Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fun Terrell Owens Facts for New Year's Eve

TO is is sad because he really wanted his middle name to be El Camino

Did you know that Terrell Owens' middle name is Eldorado? Seriously, it's true. He shares a middle name with this famous ride from Cadillac.

Bonus fact -according to this site, TO lead the NFC in dropped passes this year. Including this one against the Giants.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Talk Like a Pirate

We'll be chatting through the SU-Seton Hall game so stop by - talking like a pirate and making Bobby Gonzalez jokes are strongly encouraged. See you all in a bit.

A Real Quick Look at Seton Hall

Take a good look because you won't be seeing Bobby coaching tonight

Tonight the Seton Hall Pirates invade the Dome to kick off Syracuse's Big East season. While will have a full preview - here are a few Seton Hall links to check out while you get ready for tonight's game. Also, for those so inclined, I'm going to fire up the live chat for the game, so head back here at tip off if you want to join in.

- The South Bend Tribune says head coach Bobby Gonzalez may be on borrowed time.

- The Hall is coming off a big win over Fairleigh Dickinson.

- But they also lost to James Madison and IUPUI.

- Gonzalez has an evil twin who will need to take over coaching duties as Bobby serves his one game suspension tonight.

Fun Terrell Owens Fact of the Day

TO is sad, he'll never catch Ricky

The last winning playoff game TO played* in occurred on January 5, 2003 -- almost six years ago. Since that time Ricky Proehl's teams have won 8 playoff games.....and Ricky's career ended after the 2006 season.

* Due to injury, Owens only played in the Superbowl in 2005 for the Eagles, he didn't play in any play off games the Eagles won to get there.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Ho, ho, ho!

So what was everyone opening under their trees this Christmas season? Leave it to us to fill you in while you're waiting for that Syracuse bowl game....oh wait a minute. Anyways, these guys were all "nice" on Santa's list this year:

Greg Robinson

Doug Marrone

Eric Devendorf


The SportHump Guys

2009 Heisman Winner Chaz Cervino

Orange Chuck

Good friend and honorary Idiot, The Captain

Doctor Daryl Gross

Brett Favre

The Dallas Cowboys and NY Mets

CC Sabathia

Red Sox Fans

Former and soon to be again Orangeman Mike Williams

Syracuse hoops fans everywhere

Al Davis

Lane Kiffin

Our Third Idiot, Boss

Happy New Year to everyone.

The Captain's NFL Regular Season Awards

As we all know, the NFL concluded it's regular season last night in wild fashion and to mark the occasion, honorary idiot The Captain checks in from his bunker deep in the Pennsyltucky woods and provides us with his NFL regular season awards. The thoughts below are his, with a few of my comments tossed in for good measure.

Before we get started, a word on why Champ refrains from chiming in much on the NFL - he's a Raiders fan. Al Davis and his rampant senility have taken the game away from Champ. With a new year almost upon us, think about this for a second, Champ has had to endure four years of Greg Robinson AND Al Davis. The lesson sports fans - it can always be worse - unless you have TO on your team, then you're fucked.

Without further delay - I present to you "The Captain's Regular Season NFL Awards"

What an amazing day of football yesterday. Let me offer a cheesy year end wrap up. If you know anything about the Captain, you know next to gravy shots, I love me some cheese.
Best Feel Good Story

NFC -The Atlanta Falcons
AFC - Miami Dolphins

I think the Falcons/Dolphins picks speak for themselves. You have to have lived under a rock not to have noticed the huge turn around for these two franchises. Think about these points:

1)Last year's Dolphins were this year's Lions if not for a couple of fluke plays.
2) Before this year any conversation about the Falcons used to lead to a Mike Vick conversation.
3)These two teams combined for a 5-27 record last year, this year they went 22-10. People can say what they want about Parcells - he knows how to assemble winning teams, he understands chemistry. ED NOTE - except in Dallas

The Just Glad To Still Be Playing Awards

NFC - Philadelphia Eagles
AFC - San Diego Chargers

Andy Reid is going to end up in hell for eternity for the results that came about yesterday. That is the ONLY explanation on what went down. Every year the "hanging on by a thread teams scenarios" are hashed, re-hashed, re-re-hashed, only to come up short. The only explanation of the Birds getting in is that Andy has sold his soul to the devil. You NEVER get the scenarios to play out right, yet they did for Philly yesterday.

As far as the Chargers go, I feel no sympathy for Mike Shanahan and his "White Chicklet Gum" teeth. You need to seal the deal. You were the first place team for the entire year.... until the last game of the year. Kudos to the Bolts, you ran the year end gauntlet. Phillip Rivers gave you the cliched "new season, everyone is 0-0 speech at the end of the game." Well your, reward for this is getting to play the Colts. A Manning is coming to play in the post season. Best of luck to you all.

The Implosion of the Year Award

NFC - Dallas Cowboys
AFC - Denver Broncos

"Mr. Phillips, Dr. Kevorkian on line one." This pleases me. I'm not going to be one of those I hate Dallas guys...ok, I will but just a little. Did anyone honestly think Wade Phillips was going to be a championship coach? Really? Here is what I think. Jerry Jones is Al Davis's love child. You have to be sewn from the same fabric to act like these two do. I will say this, Dallas is loaded with talent, potential, and EGO.

"Mr . Shanahan, this is Jack Kevorkian calling. I got you number from Wade Phillips." Talk about collapses. I don't know what it is about the Broncos, but I just dislike them. I think this stems from one of my best friend being a HUGE fan. Three weeks ago, do you think anyone in the locker room thought they wouldn't be playing after yesterday?

ED NOTE: I would have put Tampa Bay in here, but between Chucky and the Magic Rat, you really can't go wrong.

The This Makes the Captain Happy Awards

NFC - Birds over the Cowboys to get in
AFC - Pats don't get in with an 11-5 record

There are few things that compare to my dislike of the Cowboys. My disgust for all things Boston is really close. I love the fact I will not be subjected to Belichick pressers for the next month and a half. Have some emotion/excitement you robotic prick. And for Christs sake, do me a favor and wear something other than a sweatsuit to every game and press conference. Rumor has it you star QB is dating someone who knows a little about fashion. Mix it up once in a while.

Some final thoughts

The only team in the NFC West to score more points than their opponents were the Cardinals (427 pf to 426 pa - net points +1....confident Cardinal fans ??? )

Drew Brees - 15 yards short of the record for most pass yards in a season. Go find a receiver that dropped a 16 yard pass this year and punch him in the face.

Let the FAVRE conversations start.... again

8 of the 12 playoff teams mascots are either birds, (Eagles, Cardinals, Falcons, Ravens) or large men (Titans, Giants, Vikings, Steelers). Hey Steelers fans, there's a decent shot your starting QB could be Byron Leftwich.... oh the humanity.

And congrats to Mike Singletary, you've earned it.

- The Captain

Fun Terrell Owens Fact of the Day

It will be another sad off-season for TO

Number of times TO has gone to the SuperBowl with Donovan McNabb as his quarterback - one.

Number of times he has gone with every other quarterback he's played with - zero.

Bonus fact: Number of playoff victories he's brought to Dallas - zero.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ummm About That Last Post...

Photo: Ron Cortes/

Well I guess all the time I spent writing the post below was a giant waste of time and I couldn't be happier about it. The Eagles, lead by future Hall of Fame safety Brian Dawkins, beat the Cowboys worse than Ike ever beat Tina Turner -- winning 44-6. It was one of the most strange, enjoyable, and unpredictable days I've ever spent watching pro football. Now that the Eagles made the playoffs, all bets are off about the future. Once you're in the year end tournament, anything can happen. Some quick thanks are in order, let's get to them.

Thank you Jon Gruden for presiding over an epic Tampa Bay collapse. It's not easy to take a 9-3 team and turn it into a club that's 9-7 and waiting for next year, but you managed to do that.

Thank you Michael Bush for having a huge day and making the Raiders win possible.

Thank you to the Houston Texans, who always start out terrible and find a way to finish at .500. This year, that last win to get them there was courtesy of the bears and meant the Eagles could get into the playoffs.

Thank you to Wade Phllips for not instilling any discipline in your team. The lack of heart displayed on that team made was enough to make the Tin Man ashamed.

Thank you to all the terrible teams in the AFC - teams so many other AFC teams beat, meaning that the New England Patriots, despite 11 wins, will not be in the playoffs. No one feels sorry for you Boston fans.

And mostly, a HUGE THANK YOU to Terrell Owens for proving that sometimes bad things do happen to bad people.

Congratulations to Coach Pasqualoni for making the playoffs with the Dolphins and GO EAGLES.

It's Like Coach P - Only in the NFL

Today is a sad day - the last regular season weekend of the NFL season is here, and while we will still have football for another month, we won't have another full dose of the NFL until next September.

It also means that the season is over for 20 of the 32 teams in the league - and barring some kind of unforeseen turn of events, it will be the third time in four years the Philadelphia Eagles find themselves home for the playoffs.

In today's Philadelphia Inquirer Phil Sheridan, who may be the most under rated sports columnist in the country (most likely because he doesn't appear on ESPN) discussed how this may be the last game Donovan McNabb plays, and possibly Andy Reid coaches, in Philly. Phil knocked the column out of the park.

His column hits on all the salient points Eagles fans have been mulling over for the last couple of years - and includes eerie similarities to the end of the Paul Pasqualoni era in Syracuse. In discussing the Reid/McNabb combo, Sheridan says:

"Some fans will welcome any change, just as a break from the same old, same old. Familiarity, in this case, has bred a certain amount of contempt and an awful lot of fatigue."

Sound familiar Syracuse fans? A great start to Reid and McNabb's tenure in Philly has tapered off to mediocrity - to fans seeing the same mistakes week after week and year after year. There are now fewer wins than there once were, but are still enough to keep the team from becoming the Oakland Raiders. The team is stuck perpetually in middle of the pack - in kissing your sister territory.

I am a firm believer that McNabb, if he was surrounded with better play makers and asked to hand the ball off more, would be extremely successful. I believe Reid needs to at the very least give up personnel and play calling authority - or move on. I don't believe he's capable of changing a flawed philosophy. What is scary is that I no idea what would happen if he moves on - because for every Paul Pasqualoni, there's a potential Greg Robinson waiting to take his place - and that would really suck.

I also believe that at this point, the Eagles will end up starting the 2009 season wihth Andy Reid on the sideline, Kevin Kolb behind center and McNabb somewhere else. If it happens that way, it is a mistake. But there needs to be some change, and I think right now number 5 will be the fall guy.

So today we say goodbye to another NFL regular season, and we may be saying goodbye to Donovan McNabb or Andy Reid in Philadelphia. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out, but I'll close with another Sheridan line -

"The most compelling fact: The only full season McNabb played with a great wide receiver, the Eagles went to the Super Bowl. That should end the argument."

It should end the argument, but I doubt it will.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Crystal Ball - Predicting Syracuse's Big East Season

Since it's slow and I've got nothing but time today, I thought I'd look into my crystal ball and make some uneducated, probably wildly inaccurate predictions for how Syracuse will fare in the Big East conference this season. I think every SU fan will take the 12-1 start to the season, especially with impressive wins over Florida, Kansas and Memphis away from the Carrier Dome.

Now comes the gauntlet that is the Big East, here are my wild guesses as to what happens.

Dec 30 v. Seton Hall - After an 8 day rest the Orange come out and fall behind early, but have too much talent for the Pirates to handle. SU wins by 8. Bobby Gonzalez gets so mad halfway through the second half that while screaming at Jim Burr, spittle flies out of his mouth and he's ejected. Afterward Bobby knocks out an assistant coach.

Jan 2 at South Florida - There's no way the Orange repeat last year's disaster in South Florida, as the Bulls are to Big East basketball what Syracuse is to Big East football. SU wins by 43 and after the game it is revealed that Boeheim told the team he was going to wear a speedo in the locker room if they lost.

Jan 7 vs. DePaul - No matter how many games the teams play, the name DePaul will always conjur images of SU's 2006 trip to Chicago - which resulted in a 40 point blow out loss. The Orange have too much firepower for a DePaul team that only scored 36 points in a loss to Northwestern earlier this year and the Orange pull away late and wins this one by 12. After the game Jerry Wainwright tries to sell a reporter a 2003 Impala with low miles on it.

Jan 10 at Rutgers - This is an interesting game - as Fred Hill is one of the worst coaches I've ever seen, yet Syracuse always struggles with the Scarlet Knights. That being said, there's no way SU drops a game to a team that is 0-2 versus the America East so far this year. Syracuse 79, Rutgers 65. With a 4-0 start in the Big East, Orange fans everywhere are convinced SU will win the national title.

Jan 14 at Georgetown - And after 4 games against weaker teams in the Big East, SU comes crashing back to earth. The Hoyas, while not as good as they've been the past few years win by 8 - even with SU fans being louder than Georgetown fans in the MCI Center. You suck Georgetown fans.

Jan 17 vs. Notre Dame - Kyle F-ing McAlarney slips getting off the bus, rolls and ankle and in front of 28,000 screaming mental patients, the Orange knocks off the Irish. Gerry McNamara sits in the front row giving Notre Dame the evil eye the whole time.

Jan 19 at Pittsburgh - Levance Fields, the 36 year old Panther who is on the 12 year plan manages to make enough big shots to keep the Orange at bay, while Dejuan Blair is too much to handle inside. Afterward, Boeheim complains about having to play two brutal games in the span of 3 days. We've heard that one before - damn you Big Monday.

Jan 25 vs. Louisville - Louisville is a strange team, you're never really sure which team is going to show up. Sadly for the Orange, it's the good Louisville team and Earl Clark is too much to handle. After the game the Syracusefan message board melts down with dire predictions of the apocalypse.

Jan 28 at Providence - If ESPN was cruel they'd make Tim Welsh call this game. Sadly he does not, but it feels like a game where SU plays terrible, yet Jonny Flynn steals them a 1 point win at the end of the game.

Feb 4 vs. West Virginia - Every February SU seems to hit a stretch where they lose a few games they normally would win, this is one of them. The Mountaineers come into the dome and beat the Orange - afterwords Huggy Bear slams a PBR Pounder, grabs his crotch and tells the press to suck it.

Sat Feb 7 at Villanova - I hate Scottie Reynolds, because he's really good. Nova heats it up from the outside and beats the Orange. Bubble talk ensues, the suicide rate in CNY spikes.

Feb 11 at 2 Connecticut - With angst at an all-time high, Syracuse heads to Connecticut where they find that the starting Huskies backcourt has been implicated a crime ring that is importing knock off snuggies and selling them on the black market. A reeling SU team pulls a stunning upset, many people come in off ledges in CNY.

Feb 14 vs. Georgetown - 31,245 people in the dome send JT III a giant Valentine and the Orange shock everyone by staring fast and leading wire to wire, sending the Hoyas home unhappy. HoyaSuxa declares it a national holiday and continues to aggravate an entire fan base - while we all applaud the effort.

Feb 22 vs. Villanova - Scottie Reynolds comes to the Carrier Dome and plays well, yet Jay Wright is distracted by a plea soup stain on the lapel of his designer suit. SU repays their earlier loss with a victory over the wildcats.

Feb 24 at St. Johns - Norm Roberts and Fred Hill both learned how to coach at the same place - sucksville university. Sadly for SU, after three huge wins, they fall into the dreaded trap game as Anthony Mason Jr. banks in 25 footer for the win.

Mar 1 vs. Cincinnati - Did you know that Mick Cronin and Jeff Van Gundy tied in the "looks the least like a basketball coach" contest? Seriously, it's true. The Orange wins this one by 10.

Mar 3 vs. Rutgers - Syracuse wins by 15, in the post game press conference, Fred Hill declares that he loves lamp. Boeheim declares that its about f-ing time we got to play Rutgers twice in a year. He then chucks an empty water cup at Bud Poliquin, barely missing Bud's sweatervest.

Mar 7 at Marquette - Dominic James and Wesley Matthews have been at Marquette longer than Castro ruled Cuba. They take another pound of flesh out of the Orange, avenging last year's SU win highlighted by the Waffle's monster dunk.

So there you have it - when you add it all up, SU goes 11-7 in the Big East and heads to NYC with a 23-8 record. For the first time in 3 years there is no talk about bubbles, only seeding. Then again, I'm probably completely wrong, only time will tell.

Hey Mike - the Campus is Located Over on the Hill

Donnie Webb, the hardest working man in Syracuse football business (Dr. Gross most assuredly disputes this) brings us this unfortunate, but not altogether surprising tidbit - Mike Williams has not yet registered for classes.

While Webb say Williams is following a process laid out for him for reinstatement, the whole "not registering for classes" part seems to be a pretty big part of the process - since the last time I checked these guys are supposed to at least be pretending to be students.

However, there's still time before the spring semester starts and SU football fans would love it if Mike's New Year's resolution was to get his ass into the classroom, take tests without any additional "aid" and then kick some ass on the football field in the fall of 2009.

If you need directions to campus Mike, there's always google maps - or a TomTom. Here's hoping you make it back.

Plaxico in Running for Prestigious Award

Welcome back, I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday yesterday even if it wasn't a holiday your religion celebrates. Hey, you got the day the off, there was a very good NBA game on between the Lakers and Celtics and it's now it's Friday - life isn't so bad.

My day was great, thanks for asking. I finally got that Super NES system I've been requesting for years, it should be awesome. In 2024 I should get that iPhone I want, I can only imagine what that will be like.

Yesterday at the family Christmas celebration I was talking to my Uncle Dave who reminded me of a site that does not get enough love around here - Dickipedia. If it wasn't for dicks, this blog would have about 1,ooo less posts then it does - and three less authors since to my knowledge none of us were test tube babies.

With 2008 drawing to a close, Dickipedia is holding a little contest allowing you to vote for the Dick of the Year. You've got quite a few of the usual suspects to choose from - Tom Cruise, Karl Rove, Madonna - all generally annoying and dick-ish in their own unique ways, however there is a strong newcomer in the bunch from the world of sports, none other than the sweat pants wearing, gun toting receiver for the NY Giants Plaxico Burress.

Plax is currently trailing more prominent people like George Bush and Eliot Spitzer, but if there's one thing we've learned about Plax - don't count him out, he comes through in the end. Good luck Mr. Burress, you certainly are a dick.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Festivus

December is a wonderful time of the year – a time when we celebrate a holiday tradition that is like no other. That’s right, it’s time for Festivus. In addition to a lovely meal and the feats of strength, the most important part of this special holiday is the airing of grievances. As a dedicated Festivite it’s my duty to let the following people know I’ve had a lot of problems with them this year, so let’s get to it.

Andy Reid – Your decision making and play calling have driven me to the point of wanting to kick puppies, or at the very least NOT have them spayed or neutered (take that Bob Barker). Through a combination of bad personnel moves, clock mismanagement, and play calling that makes Larry Craig look like a good decision maker (were 16 consecutive passes last week really necessary Andy?) the Eagles will be home for the playoffs for the third time in four years. The good news Andy – you’re not getting fired. The bad news for readers of this blog is that they will have to endure another season of me ranting and you not fixing anything. You owe all the people that pass through here an apology. For those that want to contact Andy and demand he run the ball so I'll shut the fuck up, email him directly

Michael Phelps – Yes, I know everyone loves you and your 8 gold medals – I’ve got to admit, the fact that you made people CARE about swimming was more amazing than the time Baxter ate the whole wheel of cheese and pooped in the refrigerator – but Jesus man, that 12,000 calorie diet? It looked so delicious that I tried it and now my pants don't fit – so screw you Michael Phelps. You could have told me I’d need to swim for 8 hours a day to burn this off. Besides, no one likes Raven fans with speech impediments - well except for thousand and thousands of hot groupies.....and strippers.

The NFC and AFC West – Collectively both of these divisions blow goats. Neither Arizona or the Broncos/Chargers have any business getting into the playoffs, yet they’ll be there anyway. Congratulations on being the Green party candidate at your local political debate - you can't win, your views make no sense, no one wants to waste any time with you, yet you'll be there because the rules say you have to be invited. That's something to be proud of - just ask Ralph Nader.

Daryl Gross – You started the year by keeping Greg Robinson and subjecting us to year 4 of Greggo's grand de-building scheme, you commissioned a statute of a guy that died 40 years ago and still managed to get Nike swooshes on it, the web site your department oversees is as accurate as testimony from an oil company executive, and you still RAISED beer prices in the dome. Let’s make a deal -- you keep booze prices flat until there's a reason for us to not drink until we piss our pants and we won't start calling you beatlejuice. I don't know if you've noticed, but the football team has won 10 games in four years and basketball team hasn't won an NCAA tournament game since you showed up. If Doug Marrone doesn’t turn this ship around, beer prices should start going down like porn stars working a double shift.

A-Rod – I’m not talking about your play on the field – we all expect you to choke miserably at this point…..but Madonna? Really? Do you think it’s 1984? Do you enjoy your gym shorts tight, your women hairy and an endless loop of Duran Duran on the radio? On second thought, don’t answer that. The good news Alex is that you are five short years away from dating Whitney Houston -- so you've got that going for you, which is nice.

Herm Edwards – Your team has won 2 games and you couldn’t manage a single press conference meltdown? Herm, you play to win the game - if you can't scream at reporters after blowing a two touchdown lead with two minutes to play you’ve lost your fastball and it's time to move on.

Big Brown – You run two great races and the Triple Crown looks like such a lock that you screw up any decent betting action on the Belmont and THEN you manage to finish last? You were only off the juice for a few weeks - Tony Mandarich stayed ripped longer once he got off the roids. Barbaro never would have let this happen if he was still alive.

Doc Rivers – How on earth did you NOT screw up that Celtics team? Due to a stunning bout competence we now have to deal with Celtic fans who’ve spent the last 10 years hiding in a closet that apparently had enough room to also house Clay Aiken, Lance Bass and Doogie Howser. Because of you Doc, the doors flew open and we now have to deal with these maniacs as well - thanks.

Matt Millen and Isiah Thomas – Both of you managed to finally get yourselves fired IN THE SAME YEAR leaving millions of bloggers like myself locked in our parents basements with two less punching bags – how dare you??? If not for low hanging fruit, we would have no fruit at all! At least NJIT and the Detroit Lions are still winless.....

Toyota - Thanks to an ad buy so outrageously large, you made a perfectly forgettable song by a perfectly forgettable band more annoying than Billy Fucillo. Hey, at least you targeted a large percentage of these ads to sports fans because this demographic - made up of mostly drunk, less than tolerant middle American males, seems like the perfect group to try and sell an interest free Yaris too. The US auto industry may be flat on its ass, but Toyota officials, you are truly loathsome people.

Have a Happy Festivus everyone – and remember, the pole is aluminum so it has a very high strength to weight ratio.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Shaun Ellis - Snowball Champion

Jets defensive lineman Shaun Ellis is a lot of things. An herbal afficianado, a unlikely hero, and most importantly, a man who understands how to win a snowball fight. Shaun knows that when it comes to snow based projectile battles bigger is most certainly better, as you'll see approximately 34 seconds into this video. The Jets may have lost to the Seahawks last night, but Shaun won the key battle here.

Come and knock on our door

Stop by and chat tonight for the Syracuse-Coppin State game. Tip off at 7:00pm. See you here.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

2008 Idiot Quotes of the Year

The last few days of 2008 are upon us, and now is a great time to reminisce about all of the triumphs and inspirational moments from the sporting world.

If you've come to this blog to find some heart warming moments, boy did you make a wrong turn.

As we did in 2007, T3I is offering up some of the dumbest things said this past year. Believe us, there are no better experts at saying dumb things than the three of us that maintain this crappy blog.

So without further ado, your:

2008 Idiot Quotes of the Year

“I am totally heterosexual.” ~Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo after his "run-in" with some ladies....I mean fellas of the night.

"I don't think there is any reason Notre Dame cannot win the national championship," ~ Everyone's favorite Doctor, Lou Holtz. Aloha Lou.

"I can knock out any man with my left hand jab." ~Boxing legend Jose Canseco before his July bought with Vai Sikahema

"Well, he is a great leader.” ~ Doctor Daryl Gross on Greg Robinson, VG Day

"Ya know, Hitler was a great leader too." ~Dr. Lou Holtz....there he goes again.

"If the ball hits the ground, by rule it's incomplete."~ ESPN broadcaster Mike Patrick (credit to this one goes over to the fine folks at Awful Announcing....people when you get a chance, head over and check out their "2008 Pam Ward Chronicles Award Show", you won't be disappointed)

"You are better off being homeless than being me." ~Britney Spears to a stranger on the street

“This game is over.” ~Billy Packer during the national semifinal as Kansas went up 38-12 on UNC at the 13 minute mark…UNC would close to 54-50 before losing 84-66

"It isn't what I didn't get done. It's that it's not finished," ~ Greg Robinson, cmon did you really think he wouldn't make this list?

"I got shot in the head by my own guys in the foxhole, and they didn’t even give me an honorable death." ~ Stephon Marbury as he is getting paid $21 million to sit at home this winter. Stephon, I'll take that backstabbing any day of the week.

"This isn’t about Tony. You guys can point the finger at him. You can talk about the vacations. And if you do that, it’s wrong. It’s not fair. It’s really not fair. That’s my teammate. That’s my quarterback" ~ consummate teammate Terrell Owens after a January 18, 2008 playoff loss to the Giants. His tune would change come the end of 2008.

"Isn't there a saliva type prostate exam?" ~reality TV star Deion Sanders looking for an alternative to the rubber glove (thank you Poplick)

"These new bras represent pioneering work." ~ Rudiger Carstens, a spokeswoman for the German federal police, which has just introduced the bulletproof bra. Didn't Wonder Woman invent this a while ago?

"I wrap nappies filled with my three-year-old son Max's wee around my fists. Baby wee is good because it's pure, doesn't contain toxins and doesn't smell" -- Heavyweight champ Vitali Klitschko on how he stops his fists from swelling up.

"I've now been in 57 states -- I think one left to go." ~candidate Barack Obama on the trail

"The fundamentals of America's economy are strong." ~ candidate John McCain

"It's good to have a friend who's a Muslim. I don't got to be afraid of him eating my pork." ~ Yup....Evander Holyfield still fighting at the age of 46

"Well, that's kind of like text messaging talk, GRob means Greg Robinson." ~Greg Robinson after the Notre Dame game when asked what his players' chanting of 'Grob' meant to him.

And ladies and gentlemen....your 2008 Idiot Quote of the Year, Phillies slugger Matt Stairs on his post-season heroics:

"Getting your ass hammered by guys, there’s no better feeling than to have that done.”

Matt, did you spend any time in the California Penal League?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Can Syracuse Tame the Tigers With a Wounded Backcourt?

We know Eric Devendorf won't be playing tonight - Jonny Flynn is questionable. Without its starting back court victory could be a tall order for the Orange tonight, but if anyone's around, stop by, we'll be chatting. Talk to you in a few hours.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Syracuse Bounces Back - Proves Good Griffins are Hard to Find

It's hard to find a good Griffin these days....including Kathy

There were no three quarter court shots tonight, no losses to teams that should have been beat, just a run of the mill 82-60 Syracuse victory over the Canisius Golden Griffins. What the hell is a griffin anyway (pause while I google search) - it turns out, according Wikipedia "The griffin is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and often wings of an eagle." That makes sense, nothing like having a legendary creature that has the words "often" in the description. That's almost as dumb as having an Orange for a mascot in upstate NY.

In regards to the game, it was really Bud Poliquin's worst nightmare -- an unremarkable win with a better team beating a lesser opponent. Hang in there Bud, there's still plenty more games that can be lost in an exciting manner - ass clown. Syracuse came out slow, but put on a strong run on halfway through the game and put Canisius away. Rick Jackson played a good game, relegating the Waffle to the bench. Obviously Kristof! wasn't impressed with our new shirts.

Even with the win tonight, there is a lot of hand wringing going on with this team. The Syracusefan message board is filled with doom and gloom. There are post complaining about everything under the sun. Boeheim isn't happy, saying "hasn't played well all year."

Frankly I get what Boeheim is trying to do, it's his job to ride these guys as hard possible and get better performances out of them, but for the rest of us, let's all take a step back here and look at the totality of the situation. In the last few weeks, the players have taken finals (even if some are surely studying underwater fire prevention) testified before a school judicial review board, are now facing all the dopey distractions that the comes with the holiday season, and were probably peaking ahead to their big game on Saturday at Memphis.

With all that going on, it's no wonder they aren't as focused as they should be. It's not an excuse, it's an explanation. They obviously need to play better with Big East play approaching. We forget these are 20 year old kids - they aren't as sharp or focused as they need to be - but I expect them to raise their level of play. There is a lot of talent on this team and that talent surfaced earlier this year -- let's see how the Memphis game plays out before we start pushing the panic button.

In the meantime, let's take this win and move on. I'm going to try and get a live chat going for the Memphis game Saturday, so if you're not in the mall buying people you don't really like crap they don't really want, stop by.

Here's a bad idea...

Top baby names for boys in 2008 include: Jacob, Michael, Joshua, Matthew, and Andrew.

Suprisingly "Adolf Hitler" did not crack the list. However, that did not stop Heath and Deborah Cambell of Hunderton County, NJ from naming their son after the most evil human being of the 20th century.

The proud papa remarked, "They need to accept a name. A name's a name. The kid isn't going to grow up and do what (Hitler) did." Your right Heath, you've really set this kid up for success.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Do you love under sized power forwards from Belgium who struggle to score and stay out of foul trouble? Do you have some last minute Christmas shopping that needs to be done? Do you have an affinity for products that walk the fine line between shameless self promotion and copyright infringement? If the answer to any of these question is yes, you've come to right place.

Just in time for the Holiday season, The Three Idiots bring you our newest t-shirt - Waffle's House. Available in long and short sleeve it's the perfect gift for that person in the family you really don't like.

And with 2009 being the year Doug Marrone rejuvenates the Syracuse football program, you'd be lost without this beauty.

Monday, December 15, 2008

2009: The Year of Rejuvenation

ESPN's Big East Blogger Brian Bennett (there's some alliteration for you) had a two part talk with Coach Marrone.

Part 1
Part 2

I'm totally on the rebound as a Cuse football fan, but you know what, Doug Marrone is saying all the right things that I want to hear. He's one drink away from really having his way with me.

"We're Back!" Tell 'em Bobby Brown:

T3I is actively campaiging to make this the official entrance video of the 2009 Football Orangemen.

Now excuse me while I go warm up a frozen pizza.

A 75 Foot Wake Up Call

Photo: Kevin Rivoli, AP

Well that sucked. While Champ was actually at the game, I sat on my couch in stunned silence as Cleveland State guard Cedric Jackson banked in a three quarter court shot to help the Vikings upset the 11th ranked Orange in the Dome. I'm sure within a few hours the video will be all over the internet and this will definitely by be one of the top stories on SportsCenter for the next 24 hours, so rest assured, we will all get to see this one over and over and over and over. Let the good times roll.

As for the game itself, here are a few observations:

  • Another game, another slow start. Syracuse thought they were better than Cleveland State tonight, turns out they weren't.

  • Fluke shot aside, Cleveland State earned this win. They simply wanted it more. The Vikings played 7 guys, only two of which were taller than 6'5" and they actually out rebounded the Orange by one. They also came up with six more offensive rebounds. The simply wanted the ball more, so they went and got it -- and SU let them have it.

  • Syracuse's free throw shooting has been poor all year and tonight it cost them. They shot 50% from the line tonight. That's simply not good enough.

  • I love Andy Rautins, but tonight he played a game that gives his detractors all the ammunition they'd ever want. On offense he was a one dimensional shooter that didn't make any shots, on defense he was invisible. In addition, 1-3 from the free throw stripe isn't doing anyone any favors.

  • The Waffle had a nice game offensively, but still managed to pick up 4 fouls in only 20 minutes.

  • Devo was 5-10 from behind the three point line, 1-5 from inside it.

  • Kris Joseph has had a nice start to his career, but he was a complete non-factor tonight.

  • The whole zone versus man debate was moot tonight as neither defense was very good. Cleveland State only turned the ball over 9 times. Combined with some timely offensive rebounds, they were able to control the tempo and dictate the pace of the game because on the defensive end Syracuse could not take them out of their game.

This game was much more than a loss that can be pinned on a fluke shot. Hopefully it's a wake up call that leads to an an attitude adjustment. The team that took the court tonight was certainly not the 11th best team in the country. I believe they have the talent to be the very good team, but that won't happen until the desire level rises to match the talent level. If that happens, tonight won't feel so bad. If it doesn't, get prepared for a repeat the last two seasons.

PS - actually, this video just popped up on Youtube. It's horrible in quality because someone videotaped it off their TV - which looks like like something in your grandparent's house - all that's missing is the rabbit ears.

I Went to The Dome and an ESPY Broke Out

That damn ghost of Mouse McFadden..... 72-69 Vikings. It must be something about the Carrier Dome for these guys.
Photos: Kevin Rivoli, AP

Cedric Johnson launces one from 60 feet. Did he call glass on that?

The Vikings partying in the Dome like it's 1986.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Doug Marrone - Shades of Andy Reid

It's been a few days since the whirlwind announcement of Doug Marrone as the next head football coach at Syracuse University. You'll find this hard to believe, but in between swigs of Yuengling and a lot of bad food, I've been thinking a lot about the hire.

My initial reaction was skepticism. On paper Marrone doesn't have the pedigree or accomplishments of some of the other candidates out there. He isn't as bad as Gene Chizik, but guys like Turner Gill, Skip Holtz and Randy Edsall have already proven they can run winning programs. However, a funny thing happened over the next couple of days - Marrone talked and I listened, and then listened some more. And you know what? I liked what I heard. Screw that, I LOVED what I heard.

And I heard that Marrone is a guy with a plan. He's a guy with a take charge attitude. He's got an air of confidence about him. He comes off as meticulously prepared and burning with desire. He loves Syracuse and I am officially drinking the Doug Marrone Kool Aid. Actually I'm guzzling it by the gallon. Shit, if Marrone Kool Aid was carbonated I'd shotgun it.

His hiring reminds me of one that happened a decade before - when the Eagles hired Andy Reid. There are a ton of similarities between how both became head coaches.

When the Eagles hired Reid, the were coming off a 3-13 disaster of a season. Ray Rhodes had made a mess of the team, who started the season with Bobby Hoying as their QB and ended it with the artist known as Koy Detmer under center. These were dark times in Eagle-land.

With the coaching search underway, they brought in a little known quarterbacks coach from the Packers named Andy Reid for an interview. The story is now well known, but it's worth repeating. Reid went into the interview and blew the Eagles brass away with the thoroughness for which he had prepared to become a head coach. He kept detailed, organized binders laying out a plan for how to build a team and get them to the Superbowl. He was prepared for success and consequently won the job over people with bigger names and bigger resumes. Two years later the Eagles were playing in the NFC Championship game.

The similarities to the Marrone hire are many. Marrone was also an under the radar type of candidate. He prepared thoroughly for the opportunity, right down to compiling binders like Reid had done a decade before. Like Reid, he's a former offensive lineman who has never called plays before being elevated to a head coaching position.

The similiarities continue. Both coached prolific quarterbacks (Brees for Marrone, Farve for Reid) and came from offenses that scored oodles of points. Both hirings were at least on some level surprising. The only thing I don't know about is whether Marrone has a wife that's a third of his size like Reid does.

The whole point here is that even though I wanted Reid fired a couple of weeks ago, he's had an extremely successful run as the Eagles head coach - especially his first five years - and Marrone's hire gives me hope that he can do the same things for Syracuse.

While SU didn't land the biggest name, they did land a man with the biggest plan, and there's a precedence for this type of preparation working out well. Only time will tell whether or not Marrone can get it done, but here's hoping things work out as well for Doug as they did for another former offensive lineman who got hired in Philly a decade before.

Gene Chizik wins Auburn Job Over Greg Robinson

Auburn AD Jay Jacobs named Iowa State Head Coach Gene Chizik as his new head football coach.

Gene comes to Auburn after two years in Iowa and a Robinsonian-like 5-19 record. Something tells me this is not going to play well in the heat of SEC country.

Just for giggles:

Chizik at ISU: 5-19
GRob at Cuse: 10-37

While Greggers is looking for the nearest UHaul rental agency, Gene-o turns his body of work into a $2 million dollar promotion. Jay, you knew it was only a matter of time.

Think Auburn fans aren't passionate? Well nothing says "passion" (or borderline stalking) like a fan videotaping the AD's plane landing and then proceeding to heckle him during interviews. Remember fan is short for fanatic. You gotta love the South:

This Week in Syracuse Football Through the Music of Bruce Springsteen

Photo: Kevin Rivoli, AP

"Land of Hope and Dreams"

Grab your ticket and your suitcase
Thunder's rolling down the tracks
You don't know where you're goin'
But you know you won't be back...
Big wheels roll through fields
Where sunlight streams
Meet me in a land of hope and dreams

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chatterbox - SU v. Long Beach State

After 10 days off and one season long suspension currently under appeal, the Syracuse basketball team is back in action. Once the game tips, we'll be chatting, feel free to join in.

Friday, December 12, 2008

You had me at hello Coach.


"I am the head coach...I am responsbile for everything about this program." ~ Coach Marrone

Holy-breath-of-fresh-air Batman!

A quick aside, if you haven't watched the full video of the press conference, please head over to and invest 40 minutes. Coah Mac steals the show; trust me it's worth the time. Here's an attempt at the link.


So by now you've heard - Doug Marrone is officially the next SU head coach. I've got some thoughts on this I'll be sharing in the near future, but it's Happy Hour and there are beverages to be had. For now, I'll leave the analysis to Bud Poliquin, who was so excited about the event that he broke out his best sweatervest. Nothing says new coach like a sweatervest.

Bud's Take on Marrone

A quick programming note, we'll be opening up the chat room for tomorrow's noon basketball game against Long Beach state. Just head back to this bat channel and come armed with Devo complaints - something tells me the topic might come up.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Idiot Nation Reacts

I got the news today while I was on baby-pickup duty. A big "thank you" to Friend of Idiot and frequent poster "AJV" for texting me with the breaking news of Marrone's apparent hiring. On my ride home I tuned in to the hardest working radio man in CNY and heard the news break over his airwaves as well.

My take? Honestly, the thought of another "NFL Assistant" scares the living bejeesus out of me. Been there and done that. Taking the "glass is half full" approach...the guy is an alum and, quite honestly, after four years of Greg Robinson, could we do any worse? The Russianator and I quickly exchanged texts and phone calls as the story developed. He brought up a great point:

Russianator "So what have you heard about this guy?"

Champ "I heard he had a great second interview with Gross. From what I've read he really wants this job."

Russianator "So did Greg Robinson."

The fun continued with some texts from my out of town buddies:

Boss (Yes he's alive folks): "Thanks 4 nothing Gross...GRob has won more games than Marrone. Serentiy now!"

D-Dubs: "Did they really hire Doug Marrone?"

Joons: "Not happy."

BabyBoss: "I wanted Gill all along."

I know we'll never find out, but I'd love someone in the CNY media to get us some insight from Daryl Gross on the search process. Was a phone call made to Tommy Tubberville? How about Tulsa's Todd Graham? Did we reach out to Boise State head coach Chris Peterson at all? Again, we'll never know...but it could make the current bland taste of Doug Marrone a bit more palatable.

Saints Fans Apoplectic Over Possibly Losing Marrone

From SU-per Blog Sports, I found a link to the Saint's Beat blog from the Times-Picayane web site reporting on the Marrone rumor. While obviously comments on a web site don't mean anything (just like this web site!) I found some of the comments pretty funny. Some of the gems include items such as:

Posted by sbbounsaints
lol Does it really matter. Aint like this guy was callin plays for us anyway
Good Luck tho dude!!

Posted by Redfish 46000
Who was he anyway Good writtens fella!!!!!!! Holla Back
ED NOTE: Well done redfish, that was the most mangled attempt to use the word riddance I've ever seen

Posted by sandiana
I had never heard of Doug Marrone. I thought Sean Payton was the offensive coordinator.

Clearly from this statistically significant sample, Doug Marrone connected with Saint fans during his time in New Orleans.

Marrone...or not?

Coach Marrone to declare fargin war on the Big East

Skip says no thanks. ESPN Radio and Mort say Doug's the man, while Doctor Gross does his best Lee Corso imitation.

The days of the boring GRob pressers might be over fans:

Yea I's pronounced "Mah-rone" not "Mah-rone-ee." This is just a lame excuse to get a Johnny Dangerously clip in the mix.

Adventures in Public Relations - Syracuse Style

This guy may or may not be SU's next coach

Regular readers of this blog know that I work in public relations and have for some time. As such, I sometimes go on little mini-rants about some of the better PR blunders encountered by the Syracuse Athletic department. Whether it's a web site that's constantly filled with errors or unsolicited calls to ESPN that perpetuate bad stories, there's always something going on in the SU athletic department that could have been handled better from a public relations perspective.

The latest cluster f*ck is a report coming out of ESPN 1000 in Chicago stating that New Orleans Saints Offensive Coordinator Doug Marrone will be the next head coach at Syracuse. This was followed by a quick denial from Gross, with the Doctor saying he hadn't offered the job to anyone.

Let's review what we know - Marrone's Saints have a game tonight, which means there's no way in hell they'd announce his hiring a couple of hours before a huge game for them. So either Gross offered Marrone the job and someone leaked the info, or ESPN radio and now the NFL network have got it wrong.

If it actually is Marrone's job, Gross is going to look completely foolish holding a press conference in the next few days announcing his hiring after denying* it tonight. If it is Marrone, but the contract isn't worked out, there's a chance this report could screw any contract negotiations that haven't been hammered out. Scenarios include Gross geting pissed because the info is out, or Marrone using it as leverage to get more out of University, or any other number or weird issues could crop up. Stranger things have happened. If he job truly wasn't offered, ESPN 1000 and the NFL network have some explaining to do.

Part of doing a good job with public relations is controlling your message and coordinating who is going to speak to the media and when. What's curious to me is that quite often, when Gross is up to something, there always seems to be a leak or some other snafu before an actual announcement is made. That leads everyone right into damage control mode.

If the leak came from Marrone or someone close to him, it wouldn't be SU's fault, but also wouldn't be the way to kick off a relationship with your new boss, by leaking info he NEEDS to announce himself. Just once it would be nice to do something the nice normal way. New Mexico seemed to hire Mike Locksley in a relatively orderly fashion. Even Bobby Petrino, who is as big a scumbag is there is in the coaching world, managed to leave an NFL head coaching job for a college job in the middle of a season without it getting leaked.

Regardless of who ends up as the next coach, the circus that is the SU athletic department carries on, which begs the question -- does SU have a coach or not? And when we do, who is going to announce it?

* technically he didn't deny Marrone will be the next coach, he just said he hadn't "offered it" to anyone next, way to parse words Daryl

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


As you probably already know by now, for the second time in two years it appears Eric Devendorf's basketball season will most likely end before Syracuse makes it to Big East play. Devendorf was found guilty today of violating the University's student conduct code after an incident with a female student in the early morning hours of November 1st.

While he can still appeal the decision and remain in the University and play while the process plays out, obviously this isn't good for him or the team.

The incident was the latest in a disturbing series of events basketball team members have been involved with over the past two years. While none of us have any knowledge of what happened in any of these circumstances, accusations of sexual assault and violence against women certainly signal a lack of control on the part of the coaching staff -- or at the very least an inability for them to get through to team that they have to stop putting themselves in these situations.

In the last year a player was suspended for using a stolen meal card, three players were accused of sexual assault and Devendorf was suspended for pushing a woman in the face. If this keeps up, the program is on the road to being UNLV from the early nineties......without the success on the court.

On the court Devendorf is a polarizing figure and there will surely be some people who will spout off about how the team will be better off without him. Frankly, that's bullshit. Just because he was punk on the court and turned it over more than he should, he was the difference last year between playing in the NCAA's and the NIT. He's a player that could score off the dribble, he's fearless in the lane, not afraid to take and make big threes and he's a guy other teams had to stop.

You don't lose a player of his caliber and GET BETTER. It does not happen. The team was off to a terrific start with him and he was getting better every game. So I don't care what anyone says, they were playing as a team and winning with him. They won't win as many without him.

How it shakes out both in the appeals process and on the court remains to be seen, but here are a few ramifications of a team without Devendorf.

1) All that talk of Jonny Flynn getting a few minutes of rest this year - you can forget about it. Devendorf was slated to be his primary back up while Flynn was on the bench. In the games played this year with Devo Flynn was already playing big minutes, without him, expect a repeat of last year's iron man performance from Jonny.

The loss of Scoop Jardine this year exacerbates the problem, because he can handle the point guard duties in a pinch. I wouldn't expect Andy Rautins or Justin Thomas to be bringing the ball up the floor versus a Big East opponent. Stay healthy and stay in shape Jonny.

2) Mookie Jones better get ready to play and Boeheim better get comfortable getting him some minutes. Jones was a fantastic high school player stuck who happened to be stuck on the bench of a deep team to start his career. The kid can play, SU will need him. The question remains, will Boeheim trust him? If he doesn't, this is a 7 man team that will be playing a ton of zone again - in other words, it's last year all over again.

3) The Waffle will need to finish. Kristof Ongenaet has been starting, but playing limited Craig Forth minutes. His hustle and rebounding have been great, but his ability to finish around the rim has been terrible so far. He'll be on the floor more and he needs to at least make his put backs because with him on the floor, SU is almost playing 4 on 5 on the offensive end. We all love the waffle, but it's now or never for him.

There is no doubt that Syracuse can still have a very successful season, but it probably won't be as good as it COULD have been. As a fan, it's just a sad, disappointing, frustrating outcome. There have been too many of these lately.

Ebay Item of the Week

How does Chaz Cervino pound his milk before a Saturday afternoon of ass-kicking on the gridiron? With his 32 oz. Cuse Macho Man Mug of course.

I'm pretty sure "Macho Man" Randy Savage uses his Macho Mug after exhausting croquet matches with Robin Leach:

And we wait

Hang in there Orange fans....

Slash and Jack Daniel's...that's magic my friends.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yet Another Post on the SU Coaching Situation

Let's be honest, the prolonged search for the next Syracuse head coach could not have come at a worse time. On August 30, 2007 Syracuse came out and laid a major egg in their season opener against Washington, losing 42-12. At that point in time, every Syracuse football fan had his or her worst fear realized - from that moment on it was clear Greg Robinson would not be able to get the program back on track.

So we've waited. Four years of bad losses, two seasons of utter hopelessness and now close to a month knowing that someone new would be strolling the sidelines next year. Patience is thin and rumors and speculation are running rampant. All we want is an announcement on who the next person will be and all we can do is wait.

Unfortunately for us the search has dragged into a lull in the basketball season. The team is off for 10 days and the only news of substance that is going on is a hearing on yet another disciplinary problem. (Speaking of which, I'm hearing nothing but bad rumors about that mess - none of it confirmed - but that's what happens when people have time on their hands, they spin up the worst possible scenarios.) So at a time when we could all use some news to take our minds off a coaching searching mired in secrecy (which is fine - just get the hire right) we've got nothing.

So, where's the the search at? No one knows for sure, but Mike Locksley won't be roaming the sidelines, as he's accepted the head job at New Mexico State today. Donnie said tonight that Gross told him he should have an announcement in the near future. Most speculation centers around any where from four to 10 guys who could be in the running.

Personally I've been thinking a lot about two guys, Skip Holtz and Turner Gill. Neither of which ultimately may end up as the next coach, but they've certainly been discussed a lot. Here are a few thoughts on both.

Skip Holtz

I've heard this sentiment echoed from a few of my friends as well, so it's certainly not a unique thought, but I'm not crazy about him and I'm not sure why. I think its because I dislike his father his so much. I don't deny Lou's success as a football coach, but that doesn't mean I have to like him. I've never liked Notre Dame, I've never liked Lou's whiny press conferences as a coach or the fact that as an announcer he's got a speech impediment and occasionally compares people to Hitler and gets away with it. You couple all those things with the fact that Lou acts as his son's de facto spokesman and I have misgivings about Lou loitering in the background of Syracuse football for the next four or five years.

The closest thing I can equate it to would be if Dick Vitale had a son who was being considered as the next basketball coach at Syracuse. I mean, no matter what the son's qualifications are, it's tough to focus on the candidate.

Once I put aside those thoughts (which have nothing to do with how Skip would perform as a coach) and look at what the younger Holtz has done in his career, he's certainly got the pedigree and the resume to get the job done. Even though I can't stand his dad, he obviously learned a ton about football from the old man. Skip has won at Connecticut, he's won at East Carolina and he can win in the Big East. I'd certainly be satisfied, but not pumped up over Holtz. Will he be the next coach at Syracuse? I'm not sure, but I'm guessing that when we find out, it will be his dad who is the one telling us.

Turner Gill

Gill has been my number one choice to be the next head coach for some time. Again, I wasn't really sure why. I watch as much football as the next guy but few people, myself included, have time to study MAC games and see what the conference's coaches are doing. I think it all boils down to the fact that I went to a SUNY school - Albany to be exact. Since graduating, I've spent a career in and around State government. I know how SUNY is funded, I know how the system operates and I know that program was a complete joke. Before Gill showed up on campus I never thought it would be possible for that program to win 3 games in a season. I mean the program lost by 30 points to SU in Robinson's first season, the year before Gill showed up. He's proven he can take a program mired in a death spiral and turn it around - in three years no less.

The nagging question with Gill is, if he did come, how long would he be in Syracuse? He's rumored to be in the running for the Auburn job and his roots as a player and coach at Nebraska, along with the fact that he was born and raised in Texas, make it an easy assumption to think he'd want to get a Big 12 job as soon as one appeared. You always wonder if the guy is eyeing another prize.

I think everyone agrees that even if a coach came in for a few years and got the ship turned and then left for greener pastures, Syracuse is still in better shape than it is now.......but in the mean time, all we've got is idle speculation and that makes waiting even harder. Oh, and one more thing - even after the hire is announced, we're not going to know if it was a good one for quite some time.

Tis the Season

As a huge fan of both the Philadelphia Eagles and the movie A Christmas Story, I thought I'd pass along an e-mail that's going around the intertubes. Clearly Plaxico Burress' gun dealer didn't share the same concerns that Ralphie's mom did, so we will.

Be careful Plax, "you'll shoot your thigh out."

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Final Four

If you haven't gotten up to date on the latest Syracuse coaching search news, then good god....get off of this crappy blog and check out what Dave Rahme, Donnie, and the Axeman have to say. While you're at it, the guys at the SportHump have updated Greg Robinson's facebook status.

From what I've read the experts have, narrowed the final four field down to Skip Holtz, Turner Gill, Doug Marrone and Al "Back From the Dead" Golden.

The clock is ticking on Daryl, and being the Idiot that I am...most metaphors I can come up with involve one of my favorite pastimes....hanging at a bar with my friends. In my days of being young and single, I spent a helluva lot of time in doing just that with my fellow Idiots Boss and the Russianator.

The House The Idiots Built

A night out with the boys is always a good time, but we all know the scene....the clock is clicking towards 2:00AM, your wallet is empty, your liver is working overtime and you are scouting the bar for the late-night hookup. Doctor Gross it appears your choices are:

Al Golden- Al is the really young looking chick at the bar. She definitely has some sex appeal, however at the beginning of the night she completely blows you off in front of all of her friends. Later, after a couple hours of downing Bud Light Limes, Apple Pucker shots, and grinding on the dance floor, she can't take her eyes off of you. Part of you is really intrigued. Part of you really wants to hook up with her out of spite, just to show her stuck up friends. You just might be her flavor-of-the-night. The problem being....what bigger and better flavor will be out there the next time she's out with her friends?

Turner Gill- Turner is the chick that comes into the bar and heads turn. She's a newcomer to your tavern of choice, but quickly every guy in the place is following her every move. Your buddies are encouraging you to step up. You have no idea how this would play out, however you are certainly intrigued by the commotion she's causing. Tonight would certainly be fun, but tomorrow she's checking for text messages from her old boyfriend in Nebraska.

Skip Holtz- While you've consistently worked hotter girls (Chip Kelly, Lane Kiffin), deep down you've always had a thing for Skip. Week in and week out she's at your bar and you're pretty sure she's got a thing for you. Early on in the night you had some good rap with her...but the funny thing is, later you are getting nothing but mixed signals from her. As last call approaches you run into each other and she starts to get really touchy-feely with you. You like your chances here. One thing is bothering you....all she talks about all night is how her dream is to one day get a job in South Bend, Indiana.

Doug Marrone- Here is the "down-to-earth/plain Jane/girl next door" that catches your eye. She's nothing flashy, but you've noticed her having a great time with her friends, drinking beers and shying away from the girly-drinks. You are thinking in the back of your mind, she seems too nice for a one-night hookup. You might have to put some time in on this one. You get a chance to talk to her and she's is buying everything you are selling. She really likes you, and although you dig her, there are some hotter chicks out there that you can't keep your eyes off of.

The clock is ticking Daryl. The slow dance songs are playing and soon the house lights will be on.