Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Mike Williams Saga - in Video Form

We have no idea why Mike Williams quit the Syracuse football team and likewise, we have no idea if the rumors now circulating on the internet that he may be returning are true.

What we do know is that when something like this happens, weird videos on the subject will surely pop up on YouTube. Creepy videos like the one below. The first one below is a hot mess that has it all - pictures of USC's Mike Williams, a background track more suited to a teen love story, and pictures of sweaty dudes that linger for far too long. Enjoy!

A slightly more conventional approach is taken by Citrus TV - as they break down the news.

And here's some grainy footage of Mike catching a TD pass against Cincinnati a few years ago. I like this one because SU is using "the pistol" formation and the guy throwing him the ball is now a back up tight end.

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