Monday, August 24, 2009

New Gear for a New Year

With the Syracuse football opener less than two weeks away, we here at Idiot Headquarters are excited. We're talking 6 year old at Christmas excited.

At this time last year, the outlook was bleak. Greg Robinson had already proven he couldn't coach, Daryl Gross had made the baffling decision to bring him back for a fourth year and everyone knew we were looking at a long season. To voice our displeasure, and send Greggers off the right way, we created some activewear we could proudly wear in the Carrier Dome and around town. Thanks to you, and the fact that Robinson couldn't coach, it was a hit.

This year, there's a new sheriff in town, and to put it mildly, we're smitten. To celebrate a new era of Syracuse football, it seemed appropriate to create some new gear to appropriately reflect the new direction of the program.

Doug Marrone is clearly Superman - and hopefully able to leap Big East standings in a single season.

But Doug is also a bad man - so much so that Superman fears him:

The new coach is also a man who we believe in:

And don't forget your bad trucker hats - everyone needs one (or two) of those:

You can check out all our stuff at our on-line zazzle store - which is always reachable by clicking on the shirt on the right. Buy early and buy often, you know you need more junk.

Also, don't forget to sign up for The 3 Idiot college football challenge - the winner is sure to get a fantastic prize, that may be something pictured above.

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Poncho Sinatra said...

Can I get the Marrone shirts in Mesh tank tops?