Saturday, November 14, 2009

Syracuse Football is Not Fun

I told myself I'd wait 24 hours before writing about the awful 10-9 loss Syracuse suffered at the hands of the Louisville Cardinals today. However, it rained all day here in Albany and I'm sitting around the house and can't quite shake the blues of yet another loss. Writing this post might be cathartic. Or it may not.

I usually post some observations after every game, but for this one, I'm gonna take a pass. There's nothing new to observe anyway - the offense is conservative and toothless, the special teams are increasingly inept, the O-line isn't very good, the receivers without Mike Williams are bad, Paulus is Paulus, Delone Carter runs hard, and the defense is better, but still struggles against the pass. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Syracuse is now 3-7 and 0-5 in the Big East. Barring some crazy turn of events (like the entire Rutgers and UConn teams coming down with the swine flu) this team will finish the year 3-9 and winless in the Big East.

As a fan, it can't get much worse than that. We've witnessed five years of complete and utter futility. We've seen a grand total of three Big East wins in those five years. We've been treated to Saturday after Saturday of losses that have come in all shapes and sizes. It simply isn't fun.

In fact, it's been brutal. Syracuse is averaging 2.6 wins per year over the last five. The worst part about all of it is that as fans, there's nothing we can do about it.

This year started with high hopes and peaked with a thrilling win over Northwestern. Unfortunately that happened in game three. Since then, the season quickly morphed into another disaster. The wins over Maine and Akron were sloppy and uninspiring. The losses to WVA, South Florida, Cincinnati and Pitt were ugly, turnover marred affairs. And the loss today, in addition to being heartbreaking and infuriating, was boring.

Sports are supposed to be fun. Being a fan is supposed to be fun. We try and have fun on this site -- but it's hard when you care so much about something that is continually the opposite of fun. Being a Syracuse football fan right now is as enjoyable as being a prisoner serving life in jail. We don't have a lot of hope.

Make no mistake about it, Syracuse University does not owe its fans a thing. By the same token, the fans don't owe the University anything either. While Syracuse is a fickle sports town, the fans of this program have been fed a steady diet of crap for five years.

I expect the Dome will be pretty empty next week against Rutgers and I really can't blame people for not going. You can only advertise wine and deliver piss for so long. Syracuse fans need some fun and we have no idea when the football program will provide it again - but it's been too long.


Poncho Sinatra said...

Great post Rush. As a 9 year ticket holder it's been a rough few years. I am conflicted on going to the Dome next weekend since it might make me more depressed being in a empty Dome than watching this mess on television.

It's like being stuck in a bad airport bar with 80's band "Gone West" blaring out "King of Wishful thinking" over the loud speakers while I eat shitty fried chicken tenders with honey mustard and a $8.75 tall draught of Coors light.

*Did I just say that?

The Captain said...

Chin up fellas..... next years recruiting class looks GREAT.... um.... yeah, never mind.

At this point in the season, Im not sure what Id rather do, watch a SU game, or get a colon exam.

No homo of course........

Champ said...

If Cuse football were a racehorse it would have been shot.

Lawrence Moten is a GOD said...

Looking at the Coach I get the Rich Kotite heebee jeebies. Hope he is man enough for the job but his style of playcalling or the bell tower stare down don't inspire confidence. There is no excuse. What were the Bearcats before Kelly or TTU before their arrogant pisshead of a coach (he had a great rant on his players fat girlfriends two weeks ago), or Schiano at Rutgers, or look what Zooker did to the gators. College football is all about the coach and the "Morone" is reminding me more of Robinson then a Coach Saban.