Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ebay Item of the Week: Back to School Edition

Hey kids....let's get ready for the upcoming school year with some shopping, idiot style. Forget the old black and white marble composition notebooks of yesterday. Today's students need their very own Syracuse Orange composition notebook.

I have to be honest, after reading this little nugget that Sean passed along I'm already working on my first assignment for the new school year: a 1,000 word essay titled "Why Cookie Monster Would Have Won More Games As Syracuse Coach Than Greg Robinson."

Sorry, but I can't pass up a "Back To School" post without a tribute to the legend Rodney. The Triple Lindy is one damn tough dive:

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Russianator said...

The triple lindy is the greatest dive in the history of mankind. Greg Robinson would attempt it, hit his head on the diving board and then give himself a perfect score.