Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just in Time for Summer

Have you ever had a to shut down a ripping good game of beer pong because it was simply too hot and you HAD to take a dip in the pool? Have you ever struggled to come up with enough players for your beer pong tournament because too many of your friends were busy ogling hot chicks around the pool? Do you just need a new way to get completely bombed while swimming this summer?

Well your prayers are answered - the good people at Tailgating Ideas have announced that the Port-o-Pong Pro is now available!

The inflatable beer pong raft is perfect for those aquatic excursions or for those tailgaters who are tired of using the plain portable table set up before games.

We'd advise Michigan fans to consider investing in these - being sober and watching a Greg Robinson lead defense isn't advisable.

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