Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Deck Chairs Shuffled on the SU Football Titanic

I don't even want to write about this because frankly it's depressing as hell, but SU senior defensive tackle Arthur Jones is lost for the season with a knee injury. Joining him on the sideline will be be starting tackle Jonathan Meldrum.

The rash of injuries is the latest setback to a season that started with promise and has been spiraling downward in recent weeks. In the Pitt game alone, the Orange lost 4 starters for the rest of the year. That is an amazing run of bad luck.

Could the injuries be the result of a depleted roster causing an increased work load in practice and games for the players? Possibly, but it could also be good old fashioned bad luck. We'll never really know.

What we do know is that in the last week the team has lost its best offensive player in Mike Williams, its best defensive player in Arthur Jones, a starting tight end in Cody Catalina (who was starting because the previous starter Nick Provo was lost to an injury), starting safety Max Suter, starting tackle John Meldrum and starting guard Andrew Tiller. Tiller has been reinstated, but his status for the upcoming game is uncertain as of this writing.

We know the team will move on and I'm fully confident the team will play hard, but holy hell, the 1972 Miami Dolphins couldn't withstand this many injuries. Winning another game this year with a roster this depleted will be a minor miracle.

According to SU Athletics, the deck will be shuffled as the team prepares for Louisville. Then again, if you don't have any cards, it makes it pretty tough to shuffle.


Anonymous said...

The reason they are all getting injured is because their leader (Paulus) is softer then charmin. You "townie" fans love the local kid comes home story. Fact is, he is beyond horrible and is not only killing this team's morale he is killing recruiting.

Russianator said...

Anonymous -

Congratulations, that might be the dumbest comment in the history of this blog. Greg Paulus is the reason other players are getting injured? Really? Is he cheap shotting them in their sleep?

Blaming him for poor recruiting is equally laughable. How is he negatively affecting recruiting? he won't even be here when the next batch of recruits sets foot on campus.

The Captain said...

Anonymous is a cunt and I hope his/her fingers get mangled in a freak woodchipper accident.


Poncho Sinatra said...

From Costa Rica to Anonymous-

I just got done doing a Zip Line through a Rainforest and got bit by a Monkey. Did you ever see the movie Predator? I am now your worst nightmare, be afraid.

Russianator said...

We did the zip line thing in Jamaica, it was a blast.

Anonymous said...

It is time all you "idiots" find a new hobby for the fall. SU football is forever dead. Between the Paulus curse (think BoSox selling The Babe but worse), the nasty artificial turf of the dome, a fake tough guy coach who has never recruited at a high level, and the dearth of local talent it's over. Maybe you all can become Saints fans, they sure seem to miss the tough guy. Laetner for QB next year.

Russianator said...

The curse of Greg Paulus - I'm impressed with the level of anonymous hatred. I'd accuse you of being a Rutgers fan, but they are far more rational than you.

Anonymous said...

Is there such a thing as a Rutger fan and what is a Rutger anyways?