Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Bills Fan Kicks Suffering up a Notch

I was checking out the Big Lead this morning and found a story I had to pass along. Ken Johnson from Rochester, known to Bills fans as Pinto Kenny (or apparently Pinto Ron), has been to every Bills game, home and away, since 1994. That means Kenny has witnessed 130 losses, including the 6-3 loss to the Browns on Sunday.

On one hand I admire the devotion, on the other, I question the dude's sanity. Then again, he does cook food on the hood of a Ford Pinto, so something is clearly a little off here....

Pinto Kenny's Buffalo Bills obsession is impressive, but he's got nothing on Don Gorske, a guy who has eaten at least one Big Mac a day EVERYDAY since 1972. Last year he hit Big Mac number 23,000, so Pinto Kenny has a ways to go before he catches Don.


Anonymous said...

Hey Neph: Do you think we could get the Bills kicked out of the NFL? The only good part of the Bills is seeing TO suffer. I know the networks make their decisions but CBS actually carried the Bills and the Browns rather than the Giants. Thank God that the Red Sox -Angels were on WTBS. I simply cannot stomach the Bills.It may be a dead heat as to who should be contracted first, the Raiders, Browns or Bills. Take it easy, Uncle Dave

Russianator said...

The bottom 10 teams in the NFL are GOD AWFUL this year. It's hideous.