Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The SOBs - Best Senior

Welcome to the 2009 SOBs - we here at T3I are proud and honored to take part in this prestigious awards ceremony. It's not often that nerds sitting in our parent's basements can hand out fake awards cleverly named after curse words to players who have no idea they are receiving them. In other words - well done Sean, we tip our idiotic hats to you for making this event happen yet again.

Our category is "Best Senior" which is near and dear to our hearts since we are most likely the oldest set of dorks in the Syracuse blogosphere....although I suspect Poncho isn't far behind.

When you think of the senior members of the 2008-09 Syracuse basketball team one thing come to mind - breakfast food. Sorry Justin Thomas and Jake Presutti, you are mere mortals and when faced with Belgian God as your opponent for this award, you never stood a chance.

The 2009 award for the Best Senior goes to Kristof "The Belgian Waffle" Ongenaet. It's a shame that we only had your hustle and scrappy play for 2 years - especially since it took us that long to learn to spell your last name.

As you can imagine, this race wasn't really close, but let's see what some of the other bloggers had to say:

Ray Biggs - Superman Wears Rob Long Underoos (I): Kristof Ongenaut, maybe the most tenacious defensive player I have seen in my short 17 year old life. Unfortunately, as much as we all know and love the waffle, professional basketball might not be much of an option for our offensively challenged friend.

Alex O - Superman Wears Rob Long Underoos (II): Justin Thomas. Yeah, I know Kristof's gonna run away with this, so I thought I'd send some love JT's way. His career has been quite the roller coaster. and he even had a hand in the six-overtime win to go along with all of that.

Jameson Fleming - the Bleacher Report: Kristof! I'll never look at Belgian Waffles the same way after Kristof!

DA - the Orange Fizz: Jake Presutti? Ok, fine. Ongeneat.

The Glaude - Hoya Suxa and Twitter King Extraordinaire: The syrup-y smooth Waffle -- Kristof! The fact that he did not know how the N.C.A.A. tournament worked is still the greatest Syracuse story nobody talks about enough.

Nick Loucks - Nick's 2 Cents: Kristof Ongenaet was the hustling, smart silent assassin that you grew to depend on whenever he was on the court.

Poncho Sinatra - the Sport Hump: The Waffle. From now one, the Mr. Hustle award is renamed, Best Waffle impersonation.

Brian Harrison - Orange 44: Kristof! The Belgian sensation was the blue collar worker Syracuse fans love. He always seemed to grab key rebounds, and he certainly had some great plays including several big slams. Thanks for the two years of hard work. Kristof! Mr. Intangibles will always get a standing O whenever he comes back to Syracuse, even if no one outside of Syracuse will remember him.

Sean - TNIAAM: Kristof! Mr. Intangibles will always get a standing O whenever he comes back to Syracuse, even if no one outside of Syracuse will remember him.

Obviously, we here at T3I loved the Waffle - whether we were drinking beers with him:

Or making T-shirts celebrating his existence:

We are thrilled he won this award. May life treat you well Kristof - you made your mark among Syracuse fans. The next award, Best Villain/Nemesis, will be posted at noon over at Hoya Suxa - enjoy.

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Orange Chuck said...

Imagine that, the Idiots get the category that the Waffle wins. Isn't that like giving HoyaSuxa most hated rival? haha