Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ebay Item of the Week

We're pulling a Casey Kasem this week and sending out a long-distance dedication to our good friend The Axeman with this week's Ebay Item of the Week. Axe enjoyed last week's musical trip back to the 1989 Hall of Fame Bowl won by our Syracuse Orangemen.

This week's item let's you relive the 1988 Sugar Bowl. In case you missed it, and you probably did because no one reads this crappy blog, T3I looked back at this game last August.

(Insert Casey Kasem voice here) "And Axe, here's your long distance dedication. The #1 hits of 1988."

Some bonus random thoughts from 1988's music scene:

* Whitney Houston (reality TV train wreck), Michael Jackson (insert punch line here), INXS (dead lead singer)....21 years can really change people

* Expose....better name for a strip club than a musical group

* SportHump favorite Rick Astley....two...yes two #1 hits....Rock and Roll Hall of Fame get on this induction now

* Wow, does that "Father Figure" song by George Michael take on a whole different meaning in 2009

* When does the new Terrence Trent D'Arby album come out?

* Forget waterboarding, we should really be playing that Bobby McFerrin song at Guantanamo

* Guns 'N Roses...thank you for saving that year

1 comment:

Axeman said...

Guys! I'm touched!!

Some thoughts:

*WOW 1988 SUCKED ASS!! What is with all the god damn ballads? Was everyone depressed in 1988 or what?

*True story. My dad once owned a porsche and would crank Billy Ocean in it. Not one of his prouder moments (he also had an 80's perm)

*All that shitty music aside, I never get tired of "Red, Red Wine" or "Roll with it" Two quality songs and that UB40 album was very good.

*I agree fellas. Thank god for GNR.

*Man, I can't get over how shitty 1988 was. Its like the whole music industry was batting like David Ortiz