Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tremendous - Explained

It wasn't long after Doug Marrone became the head coach of Syracuse University football team that his favorite word was identified, and that word is tremendous. Tremendous is a Marrone staple, it's the first adjective he reaches for when any one or any thing does something positive. He uses it more than a fat people use ranch dressing at the salad bar at Ponderosa.

And you know what? After listening to Greg Robinson say "I don't know" for the last four years, we're fine with tremendous. Actually all three idiots think tremendous is a tremendous word. In fact, I used to to slip it into press releases I wrote at a former job.

However, today's story on about how Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald and Marrone are both coaching at their alma maters revealed something interesting. In talking about the importance of coaching at a school you graduated from, Fitzgerald said:

"It's tremendous. I think when you have an (alumni) in the leadership position of the football program, you have someone who buys into everything the university stands for."

Clearly that explains it. When you get hired to coach at your alma mater, they give you a handbook, and page one of that handbook almost certainly demands that the coach use the word tremendous in every interview - because that's just tremendous.

Be sure to check in with T3I daily, we're your only source for this kind of hard hitting investigative blogging..............and stuff. This post is clearly tremendous.


KingOttoIII said...

This takes the cake:

"He's had a tremendous off season for us," Marrone said of Provo. "He can do a lot of things on the field. Obviously, it gives us someone that can move, who is a little stronger player at the point. I really think Cody (Catalina) did a tremendous job while he was out. He made a tremndous catch last week on the sideline. That's a good position for us."

That is three tremendi. Either he loves the word or is Fing with us fans.

Russianator said...

Holy Hell - I think you just hit on something. We may have to rethink this whole thing. What if he HAS been messing with us - most likely just to amuse himself? Nice work KingOtto

That would make me like him even more.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever had a post on how much Jimmy B uses the word? Perhaps Marrone is just taking a page out of the Book of James?