Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Syracuse Fans - Retire the Wave

Saturday night was a thoroughly enjoyable fan experience in the Dome. The Orange won a thrilling game, the crowd was loud, properly sauced, and provided Syracuse with emotional lift. It was a great time, with one notable exception - certain fans insist on doing the wave.

To those Syracuse fans who will not give up this absurd ritual, I have a simple message -- enough with the f*cking wave already. I can't take it any more. It's not 1984. It's not new. It's not fun. And half the time you don't even do it right. I can't tell you how many times you wave starting jackasses have started the damn thing when Syracuse has the ball.

Hey geniuses, you never do the damn wave when Syracuse has the ball, because the offense can't hear the quarterback - and the last time I checked, playing at home was supposed to be a freaking advantage.

What's the point of the wave? Are you proud you can stand up and put your hands in the air? Is it fun to try and get your gut to hang out of the bottom of your shirt? Are you frustrated you never made the drill team or synchronized swimming team in high school and are just trying to show your real talent? I don't get it - talk to me wave starters, I want answers.

Look, I love going to Syracuse games, getting loud, and screaming when the opponent has the ball. I'm the guy standing up and yelling every time there's a great play. I make noise when the opposing team is at the line scrimmage. I high five everyone around me. I'm not suggesting we all sit on on our hands. We need to create a hostile environment for Syracuse opponents - and doing a synchronized dance move isn't going to get it done.

You know who still does the wave? 90,000 Madonna fans.....that's who.

Do you really want to do something that Madonna fans do better than you??? Does that make you feel better?

Besides, the sad fact of the matter is that some people clearly do not have the mental capacity and physical coordination to actually pull off the wave. Case in point, Saturday night when the wave was rolling through my section, some drunk meatball seated behind me got so excited he forgot to put his beer down as he stood and vigorously tossed his hands in the air - spraying beer all over everyone, including me, who was in his vicinity. It's only a matter of time before some mental midget falls over an upper deck railing while "waving." Then how will you feel wave starters? You don't want moron blood on your hands. You really don't.

So let's make a deal - let's go to the games, be loud as hell, scream at opposing players and make the Dome a brutal place for opponents to play. But let's leave the wave at home, because really, if you're doing the wave, you're no better than these guys.

Photo from Joe Sports Fan.


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Anonymous said...

next you will have a problem with the fans behind the backboard in basketball waving their hands in unison AFTER the foul shooter releases the ball.

Russianator said...

wait until I get to my rant about shopping carts with one bad wheel. That will be epic.

Champ said...

AMEN RUSH! This post is 20 years overdue.