Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Greg Paulus Knows How to Fall

In Donnie Webb's latest practice report, we learned that the SU quarterbacks have not been hit since practice started. This is fairly standard operating procedure for football teams, it doesn't make much sense to try and knock your own quarterback senseless. Besides with the recent state of SU's offensive line, other teams get more than enough shots at Orange QBs.

However, when your starting quarterback hasn't played football since late 2004, naturally there are some concerns about whether he can take a hit.

In discussing that issue, Coach Marrone told Donnie, "the New Orleans Saints never allowed starting quarterback Drew Brees to be hit during preseason camp. He said a bigger skill is learning how to fall."

Well, SU fans don't have to worry about that, Greg is the master of falling and not getting hurt. Granted 6 months ago we would have mocked him for this - now it's a desirable skill. Strange world.

Here Greg displays the proper "falling" technique:

Here he shows he can take a hit:

And here he takes another shot, then shows he learned to avoid a similiar blow:

The good news is Greg has a good sense of humor about it as you can see from the clip below. In all seriousness we are fired up to see what he can do this year.

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