Monday, November 9, 2009

Everyone's Invited to Celebrate Win 800

Say what you want about people in Syracuse, but Larry Elin would be proud of this polite gesture - according to Albany coach Will Brown's twitter feed he's been invited to celebrate Jim Boeheim's 800th win tonight. Score one for decorum.


Matt said...

If - God forbid - Albany pulls a Le Moyne tonight, does the invitation still stand for whenever JB actually does get to 800?

Also, do you think the Albany coach thought it was presumptuous of SU to be sending out these invites? This had better not jinx us!

Russianator said...

that is an excellent point - if Albany wins, Brown should definitely be invited to the celebration - Larry Elin would certainly want that.

Josh said...

If Albany does win this shit is going to blow up all over the Deadspins of the world. I smell the stinky fingers of Daryl Gross in this. I would not be at all surprised to find out that the man who retired #44 is so out of touch with the sports gestalt as to celebrate a win that has not yet occurred. That is tempting the wrath of the gods man!