Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dick Vitale is against all things American

The sight of college kids having fun without him brought tears to Dick's eyes.

I invested some time today in the Pitt-Georgetown matchup on ESPN. Unfortunately that meant suffering through two hours of Dick Vitale's nonsensical babble.

Headed to a commercial break, Dick took a real stand....declaring that he didn't like college teams (Georgetown) playing in NBA arenas because (paraphrasing)..."they sell beer here and college kids are drinking at 11:00am. That's a no-no."

Imagine that, college kids drinking beer? Of course it's ok for Dick to act drunk on the air. What's pie? Mom? Baseball?
These colors don't run Dick.


Hoya Suxa said...

11:00 AM? Georgetown is weak.

Christ, when I was an undergraduate I would start drinking at 7:00 AM for noon football starts.

Orange Chuck said...

Wow, can someone remind me fo something, wasn't it Vitale who did many promotions with Hooters which sells beer as well? He helps promote a place that sells beer and makes his living off of analyzing college basketball. Sounds like a conflict of interest there to me. I know many college venues that sell beer to legal age adults and there is nothing wrong with it, at least not as bad as hearing his voice for 2 hours (thank God I had it muted while I was working out at the gym earlier). I am getting so sick of this pompeous, self righteous ideal that beer sales should be stopped because 5 people out of 50,000 act like jerks. By the way, if you think that by not selling beer at these arenas, it's a step to stopping college students from drinking, your even dumber then i thought. Drinking has been and always will be around college campuses and I think the legal drinking age should go back to 18 as well. I know many students who drank in college and still got their masters or doctoriteall while being on the dean's list nontheless. Vitale makes Billy Packer tolerable.

The Captain said...

i was not aware of a posted start / stop time for college drinkng.

I have a problem with someone giving me life lessons who is most famously noted for being an obnoxious loudmouth know-it-all.

Before you know it he'll have his own talk show, Dr. Dick.

Anonymous said...

I started watching a very good BB game between NC and Duke. I finally had to turn it off because of Dicky V's stupid motormouth rantings. I am sick of his "nexcheers", "lasscheers", "neksht levels", "diaper dandys", and his blatant Duke cheerleading. How does this idiot stay on the air?