Friday, June 12, 2009

Fat Guy Friday

While Orlando's supreme choke job last night effectively ended the NBA Finals, we have basketball on our minds. To that end, Fat Guy Friday this week focuses on a famous fat basketball player - Robert Tractor Traylor. The Tractor turned out to be a better eater than a pro basketball player, it is no longer in the NBA. Somewhat ironically, he is still playing professionally in Turkey (one would assume with extra gravy). So while the Tractor is no longer stateside, he has given us some memorable highlights.

Like ripping down the rim at Michigan:

And going coast to coast against the hapless Clippers:

And dunking over cows with Sir Charles:


The Captain said...

mmmmmm.... the captain loves gravy

Poncho Sinatra said...


Lunch-Bacon w/Gravy

Dinner-Piels, Bacon w/Gravy and a side of Bacon