Sunday, August 2, 2009

#2: Syracuse-32 West Virginia-31, 1987


Can you feel the excitement? Me neither. But let's wrap up this countdown this week. At the #2 spot on the Biggest Syracuse Football Wins of the HumpIdiot Era Countdown is Syracuse's exlcamation point on their undefeated '87 season.

Poncho, TheSporthump, "Best news I ever heard in my life: Syracuse officials formally accepted an invitation to the Sugar Bowl today just five hours before its undefeated team staged a rousing comeback to complete the second perfect regular season in the school's 98-year football history. Second best: Ford announces the release of the Taurus (1985)."

Russianator, "There isn't much you can say about this game that hasn't already been discussed- but Michael Owens sneaking into the corner of the end zone on a 2-point conversion to ensure a perfect regular season is a timeless classic. In a related note, Pat Dye can lick my balls."

Boss, "Got to love the rocks of Coach Mac-- such a classic finish to an incredible year. I listened to this game on the radio riding up I-81 and ran in to catch the live ESPN cut-in, at least that is what I'm saying."

Champ, "Coach Mac, onions. Tom Osborne, onions. Pat Dye, coward."

Here's your ESPN cut-in Boss:

For those of you with 10 minutes to kill, here are the dulcet tones of Dave Cohen and Dale Drypolcher (an apparent fan of the Pat Dye playbook....he calls for us to kick the PAT) with the old SUper Sports Channel 13 video highlights. The Moose run at the 6:20 mark is worth watching alone.

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