Saturday, November 28, 2009

Syracuse - Columbia Observations


I just returned from Thanksgiving at the in-laws (killer spread) and Saturday morning I have to hop in a car and drive to Philadelphia for a wedding, so activity on the blog will be limited to whatever Champ can slap up from here. Before I go, here are a few observations from the Syracuse beat down of Columbia game tonight.

Actually, before we get to that, let me just tell all of you how excited I am for the drive back up from Philly on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. In addition to the raging hangover I'm guaranteed to have, I get to deal with hellish traffic on the NJ dirt-pike while the fiancee most likely sleeps one off and my sister and brother-in-law come to grips with the fact that they have to get back to care for 2 kids under two and half. Should be a blast.

Onto the game - here's what I've got:

- I didn't even know this game was being played until I saw a tweet about it from NunesMagician. Thank you Mr. Keeley.

- The first half was sloppy, the Orange had too many turnovers, but who can blame them - it was the day after Thanksgiving and they were playing a bad team.

- Speaking of which - Columbia stinks. They really suck - how's that for some in-depth analysis?

- Wes Johnson does not stink however. He's good. Like really good. Like if he wants, he can put an already good team on his back and go all the way to the Final Four good. And he won't break a sweat doing it. God I love Wes Johnson - it the most non-romantic way possible.

- Mookie Jones got some PT in the first half and in the second half he promptly drained his first four three point attempts. The dude can shoot. If he can remain patient, he's going to be a factor this year. There will be games where guys are cold, or in foul trouble and Mookie could be huge. Stay patient and stay with it dude, this team is going to need you.

- Andy Rautins may end up leading the nation in steals. Think about that. It's insane.

- UConn lost to Duke tonight. Tomorrow, let's hope our transplanted Dukie Greg Paulus can lead the football team to a win over the Huskies to close out the season.

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Jason said...

Great sports blog man! I have two myself. I was thinking that maybe we could do a link exchange so that we can spread some traffic around to each other.

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