Monday, November 30, 2009

Poliquin and Paulus

Syracuse Post Standard columnist Bud Poliquin made it very clear from the beginning of the year that he really liked Greg Paulus, so after the season concluded on Saturday, it seemed natural that Bud would write a column on Greg.

Bud deemed the Paulus experiment a success, and for the most part I agree with him -- even if the column is written with a dick-ish "I told you so" angle that glosses over some killer interceptions that Greg threw at times throughout the year.

What we did see was some real improvement at the end of the year that suggests that the scouts weren't wrong when they rated him so highly coming out of high school. It would be been interesting to see what he could have done had he devoted the majority of his career to football -- but that's something we'll never know.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to stick Bud's column into wordle and see what popped out. The results are below (sorry, not tech savvy enough to get the picture bigger, click on the link for the full size word cloud).

Wordle: Bud P and Greg


blahga the hutt said...


I'm sending this more as a general SU football comment than Paulus in particular. However:

Overall, I think bringing in Paulus was a good decision by Marrone. I'm not sure if Nassib was quite ready, and he learned much from watching Paulus (and alternating with him) this year.

Other stuff:

I think that, realistically, we're looking at a rebuilding program next year. I said in a previous post that I was happy with 4 wins in 2009 (this was my minimal requirement for a successful first year). We could have won a couple of other games (and I even think South Florida and yes, UConn were winnable). Conversely, we were in most of the games for some time (tell me if we could say the same in the GRob era).

The program is obviously turning (finally) in the right direction. Anyone who says otherwise is a total fool. There are a few people out there who felt that this team had bowl potential, but the talent wasn't there (even though the coaching was).

I'm kinda glad Spence is gone as OC, since I wasn't really sold on the bubble screen idea (and it led to several costly interceptions throughout the season). However, I'm not sure how he gets canned and Casullo goes scot free (and I felt that special teams were utterly horrible this year). I think Casullo has one more year to improve otherwise there will be pressure to get rid of him as well.

My immediate gut feeling is that we'll go 5-7 next year. We have Maine and Akron again next year and Louisville in the Dome (and the UConn game will be very interesting). I think we'll also pick up a couple more wins here and there, but we'll come just short of a bowl. If they do better, that's great, but I think 5wins is pretty realistic (I've seen stuff about winning 6-8 games next year which I think is pure fantasy).

People just need to be a little patient with this team. Everyone remembers the fantastic seasons we had with Coach Mac at the end of his tenure, but they forget that it took him about 5 years to get to that level of talent (including a dismal 2-9 1982 season). I think by his 3rd year, Marrone will break into the .500 or plus mark and get to a bowl. It's all about recruiting at this point. Think long term! If Marrone can win 4 games with this team...

Russianator said...

I am hopeful for next year. Most of the defense will be back, and obviously QB play will be big, but the team will be deeper and have another year of strength and conditioning under their belt.

Not going to put a number on it yet, but we're headed in the right direction.

I agree completely on specials - they were horrific. If they are bad next year, Casullo should be ridden out of town.