in to fill the void and attempt to answer these burning questions, because that's what we do - tackle the questions too stupid for others to consider.

Q. What is God's role in all this - did God create Tiger and make him superior to all other golfers, or was he simply a golf fan and Tiger made himself superior to all other golfers?

A. While I don't have proof, there is no doubt in my mind that Earl Woods was a visionary who brought Tiger to Ditka when Tiger was just a baby. It had to have been Ditka who blessed Tiger and gave him his golfing prowess, there really is no other explanation. God is simply a fan.

Q. What would golf be like if Tiger was just 14 inches tall? How many majors would he win?

A. Mini-tiger would have won 7 majors right now instead of 14. After all, at 14 inches tall, he's going to lose some length off the tee, which would hurt his chances on the longer courses. Mini-tiger would be stuck trying to reach some of the par 4s with long irons and we know God can't hit a 1 iron, so you can only expect Mini-tiger to hit it about 50% of the time.

Q. Could Tiger win a tournament if his caddy missed the plane and didn't show up and Tiger had to carry his own bag?

A. Even with the bad knee, Tiger would be so pissed that he had no caddy that in addition to winning by 20 strokes, he'd bitch slap Rory Sabbatini for good measure.

Q. Who would win in a head to head golf match - Ditka or Tiger?

A. This is the $64,000 question. Since we know Ditka would beat God in a golf match (he's a good golfer) this one isn't as easy at it seems - before I can answer this one I need to know, is Ditka using cavity backed clubs? Does he have an oversized driver? Is he playing on healthy legs? If push came to shove and I was forced to make a decision, I'm going with Tiger, but only by a stroke and only because Ditka is in his 60s.....

Monday Morning Rocco Loving Links

Welcome to Monday. Let's get right too today's required reading. I don't care if you hate golf, the final round of the US Open yesterday was awesome. While Phil just "didn't perform," Rocco Mediate will attempt to play David to Tiger Woods' Goliath starting at noon Eastern time today on ESPN. For those of you with access to a TV, coverage switches at 2 PM to NBC.

The first ever golf in prime time ratings were good, and Tiger in the clutch was even better.

Thanks to Awful Announcing for the clip.

Tiger and Michael Jordan are the only two athletes I've ever watched where you can root for the opponent, yet when they invariably win, you're not mad because you are in awe of how good they are. Even with that being said, Rocco is ready to roll, and this idiot will be pulling for him.

The NBA finals continue to roll on, with the Lakers sending the series back to Boston. So far Boston has played physical defense and turned the series into a bit a wrestling match, which hasn't been that much fun to watch in my idiotic opinion - and while I loathe both Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson as broadcasters, here are a few deep thoughts by Alonzo Mourning's leg warmer. Meanwhile, the LA Times says the Lakers have a faint pulse, while the Boston Herald correctly points out that the odds still clearly favor the Celtics.

In Syracuse news, Hoops Weiss and his awful toupee is reporting that Syracuse is in the running for 6'8" wing player Jordan Hamilton. At this rate in two years JB will be starting a team of 5 small forwards. Meanwhile, 2010 recruit Dion Waiters gives a quick interview - apparently he's not lacking in confidence.

In the least shocking news ever, Otto lands as the number one mascot you don't want on your side in a bar fight. Something tells me Otto likes a nice virgin strawberry daiquiri.

The University at Buffalo targets NYC recruits.

Finally, RIP Tim Russert - your chair, to some extent, will always be empty.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Reason #1,017 we love Rick Sutcliffe

* 1979 Rookie of the Year

* 1984 Cy Young Winner

* O's starter for the first game ever at Camden Yards

* Played with a killer beard

* Pulled a Joe Namath on a live Padres broadcast

* Battling cancer

Rick you've found a way to earn our respect even more.

Jimmy V's legendary ESPY speech taught us that:

"Cancer can take away all of my physical abilities. It cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart, and it cannot touch my soul."

Apparently it cannot take a man's libido.

(Courtesy Big League Stew and the Sporting Blog)

We love you Rick.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Reading

Welcome to Friday, pat yourself on the back, you've successfully made it through another week without telling your boss to go F him or her self, well done. Here a few quick links to check out while you contemplate where the extra 50,000 seats are hidden in the Carrier Dome.

Syracuse fans can enjoy their summer knowing that the Orange have the toughest schedule in the Big East. According to my quick math - the toughest schedule + the worst coach = prison-like ass poundings. Ah, good times.

If I was in high school (and that ship sailed a million years ago) I think I'd want to avoid dating any of these girls - its bad enough when you're worried about the dad shooting you, when you have to worry about your actual date......well let's just say I'd pass.

From the Big Lead we learn that you don't have to be THAT famous to bag a super-hot chick and Metallica just really hates the internet in general. You'd think their music would be an outlet for their anger.

Two guys you've never heard of are leading the US Open, it's a pretty safe guess neither will be in the last group on Sunday. Tiger and Phil are hanging around, at one over and even par respectively.

And not that anyone cares, but here's what Freddie Mitchell is up to these days.

In news that will make no one happy, the F-ing Celtics are a game away from being NBA champions - a development that will most likely mean the Sports Guy will have to be treated for priapism. At least Kige is happy - "speechless" actually.

I'm playing hooky today and am headed out to play golf, enjoy the day people - and if anyone has seen Boss, please let us know - at this point we believe he may be in the witness protection program.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friday the 13th

It's Friday, start pouring the tall ones. It's also the 13th. Besides conjuring up images of a series of terrible movies, Friday the 13th is supposed to be a harbinger of bad luck. Some athletes have tossed superstition aside and bravely donned #13 on their backs. Here are a few of our favorite 13's:

Conrad McRae: R.I.P McNasty. "Send it in big fella!"

Mike Pagliarulo: Former Yankee third baseman during the lean 80's. Put up 32 HR's in '87 but then struggled to stay above the Mendoza line. Anyone with a nickname like "Pags" is ok in our book.

Kueth Duany: Provided the senior leadership for the '03 title run. Those loooooooong arms were perfect in the 2-3 zone.

Charlie Hayes: Anyone else noticing a Yankee 3rd baseman theme here? His putout in '96 officially began the dynasty. "Yankees win.....thhheeeeeeeee Yankees win!"

Jim Leyritz: Turns out those stories about "The King" being a jerk may have had some merit to them. Huge homers against the Mariners in '95 and Braves in '96 earned him a clutch reputation.

Sal Fasano: With all due respect to Wilt Chamberlain, Dan Marino, and A-Rod, this is THE GREATEST ATHLETE EVER TO WEAR #13. While it was unavailable during his all-too-brief stint with the Yankees, Sal donned the unlucky number during his time with the Phillies.

The former Syracuse Chief has caught on with the Richmond Braves and will return to Syracuse June 19-22. We're talking about the 1994 Midwest League MVP here people!

Happy Friday everyone.

Burress Diagnosed with Wide Receiveritis

(Idiot News Service) - News reports today from New York Giants mini-camp report that disgruntled wide receiver Plaxico Burress is sitting out of team activities, due to a contract dispute. T3Is have learned exclusively that Burress' lack of participation is actually being caused by a common, yet largely untreatable disease called wide receiveritis.

While team officials wouldn't speak on the record about Plaxico's condition, Dr. Dick Fitzwell, OB/GYN explained to us the symptoms of the disease include demands for large sums of money, petulance, an increased demand for attention and/or adulation, severe narcissism and in extremely isolated cases, cravings for Bud Dry.

Dr. Fitzwell explained that the disease has many causes, including: an extremely productive or break out season; other receivers signing large contracts; a general lack of attention; a lack of oblong objects being hurled at them, and being the subject of extreme abuse during Sundays, generally in the fall.

While there is no known cure, in some instances it is treatable - although recurrences are fairly common. Known treatments include giving the patient large sums of money - preferably guaranteed, moving the patient to a different area of the country and then giving him large sums of money, and in certain cases devising ratios as to how many times balls will be fired in their direction. If left untreated, wide receiveritis has been known to be fatal to the team, so patients who have contracted the disease should be treated carefully.

At this time the Giants have not publicly said what course of treatment they plan to pursue.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ebay Items of the Week

Bonus time this week kids. We're offering up a whole collection of classic Syracuse Ebay items. So fire up the Bell Biv Devoe CD as we go "T3I Classic."

The perfect late 80's/early '90's look begins with a killer Starter Cuse lid. Not liking that one? Perhaps this baby is more your style (FULL DISCLOSRE, I owned this hat). Strike two? Well the third time could be the charm if you are still looking for that phat lid. I think I'll be caught in an all-out bidding war with the good guys over at the SportHump, but so be it.

If you are looking for something a little more conservative, we suggest this understated beauty.

Once you've settled on your hat, you can relive Mark MacDonald befuddling the Georgia Bulldogs at Atlana Fulton County Stadium in 1989 for a starting bid of only $3.99. Have a seat Billy Scharr.

"Yo Slick, blow..."

Want to Know How Mike Williams Can Get Back Into School?

If I told you there was information about how a student who was caught cheating and got kicked out of school could get back in, would that be something you're interested in?

Well that information is now out there and kudos to Post Standard reporter Donnie Webb for providing SU fans with the answer.

To cut to the chase, while no one can say it officially, theoretically, if the student who got cheating twice was Syracuse wide receiver Mike Williams (and this assumption is as safe as assuming OJ did it), he could possibly get back into school in January 2009 - in other words, AFTER the football season had ended.

It's a good news/bad news thing for head coach Greg Robinson. The bad news, his star receiver isn't playing for him this fall, the good news - maybe the real estate market will have rebounded and he won't have to take a loss when he puts his house on the market.

Hump Day Reading

Welcome to Wednesday, here are a few things to check out this morning while you talk yourself out of starting your own blog and contemplate the best way to free Roger Clemens.

Former NBA official and convicted felon Tim Donaghy is saying what conspiracy theorists have been shouting about for years - that the NBA is fixed. While I am skeptical of almost all conspiracy theories because A) people can't keep their mouths shut and B) people are too dumb to get together and agree on almost anything - this is bad news for the NBA. Because of Donaghy, everyone is looking at the 2002 Lakers-Kings series and that's something they'd like everyone to forget. Donaghy is a liar and has every reason to lie (to get a shorter sentence) but Jose Canseco is a liar too and some of what he said has panned out.

Even if the game wasn't fixed, this is another blow to the public credibility of the league and the performance of the officials in general. Between the awful finals last year and Donaghy ruining this year's match up, it hasn't been a stellar 12 months for David Stern.

As far as the actual game goes, LA prevailed last night. Nice work by the Boston Herald this morning, running a story on its site from the Orange County Register saying that even though the Lakers won, they aren't moving in the right direction.

In football news, there's a nice piece in the USA Today on David Tyree - there's nothing new in there, but Giant fans may find it interesting. They'll probably also find it interesting that Donovan McNabb has a sore shoulder, which of course stirs up controversy. I was listening to NFL Radio on my way into work this morning and Peter King and Sal Palantonio were openly wondering why he hasn't been replaced by Kevin Kolb yet - which is a joke. Here's an honest question - why did Steve McNair get repeatedly injured throughout his career and was categorized as "a warrior" while every time McNabb gets a hang nail they call for his head?

The Yankees were powered by Wang and won last night, whereas the Mets are just trying to find a bright spot in their mess of a season.

We'll close this post by pointing you to the 9th Greatest Syracuse-Related Moment in Movie History - Snake Eater.