Sunday, August 31, 2008

There he goes again

Donnie Webb's usual good stuff on Greg's Sunday night press conference can be found here.

What really jumped out at me was Greg's response to Donnie's question about throwing in the towel with five minutes left and punting while in Northwestern territory:

"I really thought that maybe ... we threw the incomplete pass, it was fourth-and-10 I believe, I said hey, you know what, maybe we can go down there and make something happen with the defense. Maybe in hindsight, I probably should have gone for it. I figured let the defense have a chance to see if they could, and they didn't. They didn't respond."

So let me get this straight in my idiotic brain. Our best chance at putting points on the board is with our defense? Mitch Browning you just got sent to your room without any supper.

"Make something happen?" Greg you had 55 minutes to make something happen.

Tour Report

The Greg Robinson Band kicked off their 2008 Farewell Tour yesterday at Ryan Field in Evanston, Illinois before a half-filled stadium that was rewarded with a typical GRB performance. Anyone who has seen this act before knows that the Band usually sticks to their predictable originals and mixes in a few covers…lets get to the setlist:

Evanston, IL - Ryan Field
No Preparation, No Problem
High School Schemes
In Over Our Heads
I Still Don’t Know What I’m Looking For
Protection is Four-Letter Word
The Safety Dance
Why Stretch the Field?
Opportunities Passing Me By
No Playmakers at All
Undermanned/Outcoached (Reprise)
Still Can’t Tackle Anybody
Waving the White Flag
Whole Lotta Punts
Mistakes Were Made

Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Same Old Situation

Next Tour Stop: September 6, 2008 in Syracuse, NY

The Chaz Watch: Game 1

"Hey Mom! Can we get some meatloaf? And maybe a few balls thrown my way?"

By now we're sure you've read all of the analysis and breakdowns of Saturday's 30-10 debacle. Candidate Chaz Cervino's Heisman campaign took a bit of a hit Saturday as he did not find his way on to the field of play.

Forget Northwestern's "no-huddle", the poor Orange QB play, or the ability to stretch the field. The real key to this week's loss was the lack of "Chazocity" in the offense.

Akron, you've been warned. Hell hath no furry like a Chaz scorned.

SU Football, the Day After - They Weren't Ready

Welcome to the day after another Syracuse football loss. You should know the feeling by now, since Greg Robinson set foot on campus, it's been this way 29 times in 36 outings. I swear, if the man coached the 1972 Dolphins they would have finished the year 4-10. Of course that would have spared us the shots of Mercury Morris gloating every year, but that's another discussion altogether.

I'm sure you've been over there by now, by has a full recap up - and there are some interesting nuggets of information sprinkled throughout the coverage, include Bud Poliquin's column, where Delone Carter says:

"I don't blame you for thinking like that," he said. "I don't blame you at all. Evidently, what we did today didn't work. We have to fix this, man. We need to get it figured out. We had too many mistakes. We can't start that again. What we need, basically, is more discipline.

"I'm not the coach, but some things need to be changed. We should be able to move the ball without any problems. Putting ourselves in the hole. Going offsides. Committing penalties. Cutting while being engaged. Stuff like that. I mean, we're not young anymore. We can't use that as an excuse now."

Is it possible to fire Robinson and hire Carter as a player-coach? I'm sure that would violate NCAA rules, but it would be an improvement.

Then there is this little story by David Rahme, who talked to Northwestern running back Tyrell Sutton who said Syracuse "wasn't ready" for the Wildcats no huddle attack. Another great quote from the story, Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald:

"That's why we practice the way we do. We practice like our hair is on fire. We go out at a very quick, up-tempo pace, and it allows our guys to be ready for Saturday. The game slows down for them a little, but the other side is that they are in great condition."

Ah, what I wouldn't give for a coach like that. Syracuse fans and the players deserve better than the incompetence we've all been subjected to.

Here's another fun bit of coverage - Video Bud, who talks about the Carter quote and the fact that Art Jones was happy because they played hard......ummmmm the last time I checked, you're SUPPOSED TO play hard.

Poliquin's Postgame Report

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ode to P

Don't get me wrong, I was one of the most vocal critics of P, DeLeone and Jake. I was one of the many calling for a change on the hill. Well, I got what I wished for. Along the way the impossible has happened. With the clowns currently running things, I now actually miss Coach P.

Break out the '80's power ballad.

You punt?

You are down 20 points. There are 5 minutes left in the game. It's fourth down and you are in your opponents territory. What do you do?

Apparently if you are Greg Robinson you roll over and play dead.

Above all else that went wrong, and plenty did as the Russianator pointed out, this really BOILS MY BLOOD.

This is our leader? This is the man who asks his players to fight to the end? To give him all they've got.

Fix this Doctor Gross....fix this.

Northwestern 30 - Syracuse 10

Saturday afternoon was deja vu all over again for the Syracuse football team. A new year brought new promise and new hope, yet Syracuse football fans were treated to more of the same - a bad loss. An ineffective offense and a defense that tackled poorly, could not force the action, and ultimately wore down, lead to another 3 touchdown beating.

The Orange, lead by hapless Coach Greg Robinson came out of the gate with fire and passion, yet ultimately proved no match for what will no doubt prove to be an average Northwestern team.

Here are a few observations while they are still fresh in my mind, I'll try and suppress the venom that's flowing through my blood.

* Obviously the new offensive philosophy will be to control the game with power running and a west coast style passing game. The good news, the running was better - the bad news, the passing game was a joke.

* Syracuse could not stretch the defense and quarterback Andrew Robinson didn't even attempt a pass of over 15 yards until at least the third, or maybe the 4th quarter.

* Speaking of which, Robinson had a poor game. He was inaccurate, failed to stretch the field and thew one TD pass - to Northwestern defender Brendan Smith. Robinson finished the day with 96 yards passing.

* The receivers were culpable as well, with multiple dropped passes. From my couch it was impossible to tell if guys were open downfield or not. One bright spot, true freshman Marcus Sales caught a pass, and he looks like a promising player.

* The offensive line had a few moments and was improved over last year, but they have not improved enough. Corey Chavers had another rough day, getting a false start penalty in addition to getting beat far more than you want a tackle to.

* All three running backs had their moments, and Curtis Brinkley's touchdown run in the 3rd quarter was terrific. Doug Hogue looks stronger and faster, and Delone Carter proved he's healthy. None of this will matter if SU is playing from behind the whole year.

* The defense started well, and had a few bright spots, including Jared Kimmel forcing a fumble that lead to SU's lone touchdown, however, it didn't take long for the hallmark of Greg Robinson coached teams to appear - missed tackles. Running back Tyrell Sutton racked up 148 yards and you would have thought he was covered in Crisco the way he slid off defenders.

* Northwestern QB C.J. Bacher overcame a slow first half to throw for over 200 yards and 3 tds, as the Wildcats wore down the Orange defenders. By the 4th quarter, SU was gassed and couldn't lay a hand on their opponents.

* As far as coaching goes, they are all culpable, it was a bad day in Chicago. The coup de grace however was when the Orange coaches waived the white flag and punted on 4th down, while in Northwestern terrority in the 4th quarter. Would they have won the game had they went for it? No - but it would have sent a message that they hadn't surrendered.
* After watching that game, it's hard to feel optimistic about this team.

Do you like that shirt that's at the top of this post? You can get them right here, we've added a couple of different colors, and all the designs are customizable, so have at it.

SU - Northwestern - First Half Impressions

It's now halftime and Northwestern leads Syracuse 9-3. Here are a couple of quick thoughts on what transpired in the first half:

* The Mitch Browning lead running attack is improved over last year, as Curtis Brinkley, Doug Hogue and Delone Carter all made an impact.

* The improvement isn't going to matter if the passing game doesn't get better, and frankly it was awful in the first half. Andrew Robinson didn't even attempt a pass over 15 yards, and on the shorter balls, he wasn't very accurate. The receivers have also struggled as Lavar Lobdell and Donte Davis both dropped passes.

* Northwestern QB CJ Bacher did not have a good first half, misfiring on multiple attempts. Even so, he managed to toss one TD pass and appears to be getting in rhythm.

* Three years of poor tackling is quickly becoming 4 years of bad tackling, as SU missed a bunch of tackles in the first half.

* Still, holding Northwestern to under 10 points in the half is something I'll take.

* Arthur Jones was pretty much neutralized in the first half.

* Unless SU can find a way to effectively pass the ball, they have no chance of winning this game.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Syracuse vs. Northwestern - Official Idiotic Predictions

Like last year, on the Friday before every SU football game, the three idiots will look into our crystal balls and predict the outcome of the coming game. These predictions are highly scientific and guaranteed to be accurate, if your definition of "accurate" is totally wrong - this is common definition local weatherman use. Want to join in the fun? Leave your prediction in the comments below, sadly, we're not handing out any free bread, so you're playing for pride.

While we are here, there will be no morning reading today, I've got a tee time that's rapidly approaching and while I'd love to spend the day with you on my lap top, I like golf just a little more. So, let's get to the predictions.


24 years ago Syracuse traveled to Evanston and used some last-second heroics to scratch out a 13-12 victory over a Northwestern team that was in the midst the worst era that any major college football program has experienced since WWII. Unfortunately, things have changed and the Syracuse of today is beginning to look an awful lot like those Northwestern teams of the 80’s – this time around it will take some last-second heroics from the Orange to keep the margin under 20.

Northwestern 37
Syracuse 19


This one gets ugly kids...have we heard that before? While it won't quite live up to the drubbing Purdue put on us in another Big10 road game opener, this won't won't be much of a game. Pat Shadle proves to be the player of the game with his three FG's. Unfortunately that doesn't match up to the 31 points put on the board by the Wildcats.

Northwestern 31
Syracuse 9


Call me crazy, but even with a wildly inexperienced receiving crew, I think this is the year the SU offense gets in gear. Call it the Mitch Browning effect. However, this effect is negated by the Greg Robinson defensive coordinator effect, as I don't think the 'cuse will be able to stop anyone.

Northwestern and their spread offense lead by CJ Bacher are simply too much for the cuse, as every time the Orange scores, it's immediately matched and then some by the Wildcats.

Northwestern 42
Syracuse 27

Thursday, August 28, 2008

#1: Donovan McNabb

Photo: Frank Ordonez, Post-Standard

We've finally reached the end of this ridiculous countdown. We would like to point out that if this list was run at the end of the 2008 season, it's clear that the #1 spot would be held by our boy Chaz Cervino. We're just keeping the top spot warm for you Chaz.

Checking in at the #1 spot on the Top 20 Orangemen of the HumpIdiot Era, with 98 HumpIdiot points (including the first-place votes of Boss, Champ, and the Russianator) is QB Donovan McNabb ('95-'98).

The SportHump, "Made someone drop their jockstrap every game. Brought so much energy to the Dome."

The Russianator, "I'll take crap for this since I'm an Eagles fan, but simply put McNabb was the most exciting guy to lace them up for the Orange in the last 25 years. While he was never that accurate, what people don't realize is that if I'm going to have a QB who's a little inaccurate, I'd rather have one that bounces the ball into the turf rather than throwing it to the other team."

Boss, "Provided miracles and memorable Dome field swarmings for this idiot."

The Captain, "His stats speak for themselves, only thing keeping him from being (my) #1 is no ring...when you get drafted t oplay in the NFL a large part of your legacy is determined by rings."

Champ, "I remember that shaky freshmen getting his first start at North Carolina. Turned into the greatest QB on the hill. It's comical to think of this, but back in '99 Tim Couch was the 'can't miss' QB of that draft, and experts debated if McNabb or Akili Smith should be the next QB taken. Ten point performance vs. the Hoyas in '97 earns him more love in my book."

Great work by Donovan getting some camera time behind Jimmy B:

The Complete List:

1. Donovan McNabb (98)
2. Tie: Dwight Freeney and Marvin Harrison (88)
4. Don McPherson (87)
5. Tim Green (77)
6. Rob Moore (65)
7. Tie: Marvin Graves and Joe Morris (60)
9. Tie: Daryl Johnston and Donovan Darius (45)
11. Kevin Johnson (36)
12. Keith Bulluck (35)
13. Dan Conley (34)
14. Walter Reyes (31)
15. Qadry Ismail (23)
16. Robert Drummond (21)
17. Scott Schwedes (20)
18. Tie: Art Monk and Chris Gedney (17)
20. Kevin Mitchell (13)

Others receiving votes: James Mungro (12), Michael Owens (11), Damien Rhodes (11), Shelby Hill (10), Rob Konrad (9), Quinton Spotwood (9), Kevin Abrams (7), Kirby Dar Dar (6), Ted Gregory (5), Glen Young (3), Markus Paul (2), David Walker (2), Todd Philcox (1), Adam Terry (1)

It's Here - the Official Idiotic Syracuse Football Season Preview

We know the anticipation has been KILLING YOU. When, oh dear GOD when, will The Three Idiots put up their official SU football preview???? Well, the wait is over. The work below is groundbreaking. It's emotional. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be amazed at how accurate and thought provoking this preview is. Yes, it's that good. You'll forget everything you've ever read before about SU, and you'll want more. You'll also realize that like every other preview and prediction that's been posted on the internet, it's most likely full of crap (much like that intro) - because that's why they play the games. Let's get started.


If 2008 is anything like 2005-2007, without question this season will be the Greg Robinson Farewell Tour, and if that happens, it's not a moment too soon. Prior to last season, the jury was very much out on Robinson, and I openly wondered what kind of coach he would prove himself to be. The results of last season told me all I needed to know. There was a reason he was fired from his last 2 professional gigs - poor performance. Since I haven't done it yet, my portion of this preview will take a quick look at the team by position, then finish with a prediction for the season.


They will be improved on this side of the ball, the addition of Mitch Browning and the fact that things can't get much worse virtually guarantees it.

Quarterback - If Pasqualoni had convinced this many viable arms to come to SU during his last 3 years, he might not be working in Miami right now. Last year Andrew Robinson proved himself a tough and capable signal caller, and he's definitely earned the right to start this year. With over 2,000 yards and almost twice as many TDs as interceptions, he had about as fine a year as you could expect on a 2 win team. Especially you consider that he was sacked more times than an Idaho potato.

While he played well, there is a ways to go in his development. He didn't start playing football until the 9th grade, and at times it shows. At times he doesn't show a great natural feel for the game and sometimes holds the ball too long. He also doesn't throw a great, or accurate, deep ball. That being said, those are all areas he can improve on, and I fully expect he will. I like this guy. He's backed up by Cameron Dantley, who has a cannon for an arm, throws a pretty ball and has shown he can move the team when called up. Dantley's biggest downfall is that you don't know what team he's going to end up throwing the ball too. Behind him are a promising, but completely untested trio of Cody Catalina, David Legree and Ryab Nassib. The team should be solid at this spot for the next few years.

Running Back - The RBs are also solid and healthy, with Delone Carter, Doug Houge and Curtis Brinkley vying for playing time. Carter showed me enough in 2006 to convince me if he's healthy, he should be the number one choice, and Hogue has been getting rave reviews in camp. Brinkley is on his last chance, here's hoping me makes the most of it. There are 4 talented freshman behind this trio, if anyone can open a hole, SU is fine here.

Offensive Line - I'm not going to waste anyone's time here, I've never played on the O-line, I don't have coaches tape to break down and I haven't been to a single practice. Can they get better? They can't get much worse, this group is the biggest question mark on a team of question marks. If there's no improvement, don't bother watching games, it won't be worth your time.

WR/TE - an equally challenged group - only Lavar Lobdell and Mike Owen are the only returning players that caught passes in games last year - this untested bunch has a lot to prove. It also muddies the evaluation of the QB and offensive line positions. If Robinson struggles early, or if they can't run the ball, will it be because the receivers can't get open and aren't respected? We will find out quick enough, although I have a feeling Bruce Williams will make an impact this year.


I don't like Greg Robinson's defensive philosophy, I don't like his schemes and I don't like the results we've seen so far. His soft zones, use of smaller players to "fly" around the field, and bend but don't break (even though they almost always broke) philosophy simply doesn't work when the guys with the ball are faster and more talented than the guys that are supposed to be flying to it. Last year this unit was terrible, this year, I think they will be improved, but not half as much as they will need to be.

Defensive Line - Arthur Jones is a stud. Bud Tribbey is a potential stud. Jared Kimmel is recovering from a knee injury. Everything else on this unit is one huge question mark. The DL was a big part of the reason why the Orange only netted 9 sacks last year - of course it's tough to sack the QB when you rush 3 guys and your defensive coordinator is dropping your best pass rusher into coverage, but I digress.

Linebacker - This unit was simply atrocious last year. Middle linebacker Jake Flaherty improved as the season went on, look for a much better year from him. Last year's outside backers have been moved to TE and DE respectively, so that tells you all you need to know there. They've been replaced by Mike Mele and Derrell Smith, two young players who haven't proven anything yet.

Secondary - A thin, but potentially improved unit. Randy McKinnon and Mike Holmes should add some speed and swagger, and we know if Max Suter gets on the field he can do some damage, but everyone back here is young, with the exception of starting safety AJ Brown, who looked slow last year.

Special Teams - these will be solid. Patrick Shadle was a good kicker when he was fat, he's skinnier now. Brendan Carney is a solid punter and Max Suter set a record for kick returns last year.

Season Outlook - Looking at the schedule, I can only see 2 real solid wins, Akron and Northeastern. Given the fact that this is college football and there IS some talent on this team, I think stealing a win versus UConn or Louisville is entirely possible. Let's say they bite the Huskies at home. The rest of the season looks like a tough ride. I think they keep games against Northwestern, Pitt, Rutgers and Notre Dame and Cincinnati relatively close (within 2 TDs), and take a woodshed beatings versus West Virginia, South Florida, and Penn State.

The finally record, 3-9

And the coaching search begins. Get your t-shirt before it's too late.


Season Outlook

Let's get this on the record right now. Orange coaches and players, I beg you: PROVE ME WRONG on this forecast.

In the last 3 years we've witnessed the Syracuse football program hit the absolute rock bottom of their storied history. In looking to the future of this season I have to look to the recent past.

It's full-blown political season and I'm going to borrow a line that's often thrown out this time of year: Is your football program better off now than it was three years ago?

Looking at the schedule I'm willing to put 1-AA foe Northeastern into the "W" column...but keep in mind fellow Orange fans the lesson Appalachian State taught the college football world in Ann Arbor last year.

Based on three years of steps backward, falling on our faces and complete disappointment I can't see any Big East wins. The stars won't be aligned again this year when Louisville comes calling in the Dome.

Out of conference Akron pulls the upset and becomes this year's Miami of Ohio game. Joe Pa shows everyone why right now Penn State isn't playing Syracuse regularly. It's the same reason Major League Baseball teams quit playing their AAA affiliates in meaningless exhibition games.

Northwestern sets the tone opening day in front of a national TV audience.

The lone highlight will come from frosh WR Chaz Cervino who breaks all SU single season receiving records on his way to becoming the University's second Heisman Trophy winner. Or maybe not.

Please don't confuse my honest opinion with over-the-top negativity that plagues many Orange fans.

I will continue to be at every home game with my fellow season ticket holders.

I will continue to be one of the few regular tailgaters in my parking lot for every home game including the dreaded nooners.

I will continue to stand and yell on 3rd down and cheer my butt off for the players.

I will put any UConn fan in their place that starts talking crap to Syracuse fans in my section.

I love Syracuse athletics and it breaks my heart to see the program in it's current state.

Please....prove this prediction wrong. I hope so.

Final Record 1-11.


Boss Ah…college football is back! It is the season when school buses resume destroying your morning commute, yard maintenance is eschewed in favor of setting your fantasy lineup, and sitting in parking lot with beers and brats is a Saturday well-spent.

And as with every SU football campaign since Greg Robinson took the helm, it is a season of questions. Questions at LB, WR, O-Line, etc… This idiot can’t effectively rehash the same old questions with a coherent perspective (I’ll leave that to everyone else) -- so instead I’m offering up answers, and frankly this program drove by “questions” 2 exits back off the interstate…its time for some answers and accountability. Idiotic answers no less.

YesI believe Robinson is right the man for the job…Andrew Robinson that is, I just wish he had somebody to throw the ball to that didn’t attend CBA. Without any legitimate wideouts this team will live and die with the running game...and when forced into passing situations, ARob is going to have to be spot on as there won’t be much separation coming from the WR corps.

Six…I know its asking a lot to save coach’s job, especially considering that SU has won a total 7 games in prior three years under GRob, but anything less and the Farewell Tour MUST conclude November 29th at Nippert Stadium.

The basement…Seriously where are all of the Big East wins coming from...maybe Louisville, maybe UConn at the Dome…probably not. Prepare for another season in the conference cellar – which wouldn’t be so horrible if I had a 42” LCD down there.

Northwestern…I know its easy to pick the next game as the most important, but if you analyze the ‘Cuse schedule, you’ll quickly notice that getting to six wins starts with a W in Evanston on Saturday and even then it’s a longshot.
119th…or last in NCAA Division I-A (eff the Bowl Subdivision crap) is where the SU defense will be ranked. Might be harsh but Patriot League-level personnel combined with a constantly changing coaching staff isn’t what I’d call a positive…Any wins this year will come in spite of the defense.

2-10…Akron (not a given) and Northeastern are the victories, that’s it. Look at the schedule and try and find another win, there aren’t any. No more pie-in-the-sky optimism, this program has become a joke and realistically the season is likely to look pretty familiar.

Having said all that, its still SU football and I’ll be planning weekend activities around ‘Cuse games for the next 3 months…and besides college football season only lasts until early January so take it all in.

Final Record - 2-10.

Thursday Reading

The college football season is here, and as a Yankee fan, all I can say is, its about time. Baseball is clearly over. Let's make this quick, as I'll also be posting our Syracuse football season preview shortly.

Donnie Webb wants us all to fill in the blanks on the SU football season. Donnie is good to 'cuse fans, his work is great, so get over there and start fillin'. I got a hold of Greg Robinson's answers to all these blanks and they were all the same phrase - "I don't know."

Starting Safety Randy McKinnon gets by with a little help from a friend and the PS puts up a double shot of audio slide shows.

The Daily Orange says its now or never for the Orange.

The Ups and Downs of the Syracuse defensive backs.

Here's a Big East preview, from a Tampa perspective.

25 things to get excited about in the Big East this year, the Express makes the list.

Turner Gill recruits in Texas, and would have come to SU if Tom Osborne was the coach. I like Turner Gill, personally I think he'd look great wearing Orange and standing on the sideline in the dome next year.

Rutgers fans are already speculating over SU's next coach.....I can't believe I just typed that. Give them credit, they put together a comprehensive list.

The Chicago Sun Times is happy SU won't see the Express until after the game against the Wildcats. I wish seeing a movie was enough to turn around a program. If that was the case, UTEP would have won the NCAA hoops title a couple of years ago.

The Lake Posts wonder if SU is trying to trick Northwestern by not naming a starting running back, or if its just incompetence.

For those that like to make the occasional wager, this blog likes Northwestern on Saturday.

Over the Pylon previews the 'cuse.

In baseball news, the Yankees committed season ending suicide last night.

Speaking of suicide in sports, Shawne Merriman may very well be attempting to end his career, interesting choice there. I guess he can put some 'tussin on it (great headline).

And I'll end this with the social event of the season.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ebay Item of the Week

We learned this week that the Syracuse-Northwestern nooner on ESPN2 would be brought to us by Ray Bentley and Pam Ward.

It looks like Pam has been busy during the offseason.

#2 Tie: Dwight Freeney and Marvin Harrison

Photo: Frank Ordonez, Post-Standard

Number two? Yup, another tie has us up to the two-spot on the Top 20 Orangemen of the HumpIdiot Era countdown. Both honorees check in with a total of 88 HumpIdiot points. First up is DE terror Dwight Freeney ('98-'01)

Boss, "This guy scared opposing offenses when he played, now opposing offenses scare me."

The SportHump, "SPEED!"

Russianator, "Sacked Mike Vick 4 times and was almost singlehandedly responsible for that 10 win season in 2001. He was the most dominating defensive player I've seen in person. 'Nuff said."

Champ, "Monster. Carried the '01 team. Proving a lot of so-called experts wrong in the NFL who said he was undersized. He got in the backfield faster than anyone I ever saw."

The Captain, "Listen, anytime an NFL offensive line coach puts a new scheme strictly to stop one person on the defense, you know you're something special. One of the most feared pass rushers and defenders in recent memory. Superbowl ring doesn't subtract from his value either."


Joining Dwight "The Fright" at number two is fellow Indianapolis Colt Marvin Harrison ('92-'95). Marvin also earned 88 HumpIdiot points including the first-place votes of The SportHump and The Captain.

The Captain, "He is considered one of the best to play his position...ever. When Jerry Rice speaks highly of you, and you are a receiver, you know you are good. Never flashy when he scores, not disrespectful or in-your-face. Just throw him the ball and he will catch it 99% of the time (80% of those times it will be for 6 pts.)"

The SportHump, "Most underrated, complete football player we have ever had. Going to be a first ballot Hall of Famer."

Champ, "At the top of the storied list of WR's at SU. Wow, helluva pro he's become. Did anyone expect him to put up the numbers he has in the NFL?"

Boss, "Great punt returner in addition to being the best WR in Cuse history."

Russianator, "It's hard to separate the college receiver from the future Hall of Fame pro wide out. He probably wasn't used as much as he could have been, he still had an amazing career. Still SU's all time leader in catches and yardage."

The Complete List:
2. Tie: Dwight Freeney and Marvin Harrison (88)
4. Don McPherson (87)
5. Tim Green (77)
6. Rob Moore (65)
7. Tie: Marvin Graves and Joe Morris (60)
9. Tie: Daryl Johnston and Donovan Darius (45)
11. Kevin Johnson (36)
12. Keith Bulluck (35)
13. Dan Conley (34)
14. Walter Reyes (31)
15. Qadry Ismail (23)
16. Robert Drummond (21)
17. Scott Schwedes (20)
18. Tie: Art Monk and Chris Gedney (17)
20. Kevin Mitchell (13)

Others receiving votes: James Mungro (12), Michael Owens (11), Damien Rhodes (11), Shelby Hill (10), Rob Konrad (9), Quinton Spotwood (9), Kevin Abrams (7), Kirby Dar Dar (6), Ted Gregory (5), Glen Young (3), Markus Paul (2), David Walker (2), Todd Philcox (1), Adam Terry (1)

Wednesday Morning Reading

The last unofficial week of summer is humming along, we should have our Idiotic Syracuse season preview up soon (guaranteed to be 100% wrong!), but in the meantime, grab a cup of coffee and and hot beef sundae and let's get to some links.

This has been all over the internet, radio and TV for the last day, but the LPGA has stirred up some controversy by requiring its players to speak English. Here's my take - if you're watching the LPGA already, ask yourself how you got to this point and start reevaluating your life.

Moving on to someone else who doesn't speak English, Syracuse Head Coach Greg Robinson has not yet named a starting tailback, but Curtis Brinkley likes his chances. From what I've seen, if Delone Carter is healthy, he's the best option here.

I remember back in the days before the Internet (yes, those days existed) when I would eagerly await the Post Standard Syracuse football preview, I'd get that thing and pour over it like the Zapruder film, trying to glean as much information as possible and dream of ways SU could steal a National Championship. Flash forward to today - the preview available on the web - I no longer have visions of championships dancing through my head, but I do have a lot of reading to do, so start reading people.

A couple of stories worth noting, the Orange will face Northwestern's spread offense on Saturday, something they haven't stopped in 3 years. I'll have a few more things to say about this if we ever get that preview up and running. Speaking of previews and predictions, here is the Post Standard's staff previews for the year.

The Axeman had Northwestern Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald (I think he's Italian) on his show yesterday, you can get caught up here.

ESPN has its best and worse case scenarios for every team in the Big East, you can read about Syracuse right here. I remember a day in the not so distant past when 6-6 would have everyone screaming for the coach's head, now it's a best case scenario.

SU linebacker Mike Stenclik has fought through injuries. When we has on the field last year, he looked decent - a history of concussions makes me nervous about his future though, those things seem to have a way of reoccurring.

Randy McKinnon is following in the footsteps of Donovin Darius - that's a pretty good role model right there.

Hoya Suxa has the first part of the SU football season preview posted. Here's hoping there's more to come, because frankly Matt Glaude is great at this whole blogging thing, and has been for quite some time. Here's hoping he has more time to write, we will all be better off for it.

Bud has 10 reasons why we should be at least curious about this year's football team. We've been curious, just not optimistic.

There is a brewing war between T3I and the Sport Hump, as they've chosen to rally behind freshman wide receiver Van Chew. Readers of this blog know we have formally adopted Chaz Cervino as our guy for this year - you can not stop Chaz, you can only hope to contain him.

In basketball news, there is now a date for Syracuse v. Virginia, Mike Waters expects the rest of this year's schedule to be announced in the coming week, meanwhile recruit Dion Waiters has been ranked in the top 20 in his class.

In baseball news, the Yankees hopes for a playoff berth are becoming not slim, but anorexic, as they got their asses kicked by the Red Sox last night, with A-Rod throwing up all over himself. To anyone confused, that's a golf term for choking - he didn't actually puke, that would have at least been interesting.

Meanwhile, over in Met-land, NY's JV team partied like it was 2007, blowing a 7 run lead and losing to the Phillies in extra innings. Mr. Met is most likely shooting meth right now.

Awful Announcing has the entire line up of broadcasters for this week's college football games.

Fox must be paying Michael Strahan well, because he's not coming back to the Giants, even after giving his ex-wife more than $7 million in the divorce.

I love Donovan McNabb, but I can't tell you how happy I am to not have to see Momma McNabb anymore. Those commercials were awful. Give me talking lizards any day of the week.

And I'll leave you with this AP story - weird people hang out together on the Internet.

#4: Don McPherson


With 87 HumpIdiot Points, QB Don McPherson earns the #4 spot on the Top 20 Orangemen of the HumpIdiot Era countdown. Donnie led the Orangemen to an undefeated 1987 season capped off by a Sugar Bowl MVP performance. In an absolute heist, Donnie finished 2nd in Heisman voting to Notre Dame WR Tim Brown.

Things were great for Donnie in 1987. After the Heisman farce he earned the Davie O'Brien National QB and Maxwell Awards. In addition, Donnie was a First Team All-American. Heck, even People Magazine featured a nice piece on him.

Boss, "Better QB than announcer, robbed in the '87 Heisman voting--like the Heisman really means anything these days."

The Captain, "Prototypical SU quarterback...extremely athletic, great with the ball."

Russianator, "A member of the College Hall of Fame, he was brilliant in 1987 and Champ points out, was robbed of the Heisman that year. He battled injuries early in his career, but was key to the ressurection of the program. One other note, if you ever catch some old film, he looks so damn skinny. The game has changed people."

The SportHump, "You never felt as if we were out of any game while he was behind center."

Champ, "Had a perfect year in '87. Probably arrived 10 years too early for the NFL."

The Complete List:

4. Don McPherson (87)
5. Tim Green (77)
6. Rob Moore (65)
7. Tie: Marvin Graves and Joe Morris (60)
9. Tie: Daryl Johnston and Donovan Darius (45)
11. Kevin Johnson (36)
12. Keith Bulluck (35)
13. Dan Conley (34)
14. Walter Reyes (31)
15. Qadry Ismail (23)
16. Robert Drummond (21)
17. Scott Schwedes (20)
18. Tie: Art Monk and Chris Gedney (17)
20. Kevin Mitchell (13)

Others receiving votes: James Mungro (12), Michael Owens (11), Damien Rhodes (11), Shelby Hill (10), Rob Konrad (9), Quinton Spotwood (9), Kevin Abrams (7), Kirby Dar Dar (6), Ted Gregory (5), Glen Young (3), Markus Paul (2), David Walker (2), Todd Philcox (1), Adam Terry (1)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Getting to Know Northwestern - Through Video

Syracuse v. Northwestern - noon - Saturday. Feel the excitement -- or not. Either way, if you're like most SU fans, learning more about the next opponent is vital, so let's take a break from reading and learn more about the Wildcats the quintessential American way - by watching video.

This is my favorite season preview clip on Northwestern I've seen so far, mainly because the woman doing the preview has big cans.

College Sports Minute for Monday, July 14, 2008 - Click here for the most popular videos

Via the Big 10 Network (it really does exist) - here's a look at pre-season Northwestern practice. I learned 2 things from this clip, C.J. Bacher isn't afraid to tuck the ball in and run, and the tailgate set up that leads off the clip is AMAZING.

While Northwestern is favored, Duke snapped a 22 game losing streak against them last year, so anything is possible.

Unlike SU, it appears that they played an actual Spring game.

And Northwestern students really love Thriller.

Stanford Offers the "Sucker Free Guarantee"

The Syracuse football $100 season ticket package is a ridiculously good value if you like college football (or what USED to pass for college football). I've often thought about giving up my over priced premium seats for a couple of these puppies, since a blowout loss looks the same from any vantage point in the building, but I can't seem to bring myself to do it.

Anyway, in a move that makes $100 season tickets seem outrageous - Stanford is offering a money back guarantee to any new season ticket holders who are unsatisfied with the entertainment value the tickets provide. If you are a poor sap who has been buying tickets for years, you're out of luck, but the newbies can ask for their cash back at the end of the season if they so chose.

Some friendly advice to Doctor Gross - you might want to think twice before following Stanford's lead on that one.

Tuesday Reading

Welcome to Tuesday, which is German for whale's vagina - if you take issue with that, we'll have to agree to disagree, now let's get to some links.

The Giants are trying to lure Michael Strahan out of retirement - if you happened to listen to Mike and Mike this morning you would have heard this a million times - that and an hour of discussion over whether a 9 year old should be allowed to pitch in little league baseball. It wasn't one of Fozzy Bear's best performances. Jesus I hate it when Stern in on vacation.

Shawne Merriman is trying to find ANY doctor who will let him play this year. I love ripping this guy, but I'll give him credit for wanting to get on the field.

Our daily collection of Greg Robinson on the hot seat links begins with the Axeman.

Greg Robinson like the unknown of the opener, probably because the only thing he has known is his team getting their asses kicked. More discussion on the depth chart and the running back battle is available here.

Who needs running backs anyway - the Sport Hump says start the game without one. Of course, this would most likely catch their opponent off guard so Robinson has probably already dismissed the idea.

Here's a great story from the Seattle Times - among the gems in there, a safety was busted for stealing condoms and Greg Robinson has two more Big East wins than you do.

A Syracuse football preview, Weezer style. Personally Weezer has always a band I've liked, but never enough to really get into their music. The preview is pretty good however, check it out.

Rutgers opens with a ranked opponent on Monday.

Remember Drew Henson? Not many people do.

In SU basketball news, the Orange exhibition games have been announced - and Stevie Thompson is coming back to the Dome.

The Daily Orange says off-field incidents have tainted SU's image.

Who got injured this weekend in the NFL and how that affects fantasy football is available here.

In baseball news, the Yankees-Red Sox and Phillies-Mets series both begin tonight, it should make for a few interesting days of baseball.

Via the Big Lead, the entire TV schedule for college football.

Here's an Olympian who did not get her fair share of coverage. The high jump just became AWESOME.

And we'll leave you with this - did you know Strange Brew turns 25 today? If you hosers don't know what I'm talking about, well I'm sorry. Here's a clip.

Monday, August 25, 2008

#5: Tim Green


It's Top 5 time kids. Earning the #5 spot on the Top 20 Orangemen of the HumpIdiot Era with a toal of 77 HumpIdiot points is the pride of Liverpool,, lawyer, NFL announcer and future politician, Tim Green ('82-'85).

The Russianator, "Again, he could be higher but he played just as I was becoming a true football fanatic. He's the opposite of Harrison, his college career was spectacular, wherass many will remember him as being merely decent in the pros."

The SportHump, "Dude had a motor and wouldn't quit."

The Captain, "First real defensive superstar that I personally remember from SU. Old pics of Tim Green and the feathered hair are priceless. Did good things with the Falcons when they were really bad."

Boss, "Two-time All-American, SU career sack leader, and undersized NFL lineman. Better author than announcer although that isn't saying much."

Champ, "Three words: FOUR WHEEL DRIVE."

The Complete List

5. Tim Green (77)
6. Rob Moore (65)
7. Tie: Marvin Graves and Joe Morris (60)
9. Tie: Daryl Johnston and Donovan Darius (45)
11. Kevin Johnson (36)
12. Keith Bulluck (35)
13. Dan Conley (34)
14. Walter Reyes (31)
15. Qadry Ismail (23)
16. Robert Drummond (21)
17. Scott Schwedes (20)
18. Tie: Art Monk and Chris Gedney (17)
20. Kevin Mitchell (13)

Others receiving votes: James Mungro (12), Michael Owens (11), Damien Rhodes (11), Shelby Hill (10), Rob Konrad (9), Quinton Spotwood (9), Kevin Abrams (7), Kirby Dar Dar (6), Ted Gregory (5), Glen Young (3), Markus Paul (2), David Walker (2), Todd Philcox (1), Adam Terry (1)

All the tea in China

Like many sports fans I was a frequent viewer of the Olympics over the past two weeks (Its not like you really had a choice, I mean baseball season all but over for Yankee fans and preseason football ---sorry, but that is about as exciting as a Greg Robinson presser), and yes I even stayed up late a few nights and zombied into work the next day with sunglasses on. Anyway for your reading pleasure, I thought I’d offer up an idiot’s perspective upon watching the games:

Things I get:

Traditional Olympic Sports getting tons on primetime coverage on NBC - Track, Swimming, and Gymnastics, sports that are pretty easy to follow and the USA has been known to dominate. The gymnastics though, that I could do without.

The IOC cutting baseball and softball from the Olympic program --- Off the top of my head I can not name one USA Baseball player, but I'm sure I got some great naps in during USA Network's coverage. Olympic baseball you won’t be missed.

There is a large wall that is centuries old in this part of the world and apparently it is great.

Dan Hicks - he was born to be a swimming announcer and nothing else…I repeat...nothing else, not even a CNN Headline News segment contributor.

Things I don’t quite get:

Boxing - Didn’t this used to be a premier Olympic sport? It has become a WWE-like travesty now and worse yet, the USA stinks at it.

Beach Volleyball - Don’t get me wrong there is a lot to enjoy during a beach volleyball match, the competition and rallying isn’t one of them. On the other hand, indoor volleyball matches were filled with 5 setters, ridiculous athleticism ,and a great run for gold by the US men. Indoor Volleyball was by far this idiot’s most enjoyed sport.

Bela Karolyi - This guy is a train wreck…whatever NBC paid Bob Costas to host the games, it wasn’t enough. In addition to having to translate Bela-speak to all the viewers, he also had to put up with the smugness that only Chris Collinsworth can provide…nobody should have to endure that on a nightly basis.

Brazilians with one name - Ronaldinho, Marta, Giba…why is it that every Brazilian soccer or volleyball athlete has only one name? It is arrogant and conceited and frankly T3I is abit offended.

Things I’d like to have:

Logan Tom - Next time, less May/Walsh on the beach, more Logan on the indoor court.

Access to Government Officials willing to doctor a birth certificate -this is one idiot who wouldn't mind subtracting a couple of years of his actual age...losing the sore back and knees wouldn’t hurt either.

Tickets to Vancouver 2010…you just know that is going to be an all-world party.

How Old is Tiki Mayben Anyway?

In true Peter King style, file this post under things that will probably only interest me, but I just saw this article that discusses new recruits the Binghamton basketball team is bringing on campus, and in it, there's this gem:

"For Broadus, however, there is merely excitement at having his talented recruits at Binghamton to begin preseason workouts. There’s Tiki Mayben, a prodigious passer who once committed to play for Syracuse University, and played at UMass and Hudson Valley Community College before BU."

Mayben is a talented player from Troy (just north of Albany) who committed to SU what seemed like a hundred years ago but due to a variety of reasons, never set foot on campus. Since that time, he's bounced to a couple of different colleges and I figured that by now he'd be playing in the King of King's League or something.

Needless to say, this news was surprising to me, so I headed off on a trusty Google search to gather more information on Tiki - here's what I found:

- He actually is signed for this upcoming basketball season.

- Trying to read the roster on the Binghamton web page will give you a headache.

- He has a profile on Draft Express, which says he's 21 years old.

Good luck to Tiki, I personally wish him well, except when he plays UAlbany, and here's hoping his next stop isn't a summer league in Utica.

How Far We've Fallen

With the Syracuse Orange football season set to kick off at high noon on Saturday, the excitement towards the season is building. The epic failures of the last 3 years have tempered our enthusiasm somewhat, but you still can't help but get excited. With a new season comes new hope - no matter how muted that hope may be.

With that said, I was reading this post over at TNIAAM, attempting to learn a little more about the Northwestern Wildcats. I'm not going to lie, I don't know too much about Northwestern football, other than they were terrible for decades and then Gary Barnett revived the program in the mid 1990s. Since then they've been a little up and down and a few years ago tragically had their coach pass away less than 2 months before the start of the season.

That's all my knowledge - that and they had a star running back who played briefly for the Philadelphia Eagles who was more interested in acting than playing football. His name escapes me and I'm too lazy to Google it right now, but as a pro, he wasn't all that good.

Anyway, with that little digression over, I was soaking up all the knowledge that the The Lake Posts (an excellent blog covering Northwestern football) were providing in regards to their prospects for the year, when I came to this question and answer:

TNIAAM: C.J. Bacher, where does he rank on the all-time Northwestern QB list?

LTP: Not on it. Yet. He'll need to cut his TDs in half and get a bowl win to be considered. Yes, he racked up a ton of yards last year, and had some impressive moments at the end of his sophomore year, but he isn't in the team photo of Steve Schnur, Brett Basanez, or even Zak Kustok yet.

No offense to Northwestern football or the fine people over at the Lake Posts, but Syracuse is a 12 point underdog to a team whose 3 greatest quarterbacks are Steve Schnur, Brett Basanez and Zak Kustok? Seriously? We've fallen that far. I mean they all had nice college careers, but that's not exactly Donovan McNabb, Don McPherson and Marvin Graves. Heck, I'd take Todd Philcox over any of the Northwestern guys, he pulled down a paycheck in the NFL for 9 years.

Here's hoping that the current staff, or most likely the next staff, can get this program headed back in the right direction because before you know it, there will he a whole generation of fans that only know Syracuse football as Troy Nunes, Perry Patterson and R.J. Anderson. Northwestern is poised and ready for a strong season, there's no reason Syracuse shouldn't be as well.

Monday Morning Game Week Reading

College football is almost here and not a moment too soon. One short week from now, we'll be ranting about how bad the Syracuse football team is, or sitting here in quiet amazement reconsidering our thoughts on the season, either way, at least it will be underway.

So while most New York Giants fans probably want to sweeten their coffee with anti-freeze this morning, let's get to some links.

The Syracuse football depth chart is out and it has more ORs on it than a row boat (I know that was weak, but you think of something funny having to do with or - I dare you). In addition, true freshman are having to wait their turn. Give Robinson credit for loading up on talent at the QB and RB positions - everything else on this team is a crap shoot.

Game times have been announced, and it's great news for those of us that like to tailgate. In addition, since I drive 2 hours to home games, I'm personally pleased that I can get up at a reasonable time, drive to the game and still have time for a beer or 20 before the festivities commence - and since in my world everything is all about me, this is the way it should be.

Dave Rahme outlines questions that need answers this season. Meanwhile, ESPN poses some burning questions about the team as well, but since there are only 3 questions, there can't be too much on fire right now in Syracuse.

The Tuscon Citizen says Pitt is poised to make a big leap.....and Greggo is on the hot seat.

Doc's Sports says Robinson has no chance of saving his job thanks to the schedule, and while we are on the subject, here's another Greg Robinson hot seat story. In a related note, the Jock Rap predicts an October 19th firing for Robinson, which would make this shirt inaccurate.

Is West Virginia's season shaping up to be a perfect storm?

Northwestern is listed as one of the most improved teams in the Big Ten - great.

In basketball news, Coach Boeheim says that by winning the gold medal they restored pride in USA basketball.

In baseball, the Yankees swept the Orioles, but there's a lot of work to do before we can start getting excited.

ESPN and CBS have locked up the best college football conference in the nation for 15 years - so don't go surfing the dial for that SEC network anytime soon.

Umpires and mustaches go together like peanut butter and jelly.

The Philadelphia Eagles special teams actually played well against the Pats Friday night, and this means............well absolutely nothing frankly.

Five rookies who may make an impact this season in the NFL.

Matt Leinart may have lost his job to Kurt Warner, if you ask Kurt, God probably wanted it that way.

And I'll leave you with this - forget MySpace, that's so last year, it's time for HoffSpace.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

#6: Rob Moore


With 65 HumpIdiot points, Rob Moore ('87-'89) finds himself as the #6 ranked Orangemen of the HumpIdiot Era.

The SportHump, "Throw it up to him, he would grab it. What Johnny Morant should have been. Also mentioned in the Poison song by BBD."

The Captain, "The first ex-SU player I really followed after he got into the NFL. Good hands, good size, and if I'm not mistaken, he made it into a Bell-Biv-Devoe song."

Champ, "Huge opening play vs. Joe Pa. Decent NFL career. After Rod Tidwell, the best #85 in Arizona."

Russianator, "A true deep threat, he owns the SU record for most career TD catches and did all of that in only 3 years, one of which he didn't play much. Of course Mike Williams porbably would have broken this...ugh."

Boss, "1987 Penn State 1st play from scrimmage...that never gets old."

The Complete List

6. Rob Moore (65)
Tie: Marvin Graves and Joe Morris (60)
9. Tie: Daryl Johnston and Donovan Darius (45)
Kevin Johnson (36)
Keith Bulluck (35)
13. Dan Conley (34)
Walter Reyes (31)
15. Qadry Ismail (23)
Robert Drummond (21)
Scott Schwedes (20)
Tie: Art Monk and Chris Gedney (17)
Kevin Mitchell (13)

Others receiving votes: James Mungro (12), Michael Owens (11), Damien Rhodes (11), Shelby Hill (10), Rob Konrad (9), Quinton Spotwood (9), Kevin Abrams (7), Kirby Dar Dar (6), Ted Gregory (5), Glen Young (3), Markus Paul (2), David Walker (2), Todd Philcox (1), Adam Terry (1)