Monday, June 1, 2009

Random Rants and Ramblings

Welcome to June. The NBA Finals don't start until Thursday and hockey ceased being a sport years ago, so there's not much going on in the sports world we live in - so let's ramble.

* Here's a deep thought - Is Gary Bettman the Matt Millen of hockey, or is Matt Millen the Gary Bettman of football?

* Jonny Flynn is making the rounds meeting with a lot of NBA teams before the NBA draft and by all accounts things are going well, but that has to be a weird process. As someone that's been in the "working world" for a long time now, I can't imagine what that process is first job interview was with a crappy insurance company and thankfully it was a trainwreck. I didn't get the job and I wouldn't have been a good fit in the insurance world anyway. Looking back on it, I'm glad it worked out the way it did. I imagine every player that talks to the Clippers and doesn't get drafted by them will feel the same way.

* I could care less that LeBron didn't shake someone's hand. Stories like this make sports talk radio absolutely miserable when nothing else is going on. The next time I hear about LeBron shaking or not shaking something, it better involve strippers and fake breasts.

* What's worse - Mike Lupica sports commentator or Mike Lupica political commentator? That's like choosing between New Coke and Crystal Pepsi if you ask me.

* The hot dog eating contest is only a month away and Kobayashi signaled to the world that he's ready to take the title back from Joey Chestnut. Let's go Joey, the Mustard Belt belongs in the USA.

* I'm watching SportsCenter and Linda Cohn is anchoring. It reminds me of the time Champ and I saw Linda in a bar in Oswego during what was then reunion weekend. She was wearing a fanny pack. Sadly this was a number of years ago, before cell phones had cameras, which is too bad because we probably would have taken that picture and turned it into a t-shirt or something.

* Eight strong innings for Joba Chamberlain tonight, he was throwing in the upper nineties late into the game. That makes me giddy.

* And I'll leave you with a little advice - no matter how mad you get, cutting off your own penis is NEVER a good idea.

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dannymac said...

only thing worse then Lupica on politics or lupica on sports is actually looking and listening to him on the Sports Reporters