Friday, October 23, 2009

Syracuse Akron Prediction Contest

We haven't posted any pre-game SU football predictions on a while. Why you might ask? Well the answer is quite complex - we're busy and lazy. OK, that's not complex at all - unless you're Greg Robinson (hey oh - I'll be here all week, try the veal).

With that being said, I'll toss out my official prediction and encourage you to do the same in the comments below. Actually, let's give you some incentive -- the person who comes the closest to the actual score wins something more valuable than merchandise or money - you win a guest post here at The Three Idiots.

As long as you don't link to porn or make any claims that will get us sued in a court of law, you can rant about anything you'd like. And I mean anything - I don't really care. If you want to write 1,000 words calling me a jackass - have it at. If you want to talk about Steve Phillips taste in women - go for it. If you want to discuss how Joe Girardi could over manage a little league game where every kid is required to play - I'm not going to stop you. You get the point.

Now if I get the game right, the second closest wins. If no one leaves a prediction, you're stuck with more dumb posts from Champ and I. Good times all the way around.

Rush's Prediction

Syracuse desperately needed a bye week to rest up physically and emotionally. After a turn over induced loss to South Florida and a thorough ass-kicking administered by WVU, this team needed a break. They looked battered and beaten.

I think the Orange come out rested and refocused under Doug Marrone's intense leadership. Akron is starting a true freshman quarterback and has lost so much talent and depth to injuries and suspensions they are the perfect foe for SU to get well against. I see Greg Paulus playing conservatively, using the short passing game to move the ball against the Zip defense and the Orange jumping out to an early 2 touchdown lead. The Orange defense stifles the Akron run game and the young quarterback struggles in the first half.

In the second half the Orange turn to a run game that moves the ball some, but not much, giving Akron QB Patrick Nicely a lot of chances to throw the ball. He settles down some in the second half against a weak Syracuse pass defense and produces some second half points, however it's not enough, the Orange have too much for the Zips.

Syracuse 34
Akron 23


Brian Harrison said...

37-13 Syracuse over Akron


Orange Chuck said...

I will go 41-10 Syracuse and if I win, I will plan out a special post about Tullys haha

Russianator said...

As long as it's not Friendly chuck!

Two comments, two bloggers. Let's go random people, get your predictions in.

Poncho Sinatra said...


Akron-4 new tires

The Captain said...

Syracuse 33
Akron 17

Tremendous concept Rush...... Tremendous.

Anonymous said...

21-17 cuse. However, Brian Wagner and Manley Waller of the Zips catch 5 passes from Paulus. Bring in Nassib!


AJV said...

SU- 44
Zips- Zip

Get ready for a 4,444 word soliloquy on the Bills.

Josh said...

One dollar!

oh, wait... wrong program.

SU 38, Akron 10

dannymac said...

SU 10 Akron 13 The curse of the Dukie is worse then the Greg Robinson area.

Anonymous said...

45-17 cuse.