Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Response To Beat Visitor

Rutgers fans are a little full of themselves these days. After getting the crap kicked out of them by SU for years (Syracuse leads the overall series 28-10), they are reveling in their relative, recent success on the football field. After spending the better part of two decades on the losing end of 70-14 scores, I can understand why they are happy. For the past 4 years they've been the better team (FU Greg Robinson) and if I was an RU fan, I'd be happy too.

So, while their turn around has been a nice story (even if it hasn't translated into any conference championships or major bowl berths) we here at T3I cannot let posts like this go unanwered. While Beat Visitor may revel in posting a helmet to helmet hit - it gives me an excuse to post this dunk again.

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Anonymous said...

Look closely in the crowd in that picture (you tube clip) and you will find babyboss and sisterboss.