Friday, November 13, 2009

Syracuse - Louisville Prediction

Watching Howard Schnellenberger smoke a pipe may be more interesting than this game

The battle to avoid the bottom of the Big East kicks off at high noon tomorrow in Fast Food Pizza stadium, with the Syracuse Orange taking on the Louisville Cardinals. Both teams are winless in the Big East and the game represents each team's best chance to get at least on conference win this year (you can forget about beating Rutgers after the ass-beating they administered to USF last night).

The Syracuse Orange came into the season lacking depth, having seen nearly 20 players leave the program after not fitting in with Doug Marrone's vision for what Syracuse football will become. To make matters worse, injuries and more defections have decimated what's left of the SU roster. Right now the Greendale Community College football team has more healthy players than SU.

Louisville came into the season with low expectations, mainly because the fan base had lost faith with coach Steve Kragthorpe and to date, Krags has met those low expectations. Likewise, the Cardinals have been bitten by the injury bug and are struggling with the same record as the Orange.

Basically, both teams stink right now. Neither team moves the ball very effectively and while the Orange has been decent at stopping the run, teams can throw at will on them. Neither team can score -- in Big East play, SU averages 12.5 ppg, whereas Louisville averages a little over 13.

This game is not going to be pretty, and outside of small pockets in Kentucky and Central New York, it isn't going to be watched. For Steve Kragthorpe there are two positives, his wily silver-haired nemesis Greg Robinson is gone and his team is at home. That's enough for Steve to get his first - and most likely last - win versus the Orange.

Final Score

Louisville 6
Syracuse 3


The Captain said...

While staring into a pool of beef gravy, it came to me in a vision.

SU - 17
L'Ville - 14

dannymac said...

Syracuse 20
Louisville 12

blahga the hutt said...

I think the Cuse has just enough to pull this one off. To be fair, SU has played the three best teams in the Big East (murderer's row), so the next three should be mild. But injuries are hurting them. But I agree, it won't be pretty.

Syracuse 17
Louisville 10

I agree about Rutgers. I don't think SU will win that one either. And you can pretty much forget UConn away as well. I see the Orange finishing 4-8 (which incidentally was my preseason pick).

Anonymous said...

Syracuse 81 louisville 78
Rautins with a three at the buzzer to answer Sosa's game tying 3. SU Football is over, screw the orangemen or the orange or the suckass Duke led rotten fruit of a team.