Thursday, May 7, 2009

The SOBs - Day 2 - Best Photo

As the 2009 SOBs wind down, I'll be brief with this introduction because the music is already playing and I think Sean's tux is ill-fitting. He's actually glaring at me from stage left, I can feel it. This category celebrates the beauty that is Syracuse basketball, captured in a still frame for all of us to see. Let's check out our best photo nominees:

Rob Long Wears Superman Underoos (Part 1) nominates Devo and Jonny getting close.

Rob Long Wears Superman Underoos (Part II) nominates Paul and the Superfro

Jameson from the Bleacher Report votes for Devo preening after making a non-wining shot against UConn.

The Orange Report nominates Devo and Jonny getting busy......almost.

The Sport Hump casts a vote for Devo straight thuggin....

The Three Idiots on Sports goes with the classic scoreboard shot

And Orange 44 casts a vote for Angry Boeheim

And your winner is..........another tie - between Devo and Jonny getting it on and Devo preening on the scorers table after making a shot that didn't count. Each had 2 votes. He won't be here next year, but it's clear Devo made on impression on the court, and on people's cameras...........Be sure to head over to Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician for the MVP and the wrap up of the 2009 SOBs.

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