Sunday, July 26, 2009

#10: Syracuse-41 Clemson-0, 1996 Gator Bowl

Let's light this candle.

Checking in at the #10 position of the Biggest Syracuse Football Wins of the HumpIdiot Era countdown with 12 points is Donovan McNabb's Gator Bowl MVP performance. The Orange's 41-0 win over Clemson featured a 2 TD, 173 performance from Marvin Harrison. Donovan's 300 yard passing perforamnce earned him the MVP.
AJV, "The day I became convinced McNabb would lead us to a National Title, then I remembered I was from Upstate NY."

Boss, "McNabb threw a party that day at the expense of the Tigers defense, 4TD's and game MVP, not bad for a freshmen."

Others receiving votes:

1997 East Carolina- The Poncho Bowl (6)

Poncho, "As an East Carolina Alumn, I still bleed Orange. Although this was not a major win for a club featuring McNabb and a cast of barn burners, it was revenge for a loss a couple years earlier that silenced the Dome. I happened to be there with some college friends from Greenville and got kicked out of a fraternity party because I pee'd on his Chevy Corsica. Smile."

2001 Auburn (5)
Champ, "The first game in the Dome after 9/11. Interestingly enough, the last time I sat in the Russianator's section for a game after dumping a tray of Dome foam all over his neighbors. "
Russianator, "The first game in the Dome post September 11th, the energy in there was special that day. The Orange rode the emotions of the crowd and handled the Tigers 31-14. Afterward we drank with some Auburn fans in Armory Square-- hats off to that fan base, they are a good group."

1992 Ohio State- Hall of Fame Bowl (4)

Poncho, "After running through the Big East like Kobayashi eats hot dogs, the Orange rattled the 'bottom heavy' Big 10 thugs Ohio State to wrap up their 10-2 season. I have always been against of the pretentions use of 'the' preceeding 'Ohio State.' An interesting tidbit: Art Schlichter's career as a compulsive gambler and began and was nurtured at Ohio State. Two words: Maurice Clarett."

AJV, "We used to beat Ohio State. No, really we did."

Champ "The early '90s featured wins over the likes of Ohio State and Texas. Now I'd kill for a win over UConn."

1997 Wisconsin- Kicoff Classic (4)

AJV, "It was my first trip to NYC and I stayed in the hotel while my family walked to Times Square. Probably the best sports weekend of my life, the next day I made my inaugural visit to The Stadium for Donnie Baseball Day."

1998 Rutgers (3)

President Bill Taft, "Don't sit up nights thinking about making me President for that will never come and I have no ambitioin in that direction. I only involve myself with the denigration of the Scarlett Knight football program. Why would a win over Rutgers make my HumpIdiot Top 10? I threw up in a Tully's bathroom and got in a fight with a Syracuse band member. That's why."

1995 North Carolina (1)

1990 Arizona- Aloha Bowl (1)

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President William "Bill" Taft said...

I was at that Auburn game in the Dome following the events that lead to a Nick Cage movie. Fortunately for a few young dames, so was my 100% All-beef-thermometer.

God bless America and my bald avenger.