Monday, November 16, 2009

Gear Grinding: Stubborn Coaches Edition

It's been a rough few weeks of football in both the college and professional ranks for this idiot and that means one thing -- it's time to get some stuff off my chest. In the words of Peter Griffin, here are a few things that are really grinding my gears.

Before I tear into SU Coach Doug Marrone, let me say I think he's done a good job on the whole this year. Rebuilding the Syracuse program is a huge task and I still believe he can get the job done. That doesn't mean I have to blindly agree with every decision he makes, like....

Punting to Trent Guy. It's been three days since Syracuse crapped the bed in the final minute moments of the Louisville game and this decision still makes no sense. Marrone said they chose to kick to Guy because its up the players to stay in their lanes and make plays. Well guess what, if I'm guarding Shaq it's my responsibility to stop him, that doesn't mean I can. To that point, Guy had been Louisville's only weapon and giving him another chance to make a play did not seem advisable to anyone. Hell, Steve Kragthorpe - who isn't exactly Urban Meyer -- was shocked when it happened.

While it's up to players to execute the game game plan and meet their responsibilities, it's up to coaches to adjust the game plans based on what they are seeing on the field. Marrone did not do that. Besides, you cannot tell me that Rob Long is incapable of successfully kicking the ball out of bounds. After all the punting he's had to do since he set foot on campus, he's had more experience punting a football than any human on the planet. He's put his foot on more balls than a dominatrix. I have faith he could have booted it out of bounds. That was a dumb, costly decision.

While we're here, I understand the offense is riddled with injuries, lacks play makers and has no depth, but if I see one more third down play that calls for the ball to go 2 yards when 5 are needed, I'm going to punch someone. The complete lack of aggressiveness is shameful.

I understand game plans that call for a heavy dose of running (the rbs are the team's strength) and while it drives me nuts to see constant punts on 4th and 1, at least that makes sense (see Belichick, Bill). But, running bubble screens, draws and 2 yard swing passes on 3rd down DO NOT. It's happened way too many times this year. Besides, the whole world knows this team isn't going vertical, these play calls couldn't fool Rich Kotite. Take the damn panties off and try and beat someone.

Finally, the decision to stick with Greg Paulus doesn't really wash either. If Paulus gives the team the best chance to win, as Marrone has said, then why is Nassib playing at all? The last time I checked this quarterback platoon wasn't lighting up the win column. The implication that Ryan Nassib can't handle the entire playbook is a crock. He was the starter before Paulus arrived - did he suddenly get dumber? Did a full season of practice make him forget plays? Does Paulus just look prettier throwing INTs? It's time to play Nassib and see what he can do, because the team isn't winning with Greg.

Switching to Andy Reid (his record over the last five years is 40-36-1) in the San Diego game yesterday the Eagles had first and goal at the one. Brian Westbrook was healthy at this point, as was McNabb. What's Reid do? He gives the ball to Leonard Weaver, calls for a pass that went incomplete to the tight end, and follows up by giving the immortal Eldra Buckley a carry that got stuffed. Think about that - you need one yard and decide Weaver, an incomplete pass, and Elda Buckley are your best options. That is so ludicrous it's stunning.

Also grinding my gears are the Cleveland Browns. I feel for their fans, but the ineptness of this team is horrible for the league. The team is so blazingly incompetent that Monday Night Football was rendered impossible to watch tonight. That is a crime against society, and for that crime I sentence Eric Mangini to 10 years of being locked in a cell with Jon Gruden listening to Chuckie talk non-stop.

And that's what really grinds my gears. I feel better. For now.


Josh said...

"He's put his foot on more balls than a dominatrix."

I'm not going to be able to sleep now, I'm laughing so hard.

Anonymous said...

Eveybody hates GRob but not to fond of the "moron". He and the Mangenius both graduated from the school of talk tough but coach like a 3 year old afraid of the scary shadows. Both coaches also have teams that have quit on them. Most coaches never come back from that hope the "Moron"e can. Wojo for strong safety next year.