Sunday, November 29, 2009

What I'm Wondering

A long holiday weekend is in the books. The tight pants and loathing of going in to work tomorrow give it away. After consecutive days of grazing and watching sports, here's what I'm left wondering.

*Who's finishing second to Colt McCoy in the Heisman race? Great performance Thanksgiving night.

* Why does Charlie Weis remind me of Ursula The Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid?

* Does Gerry McNamara really drive a Kia?

* Is anyone else a little sick of hearing what a great guy Randy Edsall is?

* Again, how did Syracuse lose to Louisville?

* Which will have a higher attendance figure, the ACC Championship Game or the Syracuse Crunch game at the Fairgrounds?

* Why don't the Bills wear their throwback uni's all the time?

* Is there a player more fun to watch than Toby Gerhart?

* Remember when the only preseason hoops tournaments were the Preaseason NIT, Great Alaska Shootout and the Maui Classic? I'll be honest, I lost track of the locations of all the tourneys this week.

* How fun would it be to play Pictionary with the UPS whiteboard guy?

* Who else is not looking forward to a full week of work?


Matt said...

I saw a Kia on the highway today and I thought to myself, G-Mac would be pleased. Next up: his own Jeter-esque website, where we can play cool games and see wacky outtakes from his commercials.

Poncho Sinatra said...

Toby Gerhart is this generations Merill Hodge and/or Tommy Morrison.

I thought GMac drove a '95 Taurus?

The Captain said...

Tommy Morrison, that is one unfortunate fellow. Hey Tommy, youve got AIDS, .....10 years later, Hey Tommy, remember when we said you have AIDS... well.... no.

Poor fella, think of all the ass he missed out on getting.