Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Big East Gets Dangerfield-ed

A big hat tip to the Rutgers Blog Bleed Scarlet, who yesterday pointed out that on October 24th, ESPN has chosen to show a horrific Illinois (1-4) at Purdue (1-5) game on ESPN 2 over UConn (3-2) at West Virginia (4-1) or the USF (5-0) at Pitt (4-1).

Seriously? ESPN chose Ron Zook and his team with the nation's 104th ranked defense playing on the road against a 1-5 Purdue team that is going to get spanked by Ohio State this weekend over both of these strong Big East matchups? The decision could look even more ludicous if South Florida pulls off the upset over Cincinatti tonight.

Well done ESPN, well done indeed.

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Josh said...

That is totally weak from a football standpoint, but I think the sad fact is that random Big Ten games are generally going to draw more viewers than top-level Big East games. I'm hoping for an exciting game tonight played at a high level of talent and execution -- since the Thurs. night games provide such visibility, it'll be helpful if these two teams can show that they are deserving of their top 25 status, rather than just having risen into the rankings by virtue of not losing yet.