Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SU Beats Bob Morris Silly

Coming into the Syracuse - RMU game, I shared some of the concerns of our friends over at Cuse Country. On paper, this looked like a game that could give the Orange some trouble. And give Robert Morris credit, they hung around most of the first half before the Orange asserted their dominance and any concerns dissipated. Syracuse got hot from behind the three point line and simply had too many athletes for the Colonials. SU won in a rout.

Here are a few quick observations.

* After every football game we write about how Delone Carter runs hard. After every hoop game, we'll be writing about an insane dunk from Wesley Johnson. It's a given. I can't remember a guy that's played at SU that elevates as quickly as Wes. The dude has jet packs in his sneakers.

* Jim Boeheim looks pretty damn good for a guy who just turned 65 - no homo.

* It was great to see SU make a concerted effort to get the ball down low, where they had a decided advantage. They did it through a combination of crisp ball movement and dribble penetration. These are good signs.

* I really like the attitude of this bunch. You don't see a lot of preening, grandstanding or woofing. So far, they've displayed a lunch pail attitude and good intensity. I think the Le Moyne embarrassment helped them get focused.

* SU got 16 assists out of the point guard position. Not. too. shabby. Of course it helps when your team mates aren't missing, but 16 assists is 16 assists.

* Scoop Jardine and Kris Joseph were the only two bench guys to play in the first half. It's clear that when the opponents get tougher, that is Boeheim's 7 man rotation. Unless there's foul trouble, or Mookie Jones or James Southerland emerges as the season progresses, get used to seeing these guys on the floor.

* We'd like to welcome Andy Rautin's jump shot back to the dome. It was a welcome sight and will certainly be needed this year.

Take it away coach.

Syracuse vs. Robert Morris basketball: Coach Jim Boeheim

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Matt said...

"You don't see a lot of preening, grandstanding or woofing."

That's why Devo was there - to give a tutorial. Pretty soon even Resavy will be getting T'ed up left and right.