Monday, May 11, 2009

Aubrey Huff Loves Pumping

The Yankees, muddling through what has been a very disappointing season to date, had an interesting thing happen against the Orioles in their win on Sunday. Oriole Aubrey Huff hit a 3 run HR off of Joba in the first inning gave the some exaggerated fist pumping on his way around the bases. This was meant to mock some of Chamberlain's celebrations, as apparently Huff was still peeved about Joba striking him out 2 years ago, and finally got his revenge. Too bad for the Orioles, they still lost the game.

So while we're glad Aubrey got that out of his system, you really can't blame him, since pumping his fist is all he really does. I mean apparently he does it a lot. We're guessing Huff buys hand lotion by the gallon.

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