Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bravo Charlie Coles, Bravo

There are very few things we love more than sports related press conference melt downs. Jim Mora had us at playoffs. Allen Iverson slayed us talking about practice. Kevin Borseth went from unknown women's coach to world class ranter based on one press conference.

I once won a round of Hugging Harold Reynold's Iron Ref competition using press conference rants as the basis of my entry. So, a big tip of the hat is order to the Axeman for posting the link to Miami of Ohio coach Charlie Coles' post-game press conference after losing to Kentucky on a John Wall shot at the end of regulation. It's an instant classic. We all need more Charlie Coles in our lives.

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Champ said...

I love Charlie Coles. Seriously, can we get this guy a talk show?