Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ebay Items of the Week: Rico Suave and some dude's 22 year old tshirt

Yeah, yeah, yeah....we're a day late with this week's Ebay Item of the Week. So for you loyal readers out there (all 3 of you) we're giving you a special 2-for-1 this week.

First up......break out your Gerardo CD's.....because every Cuse fan needs their own genuine rico (suave) leather checkbook cover.

For Orange fans reliving the 1987 Final Four is about as much fun as genital herpes. However if you are game enough feel free to bid on this guy's 22 year old tshirt.

And since we're reliving 1987, Axe here you go buddy. The #1 hits of '87:

Some '87 thoughts:

* This entire clip sounds exactly like the current Y94 playlist.

* I have no idea who "Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam" were. But two #1 hits? Really? Anyone, Lisa Lisa?

* Apparently the key to getting a top hit this year was getting your song featured in a movie.

* Greatest special effects ever...Kim Wilde at the 3:30 mark (smoke machine...check, hand coming down from the ceiling....check.....guy busting through the set...check.)

* U2....that's one damn good record.

* Do you think Chuck Finley owns that Whitesnake album?

* Huey Lewis and The can't forget about The News.


Rochelle said...

Yes Lisa Lisa! Really you didn't know her then?? Maybe you'll like her now, new album comes out
7.14.09!! It's called "Life 'n Love" and the single 'Que Locura' is available on iTunes NOW!

Visit for more info!

Orange Chuck said...

I remember Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam, they had hits like Head To Toe, All Cried Out and Can YOu Feel The Beat. Sorry, I was an awkward child which may explain in part my adulthood as well.

Rochelle said...

ha ha, I tend to think all childhoods are a little awkward! I look back at some of things I was dressed in and can't believe my parents did that to me! As you get older you look back and realize you did it to yourself.. what would we do without trends and fads though LOL!

Timeless Lisa Lisa classics you mention! We are gonna have a couple remixes to "Can You Feel The Beat" and "I Wonder If I Take You Home" too! I can't wait!

President William "Bill" Taft said...


Would you happen to be one of the Debarge brothers? If so, great VH1 special last week.

What's "El" up to lately?

Russianator said...

I thought I had seen everything in my time on this planet - and then I saw a Lisa Lisa fan and realized I was wrong.

Rochelle said...

Ha ha! I am certainly of no relation to the Debarge Family, if you were even talking to me! LOL!

Yes Lisa Lisa has some die hard fans out there!! It is truly amazing for her to have been able to sustain a career from her 6 top ten hits, more than two of which were #1's!

Anyway! Have a lovely Monday! Hopefully the weather where you are is better than Massachusetts!

Axeman said...

YES! It's back and better than ever!! My favorite segment

Let's break it down:

1. First of all...1987 kicks 1988's ASS. Like a Dallas beat down on Buffalo in the Super Bowl ass. Solid year. Good mix of catchy, upbeat tunes with good tunes from U2 and others. But this decade peaked in '87. '88 and '89 are very weak compared to it. I', very biased as well as I vividly remember the summer of '87 as I hung out with older sister a lot and we always had the radio on by the pool or driving somewhere with her friends.

2. Holy shit, there was lot of songs from movies that year. Best one was "Shakedown" from "Beverly Hills Cop 2." Duets too. Michael and some chick, George and Aretha, that song from "Dirty Dancing"

3. Let's get one thing straight. Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam are awesome. You tell 'em Rochelle!

4. Jacob's Ladder was a # 1 hit? OK.

5. Whitney in "I wanna dance with somebody" Best. 80's Hair. EVER

6. True story. A girl that had a crush on me lip-synched that song to me. I guess I was supposed to be impressed. I laughed at her instead.

7. Wasn't a fan of the Madonna "short hair" phase, but she looked hot in "Open Your Heart"

8. See kids! Proof that Tawny Kitain and Belinda Carlisle were once hot as well!

9. Looking back on it, it was like U2 was sent back in time to reassure us good music was on the way. "With or Without You" is my favorite U2 song by far.

10. Creepy Michael Jackson moment!! Good song though.