Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jeff and Mike - Doing the Limbo

One of the most interesting sports stories to surface in the last two days is the saga involving the current/possibly former Boston College head coach Jeff Jagodzinski and his interview with the NY Jets. According to the Boston Globe, the interview did happened today. It has been widely reported that BC Athletic Director Gene DePhilippo said the coach would be fired if he took the interview. As of the time of this writing, there's been no word on whether Jagodzinksi will keep his job.

While I can understand DePhilippo wanting to keep continuity in the football program and I also understand that a lot of 18-22 year old men committed to BC because of the coach - but frankly his position is absurd. There are only 32 NFL head coaching jobs available in the world and for DePhilippo to stand in his way of someone that has a shot to reach the highest level of his chosen profession is a joke.

Now, if the coach wanted to go to another NCAA school, I could understand DePhilippo's stance. I mean, this is a guy who must still be smarting from the fact that his last coach bolted for NC State two years ago. That's right N.C. F-ing State -- a place with a football tradition which is the automotive equivalent of the tradition of the Ford Pinto.

So while Gene must be smarting, he should understand that coaching against the New England Patriots is a little different than looking across the field and seeing the Kent State Golden Flashes. So now we wait to see if Gene gives his coach his walking papers or if he's all talk. Either way he looks bad, because if the coach does get fired, he's got plenty of options. I for one can't wait to see how this plays out, because train wrecks like this are great entertainment.

And speaking of waiting for something to play out, Donnie Webb is reporting Mike Williams still has not enrolled at SU. We'll be waiting on this one as well, but I think we've got a better chance of seeing Jagodzinski coaching the Eagles next year than we do of seeing number 1 streaking down the sideline in Orange - stay tuned.

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