Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Syracuse - Cornell Observations

The Syracuse Orange improved to 5-0 with an 88-73 win over Cornell tonight in the Carrier Dome. After every SU game I try and post some personal observations on the game - but for this one there will be no observations, because I didn't see the game.

Why you ask? Well I have Time Warner Cable for my internet service provider and Time Warner Cable doesn't carry - the only outlet where the game was broadcast. Many, many Syracuse fans were in the same boat. In a related note - Time Warner sucks balls. The company blows goats. If Time Warner was a sports broadcaster, Time Warner would be a cross between Lou Holtz and Billy Packer.

Time Warner can work "Value Shop NBC" (no link, it doesn't deserve one) into the main tier of channels they carry, but they can't come to some sort of reasonable agreement to carry ESPN 360 on their cable service, or come to an agreement with the NFL network to show the nation's most popular sport to its paying customers.

But on the bright side, my cable and internet bill is a reasonable $150 a month -- which is nice to think about when you're listening to the radio. And while we're here - Time Warner stop trying to sell me home phone service. I haven't had a land line since 2003. You might as well be trying to sell me a typewriter or a Commodore 64. Land lines are obsolete. A-holes.

I did listen to the game on the radio, and monitored it via Twitter, but that's not good enough to offer an opinion on the game. In the place of regular observations, I present you with some observations of my night that occurred while listening to the game.


* In 2009, it feels weird to be in your home listening to the radio as your main form of entertainment. I felt a little like Ralphie listening to the Little Orphan Annie radio program.

* That being said, Matt Park does a really nice job with the radio play by play. To quote Jon Gruden, Matt does an OUTSTANDING JOB calling the action.

* The best part of the broadcast was when Matt mocked the awful "a deuce for the cuse" call of Dome PA announcer Mike Veley. If there is something more mock-worthy, I don't know what it is.

* For dinner, the fiancee whipped up chicken cutlets stuffed with blue cheese and hot sauce and served it with side of pasta, tossed with arugula, olive oil, and some lightly toasted walnuts. I eat well around here.

* In a related note, I need to lose some weight.

* It took about six seconds for the cuse twitterati to pick up on Mookie Jones bolting from the bench. Twitter is really fantastic. It almost makes me sad to know that 18 months from now we will have all moved on to something else. Almost.

* Did I mention I'm not a fan of Time Warner?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone - make sure you eat too much, if you don't, you're abdicating your responsibility to be an ugly American, and that simply won't do.


AlbanyHDTV said...

Albany TWC recently posted a Channel Change Notice on their website dated 11/16/09. This notice states, “On of before 12/31/09, NBA-TV moves from sports tier to digital basic tier.”

How can TWC demand that the NFL be included in a Sports Tier when both NBA and MLB will be on Digital Basic?

I was siding with TWC about the Sports Tier arguement until they have shifted the two major sports networks to Digital Basic, which is what the NFL is asking for in negotiations for the NFL Network.

The NY Giants have their summer camp in Albany, which is a mere 100 miles from NYC, however those of us in Albany will not be able to watch the Giants-Broncos game on Thanksgiving Night because Time Warner Cable does not carry the NFL Network. ...and NO, I will not get a dish. While the NFL Network thing pisses me off, TWC does show all of the SU games from ESPN Full Court for free.

Russianator said...

I live in Albany too, I feel your pain.

The NFL network thing pisses me off a lot more than the espn 360 thing. Basically half of this post was a misguided rant due to my frustration over the NFL network.

I love the NFL and like you, I refuse to get a dish slapped on my house.

I know the NFL network wants a lot of money per subscriber, but how is it that ALMOST EVERY OTHER MAJOR CABLE COMPANY has reached an agreement with the NFL except for Time Warner? And my cable bill isn't cheap - that money is going somewhere.

AlbanyHDTV said...

I pay $150/mo for cable & internet, too. :-(

During the Rutgers football game on Saturday, someone on the TroyNunes game thread posted a login & password for ESPN360. I didn't try it last night for the Cornell game because I was at the Siena-Delaware game at the TU Center.

At, click WATCH NOW, select Verizon as your provider, click the "use Verizon surround account", and enter syracuse44 as both your user ID & PW. Click WATCH NOW again. You may be prompted to install a plugin or two the first time you use the service.

The ID & PW above still works, as I just started watching the SU vs. Cornell replay.

Champ said...

Great stuff Rush. My 2 cents on why TWC sucks:

1) Tur-a-ble internet customer service

2) Having to block out an entire day waiting for a service call

3) No NFL Network, ditto Red Zone Channel

As a Cuse fan, you are almost obligated to use TWC due to TW26's coverage. That stinks.

The Captain said...

Cable sucks fellas, do the deed, get DirecTV. Dishes look horrible, true, but every, and i literally every sport you can imagine is on the dame thing.

I havent missed 1 SU game this year due to that thing.... some people may question why.

Great rant Rush.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the crack man. screw time warner monopoloy. lets get a gang of verizon guys sprouting their passwords and logs to revolutionize the bball game

Anonymous said...

Go to SU all access.

You can find games from espn360 and those not televised, as well as some of the TW26 games on a delayed basis. Lots of behind the scenes and player interviews, etc. too. This is a university service that costs $10 a month. With basic cable service, between espn360 and all access, I was able to see almost every SU basketball game.