Friday, June 5, 2009

My Heart's on Fire...Elmira

T3I's Southern Tier affiliate passed this nugget along. Move over Syracuse Shockwave. This week the American Basketball Association announced that Elmira, NY has been awarded an expansion franchise and will begin play in December.

What really caught my eye was the league's proclamation that the new team,

"...will be owned by the Chemung County YMCA in Elmira, NY."

Seriously? A YMCA is an ownership group in your league? Really?

The battle lines have been drawn. Will Elmira become Syracuse's rival as they battle for the Old Salt Potato-Speedie Cup? Will the Elmira YMCA set attendance records for their "Geoff Bodine Night?" Will they invite '80's country superstars The Oak Ridge Boys to preform a re-worked version of their hit "Elvira" before their first game? We can only hope and imagine....

"My Heart's on Fire....ELMIRA!"


AJV said...

Champ, no joke, the Oak Ridge Boys played at my association's national convention last year. Needless to say we called them "The Good Ole' Boys" all night and left after their first song- Rollin' rollin' rollin'...

Brian Harrison said...

This is nuts. Maybe I'll have to go to a game just to report to you people how this nonsense goes. They do sell out the Y for wrestling shows, so I guess this could work. Who knows. Keep up the good work boys.