Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sweet Victory Indeed

Photo: Kevin Rivoli, AP

The Russianator is dead on with his recap of last night's thrilling Syracuse victory. After attending the festivities as well, here's another idiot's observations on last night's goings-on.

* My section was out of control last night. I had copious amounts of beer spilled on me, people jostling me on their way in and out of our row, and was surrounded by over-the-top screaming Orange fans. And you know what? I loved every minute of it. For the first time in years, our section had some genuine life to it. And the row of silverheads behind us who constantly asked us to sit down on 3rd down last year have apparently turned in their season tickets for a time shares in Del Boca Vista, Florida. Great job Cuse fans.

* Nothing new here on this rant-- however Dome operations have to seriously re-think the amounts of piped-in music in between plays. This isn't the NBA, it's college football.

* What else can you say about this defense? Yards allowed aside, this group is a helluva treat to watch. The hitting and energy they are bringing to the field is truly refreshing.

* While still plagued by the dropsies....the WR's did a nice job with downfield blocking. Kudos to Donte Davis, I thought he played a solid game. And yes, Mike Williams is still a HR threat. Big East foes, you are warned.

* Great call by Northwestern on the throwback to the QB play.

* You have to love the feel of night games in the Dome. Last night's energy brought back great after-dark memories of battles against Va Tech, Miami, and Michigan. Good job SU Athletic Department with that kickoff team.

* Another Dome rant--- the volume really needs to be turned up on the killer entrance video before the team takes the field.

* Delone Carter runs hard every time. I honored DC with some hard runs of my own to the concession stand and bathroom.

* Subway Sub Race: your winner this week....white. For the entire GRob era, this was the most exciting part of the game. No more.

* What a perfect day for tailgating. Let's hope the weather is as cooperative next week for Maine.

* Why does the Dome expect us to check under our seats for the free Garmin GPS giveaway when the winners are already standing on the field?

Hey, when my biggest gripes are stupid things like the entrance video volume and Dome giveaways, you know it was a good week.

Bring on Maine.

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Russianator said...

Great call on the dome PA people, I forgot to mention that. IN BETWEEN PLAYS they are playing music when SU is trying to call plays at the line. Idiots. Not the good kind either.