Sunday, October 18, 2009

What I'm Wondering

I'm a little biased, but one of my favorite reads is the Russianator's Gear Grinding series of posts. When the idiots get together, one of our favorite past times is to rant on ridiculously stupid topics, many of which come from the sporting world. Anyhow, after this weekend here area few things I'm left wondering.

* Are "Wedding Crashers" and "Independence Day" the only things that TBS and TNT now show besides sports?

* 59 points Tennessee. Really? You're an NFL team, not a Syracuse team circa 2005-2008.

* Is it that hard to find quality baseball announcers? Tim McCarver has actually gotten worse and Ron Darling is ridiculously painful.

* Is Kate Hudson good playoff karma for ARod?

* Would a Cincinnati-Boise State BCS title game change the establishment's tune about a playoff?

* Why does Jose Molina have to catch AJ Burnett?

* How do the Eagles lose to the Raiders? **Editor's note: And I'm a Raiders fan**

* Which leads to, how does JaMarcus Russell still have a job?

* Who else is REALLY excited for this hoops season?

* Why isn't Joba always in the bullpen?

Here's to a quick week ahead. Akron tailgate-- get here.


Russianator said...

As an Eagle fan I am still stunned

Poncho Sinatra said...

Don't forget the token cop drama's they run religously on TNT- NYPD Blue, ER, Without a Trace, Alias, Judging Amy, etc.

I wish they would bring back some Mike Hammer or Hill Street Blues?

Anonymous said...

With regard to baseball announcers McCarver and Buck are the worst since they are so full of themselves. When you get the chance check out the website :Shut up Tim McCarver .com. take care, Uncle Dave